Charlie Bit My Finger and Why it Really, Really Matters

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Presentation for the University of Alberta Tech Fair, March 25th, 2011 by Alec Couros and Dean Shareski. Presentation focuses on the way social media and technology are changing the role and function of teachers


<ul><li>1.Charlie Bit My Finger And Why It Really, Really Matters Alec Couros University of Alberta and Technology Fair Dean Shareski March 25, 2010</li></ul> <p>2. 3. Alec CourosDean Shareski@courosa 4. 5. The only problem with Wikipedia is that itonly works in practice. In theory it wouldnever workMiikos Ryokas 6. 7. 8. you think our future will require better schools, yourewrong. The future of education calls for entirely newkinds of learning environments.If you think we will need better teachers, youre wrong.Tomorrows learnerswill need guides who take onfundamentally different roles. 9. 10. The World as Your Refrigerator 11. The World as Your Refrigerator (1) Reads 4 12. The World as Your Refrigerator (1) Reads 4 13. Do I have to keep this? 14. 15. Athletic Stages 16. Artistic Stages 17. Academic stages? 18. How did you contribute to the learning of others? did you learn from others? 19. 20. so good about face to face? 21. Homework at School 22. so good about face to face? 23. Learning Anytime, Anywhere ... 24. With Anyone (eg. 1) 25. With Anyone (eg. 2) 26. With Anyone (eg. 3) 27. With Anyone (eg. 4) 28. With Anyone (eg. 5) 29. PLN/PLEPersonal Learning Network 30. New Roles 31. Ze Frank 32. Ze Frank 33. Private vs.Public 34. You are what you share 35. tches/3500044331 36. Whats a reective practitioner? 37. My blog reminds me that Im boneheaded and tin-eared.My blog represents me not as an edited professionalvoice, but as a human being strugglingtoexpress ideas, thoughts, reactions, dreams, andgeneral b.s. via a means thatuncompromisingly allows for theimmediate feedback of strangers andfellow wanderers.Shelley Blake-Pollock@teachpaperless 38. blogging was the cheapest, most risk-Butfree investment I could have made ofmy personal time into my job. You start by writingdown things that are interesting to you, practices you dont want to forget. And thenyou start trying new things just so you can blog about them later, picking them apart,Periods of stagnancyand dialoging over them with your blogging start to correspond toperiods of stagnancy in your teaching. Youstart to muse on your job when youre stuck in trafc, in line for groceries, that sortThat transformation has beenof thing.nothing but good for me and it all began on a free Blogspotblog. Dan Meyer @ddmeyer 39. Full Time Crap Detectors 40. Media Competency 41. The greatest digital divide is between those who can read and write with media, and those who cant.Elizabeth Dalycc licensed flickr photo by jayRaz: 51 42. Doing It Well 43. Doing It Well 44. Not So Well Cisco just offered mea job! Now I have to weighthe utility of a fattypaycheck against the daily commute to San Jose and hating the work 45. Not So Well 46. Networks of Trust 47. Beautiful Collaboration 48. Who Benets? 49. Social Glue 50. Social Glue 51. Are you a text snob? 52. The Power of the Pictograph 53. 65 54. Ten years ago, not one student in ahundred, nay, one in a thousand, could haveproduced videos like this. Its a whole newskill, a vital and important skill, and oneutterly necessary not simply from the perspective ofcreating but also of comprehending videocommunication today. Stephen Downes@downes 55. Consumption CreationReadingWritingListeningSpeakingViewing Representing 56. Consumption CreationReadingWriting ListeningSpeaking Viewing Representing 57. Consumption CreationReadingWriting ListeningSpeakingViewing Representing 58. With a digital projector waiting back in myclassroom, I cant help looking forinteresting, relevant images to put in front ofmy class. A digital projector shrinks the time-gap between my learning moment andtheirs. A digital projector has effectively buriedthe difference between What FascinatesMe and What I Teach.Dan MeyerDan Meyer@ddmeyer 59. ...the professional language of the future The greatest digital divide is between those who can read and write with media, and those who cant 60. Big Finish 61. 62. Thanks </p>