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This brochure is a portfolio of work completed by Mekus Tanager, Inc. relating to the cemetery, funeral home, and religious institutions industry.


  • Cemeteries, Master Planning, Funeral Homes, & Places of Worship

  • Greetings and welcome! I hope this brochure fi nds you well and in good spirit!

    As a 42-year veteran in the fi eld of architecture and design, I am glad to still be actively involved with the fi eld I love. Mekus Tanager was founded in 1984, and our fi rst project was a cemetery. Since then I have been proud to represent the people of Mekus Tanager and I am proud of projects weve completed since.

    Mekus Tanager is one of a few fi rms that specializes in architecture and design for the cemetery and funeral industry, and we are proud to be an industry leader in eff ective design solutions that often exceed client expectations.

    We thank you, our clients, partners, colleagues, and friends for your support, and we hope to hear from you soon!

    Christopher Mekus, Principal

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    Table of Table of ConConTable of Contents

    Cover Photo: All Saints Cemetery - Des Plaines, IL

    Previous Pages and Opposite Page: Good Shepherd Cemetery - Orland Park , IL

    Who We AreAdding ValueClient SatisfactionServices We Off erSustainabilityGarden Crypts Complexes & MausoleumsCremationChapels and Committal SheltersDecorative FeaturesMaster PlanningAdministrative Offi ce BuildingsMaintenance BuildingsFuneral HomesPlaces of Worship

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    WhoWho wewe areareWho we areFounded in 1984, Mekus Tanager, Inc. has been an industry leader in master planning, cemetery, and funeral home design for the past 28 years. In addition to our commercial studios, Mekus Tanager off ers a full range of architectural, planning, and interior design services for any project related to the religious, cemetery, and funeral industry. Our accomplished staff have completed a wide variety of projects including: - Cemetery Master Planning - Administrative Complexes - Chapel Complexes - Maintenance Facilities - Garden Crypt Complexes - Mausoleums and Private Mausoleums - Committal Shelters - Cremation Niches / Columbariums - Cremation Gardens - Niche Walls - Funeral Homes - Places of Worship

    Opposite Page: All Saints Cemetery - Des Plaines, IL

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    AddingAdding ValueValueAdding ValueAdding value is important in any industry, and it is no diff erent for a cemetery, funeral home, or place of worship. Mekus Tanager has over 28 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in each fi eld, and the services we provide can add value, no matter if the project is large or small, thus making our services an investment in your business future.

    Adding value comes in many forms in a cemetery and can include: increased inventory, expanded burial options, creating a more marketable cemetery, creating a desired, peaceful atmosphere, decreasing maintenance costs, helping to mitigate the need to purchase expensive real-estate to expand inventory, and helping you map your overall strategy and goals, and then creating a logical and realistic implementation plan for a variety of projects based on your needs so that development costs are off set by revenue generation.

    In todays world funeral homes increasingly need adaptable spaces where one room can serve multiple functions. Mekus Tanager can help your funeral home become more fl exible in accommodating any needs, including chapels and family rooms. We also can design buildings for phased construction or expansion opportunities, allowing the client to adjust the project based on their needs.

    Places of worship, such as churches, synagogues, and mosques, are also evolving to become multi-purposed facilities capable of holding large gatherings while at the same time off ering numerous non-traditional activity spaces. Mekus Tanager can add value to your facilities, whether it is creating an overall master plan, designing a new building to support the overall function of existing buildings, or renovating/expanding an existing building.

    Mekus Tanager off ers a wide range of experience and extensive knowledge, and can help you add value to your existing assets. Our design solutions are an investment that will help allow your business to expand and fl ourish in the future.Opposite Page: Rock Island National Cemetery

    *In Association with: Missman Stanley & Associates, The L.A. Group P.C.

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    ClientClient SatisfactionSatisfactionClient SatisfactionThe success of any project hinges on one thing: client satisfaction. At Mekus Tanager we work with our clients as a partner throughout the entire design process, and we strive to refl ect each clients unique culture, aspirations, and project objectives into our design solutions. Because of our ability to listen to our client and provide them with design solutions, we often have many repeat clients.

