chicago, new york and paris

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USA Flag

United States Flag

United States map

Mount Rushmore

Leadership meeting in USA

Chicago Seal

Chicago View, from John Hancock

Chicago River

Chicago Metro

Daley Plaza ( City Hall)

Campus University of Chicago

OHare Airport

New York City

New York Boroughs

The Five Boroughs(areas)Bronx, Manhatann, Brookling,Queens and Staten Island

Liberty Statue

New York city hall

Midtown Manhatann

Midtown Manhatann

Atlas in Rockefeller Center

Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center

Lincoln Center

Empire State Building

NY Broadway

Metropolitan Art Museum

N Y Stock Exchange

NY Nasdaq

Yankee Stadium

Airport JFK

France Flag

Justice Palace (paris)

Sacre Coeur (Paris)

Museum Orsay

Louvre Museum

Arc the Triomphe from Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower view from Mount Parnasse

Eiffel Tower

Moulin Rouge

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