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Gives introduction to CCO ministry and shows highlights of what the CCO has accomplishd over 40 years


  • 140Celebrating the CCOpast, present & future

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    Celebrating the CCO past, present & future

    Daniel J. DupeePresident & CEOCoalition for Christian Outreach

    What happened went far beyond their expectations.Over forty years ago, a group of pastors and businessmen had a dream of building leader-

    ship for western Pennsylvania. There was talk of making Pittsburgh as famous for God as for steel, and a part of that vision had to do with what was happening on local college campuses. These pastors and businessmen were concerned that high school students who had recently graduated from strong youth ministries had few resources to continue to grow in their faith now that they were in college.

    The CCO was born out of this concern. The hope was that, after these young people gradu-ated from college, they would return to their hometowns and provide solid leadership for their churches and communities.

    And they did. I bump into former students of CCO ministries all the time. They are thoughtful Christian

    parents, business leaders, teachers, attorneys, homemakers, community volunteers and church leaders. They are making a positive difference in the lives of everyone they meet.

    But the CCO far exceeded the expectations of its founders.What started in Pittsburgh has stretched east into New Jersey, west into Indiana, south into

    West Virginia, and north into New York. Because of what happened 40 years ago, thousands of college students have heard the Good News of Jesus Christ and have been equipped to live out their faith in their families, workplaces, churches and communitiesand around the globe.

    Forty years seems like a long time, but in Gods economy, its just the blink of an eye. I am grateful for how God used the CCO to transform my own life. I am excited to see where He will lead us next.

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    Dear Mr. Dupee,Please allow me a moment to express my deepest gratitude to this ministry.

    As a parent sending her first child off to college, I prayed diligently that my daughter would seek out a ministry group. When she connected with CCO at Arcadia University, I thanked the Lord!

    Now, I am expressing my thanks to YOU! My daughter is in her third year and this past semester she faced her greatest challenges. She made a few disappointing choices in her struggles, but your campus minister was there for her, as was his wife!

    Greg and Ashley meet students on campus, they hold many Bible study groups, they mentor leaders, they open their home 24/7 to any students in needmany times there is no real need other than a place to go that feels like home away from home. My daughter speaks of laundry night when the campus girls watch a chick flick with Ashley as she does the family laundry one night a week. She has studied the Bible with Ashley during her most difficult times.

    I cannot express my gratitude enough for all their blessings to my daughter and they do this very same thing for so many other students as I have watched their attendance quadruple in just three years!

    Therefore, as a mom, I want to say my deepest thank yous to you and your ministry teamsfor giving my daughter a Christian family on Arcadia Universitys campus!

    Most lovingly in Christ,Elaine

    letter from a parent the resultsWhycollege ministry matters

    The college years have often been called the bridge between adolescence and adulthood. College students are exploring new ideas, trying on new identities, weighing what they have been raised to believe with a whole range of new philosophies and worldviews.

    CCO staff members come alongside college students during this vulnerable time to help them think through the Big Questions. They invite them into a relationship with Jesus Christ, or they reconnect them to their Christian faith. They equip students to approach their studies through the lens of a Christian worldview, so that they will someday approach their vocations in the same way.

    Students who are influenced by the CCOs ministry during their college years graduate and become leaders within their communities, workplaces and churches. They are committed to service and the larger mission of the Church in the world. We know this is true because we have interviewed hundreds of them. Former students of CCO ministries are now doctors, teachers, lawyers, artists, business leaders, spouses and parents who are influencing thousands of people all over the world.

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    Renee HorstInterior design major, Philadelphia University Class of 2011When I first met Renee, the student ministry on campus was very small and struggling to gain momentum. After her first year, I started meeting with Renee individually and encouraging her to lead a small group. She was reticent at first because she didnt think she knew enough about the Bible to lead a study or had the leadership gifts needed.

    Renee disciples younger women, meeting them for lunch or inviting them on design supply runs, just to invest in their lives and draw them closer to Jesus. The girl who once believed she had little to offeris now so naturally taking part in Gods transforming work in the lives of the young women around her just by living out her faith honestly among them.

    Renee has also led the charge for community service within the ministry and through the Student Development office on campus. She has developed partnerships with community organizations, proposed projects that incorporate the design skills of students, and invited others to come with her.

    Allowing Christ to shape her heart, Renee has fallen in love with Kensington, one of the poorest and most violent neighborhoods in Philly. She has sought volunteer service opportunities and unpaid internships to serve this needy community.

    As she prepares to graduate, she has decided to move into Kensington and live out her faith and calling to serve the poor amongst her neighbors. Even as she contemplates the dangers and difficulties of living in such a place, all Renee sees are people desperately in need of the restoring love of Jesus Christ. Amy Nichols CCO Staff at Philadelphia University

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    CCO staff people reach out to students by entering into their world. They are on campus every dayat athletic practices, in cafeterias, student centers, coffee shops, residence halls, and sometimes even classrooms. CCO staff members meet students where they are.

    CCO staff members spend the majority of their time on campus deeply investing in 12 students each year, mentoring them to grow up as Christian leaders who love Jesus intimately, view the world biblically, live obediently, join Christ in his restoration of creation, and invite others to do likewise.

    These 12 students become co-workers with our staff, and together they seek ways to strategically influence the lives of at least 70 other students and the larger campus community.

    While on the surface no two CCO ministries look exactly alike, the mission on every campus is the same: to develop men and women who live out their Christian faith in every area of life.

    What we dothe results

    The marks of a transformed student loves Jesus intimately views the world biblically lives obediently joins Christs restoration of creation invites others to do likewise

    CCO named Best Christian Workplace for nine years in a rowThe purpose of the Best Christian Workplaces Institute is to help Christian organizations model qualities and behaviors that create healthy, effective and great workplaces. The survey is completed anonymously by our staff people, encouraging them to give honest and candid feedback.

    Receiving this award indicates that we are accomplishing our goal at the leadership level, which is to help best serve our staff so that they can effectively serve students on college and university campuses.

    the present

    Billy RileyDouble major in psychology and philosophy, Washington & Jefferson College Class of 2013Billys love of Jesus is evident in his humility, kindness towards his peers, and steadfast faithful-ness. Besides participating in a small-group Bible study on campus, Billy has been shaped by his experiences of CCO-sponsored conferences like Faith for Thought and Jubilee, as well as by the summer he spent at the Ocean City Beach Project.

    One of the areas where Billy reflects a biblical worldview is in the classroom. He engages his class work deeply, often discussing it with professors, friends, and me. Last spring, he was in a Human Origins class which challenged the biblical creation story. He developed a relationship of deep mutual respect with a professor who is often antago- nistic towards Christians. This professor asked Billy to serve as a mentor in his first-year experience course, offering Billy an opportunity to develop his relationship with this professor as well as first-year students.

    This January, Billy organized a panel discussion in which four professors discussed claims both for and against the existence of God. Over 85 students came. It was an incredibly thoughtful dialogue and an opportunity for us to serve the campus. One of the professors said, This is the best thing Ive been a part of at W&J in my 20 years here. In a recent faculty meeting, the Dean of Academic Affairs talked about both the panel discussion and Billy as reflections of cultivating thoughtfulness on a liberal arts campus. What a gift for a Christian leader to be known by faculty as a thoughtful student!Jamie DonneCCO Staff at Washington & Jefferson College

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    Edinboro UniversityWe partner with the CCO because the result is a clear, consistent, day-to-day presence of the love of God in the lives of students. The CCO is the best organization to deliver that presence, thro