CHAPTER 9 Training, developing and educating employees.

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    Training, developing and educating employees

  • Session objectives Describe the characteristics of an effective employee induction program Understand the scope of training programs Identify and describe the three phases of the systems approach to training Identify the types of training methods Identify the preconditions for and basic principles of learning Describe the characteristics of successful trainers

  • Induction and orientation Reasons for induction Continuous process Cooperative endeavour Careful planning: Checklist Focus Induction packet Reduce anxiety Follow-up and evaluate

  • Training programsTraining: Any procedure initiated by an organisation to foster learning among organisational members

    Training programs:Help in the achievement of overall organisational objectives

  • Emphasis: Training needs analysis Formulating instructional objectives Developing learning experiences to achieve objectives Having performance criteria to be met Obtaining evaluative informationA systems approach to training

  • Needs assessment

  • Principles of learning

  • Training non-managerial employees

  • Training managerial employees

  • Trends in training Generic learning Operational learning Action learning Diversity in delivery CD-ROMs allow learners to play and learn Self-directed Downsizing of large training departments

  • Characteristics of successful trainers



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