    At the beginning of any project, we listen to your overall vision, project goals, and specifi c project requirements, and then we employ our design skills and extensive experienceto create project solutions that refl ect your goals. Through a continuous process of your feedback and Mekus Tanager adjusting the design, we provide you with information to help you make informed decisions and selections that will result in a completed project that satisfi es your needs.

    Opposite Page: Holy Sepulchre Cemetery - Alsip, IL

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    Mekus Tanager provides a full range of professional services to serve the cemetery and funeral industry, and we often partner with other consultants to provide all services that may be required in a project. These services include:

    Architectural and Interior DesignDevelopment of the aesthetic character of the building(s), structure(s), or interior space(s).

    Architectural Preservation & RestorationPreserving or restoring outdated and historical buildings to their original condition. If the client desires, Mekus Tanager can elegantly incorporate new elements and systems into existing structures.

    Bidding / NegotiationsAssisting the client in obtaining bids and/or negotiated proposals for the services of a General Contractor and sub-contractors for the construction of a project.

    Contract AdministrationProviding observation of construction activities and review of sub-contractors drawings to ensure conformance to the intent.

    Contract DocumentationPreparation of all drawings and specifi cations necessary for the development, bid, and construction of a project

    Graphic Design/Signage/ArtworkRecommendations of the locations and types of signage, graphics, or artwork for the client.

    Master Plan DevelopmentMapping the overall strategy of a the project for a logical and realistic implementation plan.

    Program DevelopmentGathering and compiling the clients aspirations, goals, and requirements for the property, both as a whole or as related to specifi c projects.

    Project Feasibility StudiesInvestigating the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing various architectural planning and design projects, suited to the clients needs and available resources.

    Site AnalysisInvestigating and analyzing various sites to determine feasibility for development.Opposite Page: Church of the Holy Spirit - Lake Forest, IL

    ServicesServices weweServices we off er

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    SustainabilitySustainabilitySustainabilityThe idea behind sustainable design is not only to create environmentally friendly spaces, but healthier, more productive environments. Using green building techniques also helps reduce energy costs, real-estate costs, life-cycle costs, all while improving the occupants image.

    Mekus Tanager has been practicing sustainable design for over 28 years, and is a member of the US Green Building Council. Since our founding we have worked to develop strategies for the design of long lasting buildings and spaces, and with each project we take great care in researching and implementing sustainable design solutions.

    Mekus Tanager was proud to work with the Archdiocese of Chicago to complete the All Saints Chapels and Administration Complex, which was certifi ed LEED-NC Gold. Our project for Milestone AV Technologies, which was recently completed, is expected to be certifi ed LEED-CI Silver. Mekus Tanager has also been a long time consultant of the federal government, and the US Citizenship and Immigration Offi ce and the Department of Education Offi ce are both LEED certifi ed. Mekus Tanager also designed the interior for the FBI regional offi ces in Chicago which achieved a LEED-EB Platinum certifi cation rating.

    Opposite Page: All Saints Cemetery - Chapels and Administration Complex LEED-NC Gold - Des Plaines, IL

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    Garden Crypt Complexesand Mausoleums

    Opposite Page and Above: Good Shepherd Cemetery - Orland Park, IL

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    Opposite Page: American Bar Association Left: Freddie MacAbove: Budget Rent-A-Car

    Opposite Page: St. Adalberts Cemetery - Niles, IL

    Above: All Saints Cemetery - Des Plaines, IL

    Garden crypt complexes and mausoleums are becoming increasingly common in the modern cemetery. Since burial space is often at a premium, especially for older cemeteries, garden crypt buildings and mausoleums are popular because they allow for an expanded burial inventory within a certain area.

    Additional benefi ts of a well-designed garden crypt building or mausoleum include: increased revenue per burial space, increased marketability for the cemetery, increased fl exibility for a greater variety of inventory, and they also enhance the image and atmosphere of the cemetery. Garden crypts and mausoleums also provide interment spaces for those with an aversion to in