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Chet Baker Almost Blue”

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Chet Baker

Chet BakerAlmost Blue

ExpressionChet Bakers characteristic sound is his mellow and airy tone. This allows him to convey emotion in his playing. He emulates the theme of the song through the unique sound of his instrument.

Chet was often hailed for his singing that conveyed the same emotions as his horn. His voice and his trumpet blend together to create a natural, almost too cool, sound. He separated himself from other artist by making his voice an instrument and not letting it define him as The Front Man.


Thickness of SoundAlthough Big Band Jazz, was popular at the time, Chet created a Smooth Jazz, sound that became characteristic to his name. His original work, and his covers, such as Almost Blue, have thin scoring, but sound thick and heavy in a unique way.

Redefining Jazz Chet set a new standard of sound in the jazz world, with elegant chord progressions. He used his ability to be expressive with the horn and with his singing to reveal a new, laid back and flowing jazz experience.

SmoothnessChet Bakers ease of playing makes the song easy to take in, and isnt overwhelming to the listener. He tends to stay under the band, and relies on a blended sound instead of the common, lead, sound that was currently prevailing.

Re-mastering The Masters Chet was known to take common jazz standards and shed a new light on them. Almost Blue, & Autumn Leaves, are among the most notable.