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  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    CCNA 1 Cisco v5.0 Chapter 1 - Answers

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    1. Which two Internet solutions provide an always-on, high-bandwidth connection tocomputers on a L!" #$hoose two.%




    dial-up telephone

    (. What type o) network must a home user access in order to do online shopping"

    a local area network 

    the Internetan extranet

    an intranet

    *. What are two )unctions o) intermediary devices on a network" #$hoose two.%

    +hey are the primary source and providers o) in)ormation and services to end devices.

    +hey )orm the inter)ace between the human network and the underlying communicationnetwork.

    +hey direct data along alternate pathways when there is a link )ailure.+hey run applications that support collaboration )or business.

    +hey )ilter the )low o) data, based on security settings.

    . ill in the blank.

    +he acronym B/& re)ers to the trend o) end users being able to use their personal devicesto access the business network and resources.

    0. Which description correctly de)ines a converged network"

    a network that allows users to interact directly with each other over multiple channelsa network that is limited to exchanging character-based in)ormation

    a dedicated network with separate channels )or video and voice services

    a single network channel capable o) delivering multiple communication )orms

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    &rag and drop

    2atch each characteristic to its corresponding internet conectivity type.

    satellite -3 !ot suited )or heavily wooded areas

    dialup telephone -3 typically has very low bandwidth&'L -3 splits the access line into three signals

    cable -3 uses coaxial cable as a medium


    &rag and drop

    2atch the )orm o) network communication with its description.

    Web pages that groups o) people can edit and view together -3 wiki

    Interactive websites where people created and share user-generated content with )riends and

    )amily -3 'ocial mediareal-time communication o) between two or more people -3 instant messaging

    an audio-based medium that allows people to deliver their recordings to a wide audience -3


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    5.&rag and drop

    2atch each de)inition to the corresponding security goal6

    maintaining integrity -3 the assurance that the in)ormation has not been altered during

    transmissionensuring con)identiality -3 only the intended recipients can access and read the data

    ensuring availability -3 the assurance o) timely and reliable access to data

    7. Which statement describes a characteristic o) cloud computing"

    business can connect directly to the Internet without the use o) an I'8.

    &evices can connect to the Internet through existing electrical wiring.

    Investment in new in)rastructure is re9uired in order to access the cloud.

    pplications can be accessed over the Internet through a subscription.

    1:. Which two Internet connection options do not re9uire that physical cables be run to the building" #$hoose two.%

    cellular dialup



    dedicated leased line

    11. What is a characteristic o) circuit-switched networks"

    single message can be broken into multiple message blocks that are transmitted through

    multiple circuits simultaneously.I) all circuits are busy, a new call cannot be placed.

    I) a circuit )ails, the call will be )orwarded on a new path.

    $ircuit-switched networks can dynamically learn and use redundant circuits.

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    1(. ;e9uiring strong, complex passwords is a practice that supports which network security


    maintaining communication integrityensuring redundancy

    ensuring data con)identiality

    ensuring reliability o) access

    1*. What two criteria are used to help select network media" #$hoose two.%

    the distance the media can success)ully carry a signal

    the environment where the media is to be installed

    the cost o) the end devices utili

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    ;e)er to the exhibit. Which set o) devices contains only intermediary devices"

    , B, >,

    , B, &, ??, @, I, A

    $, &, ?, I

    1. Which device per)orms the )unction o) determining the path that messages should take

    through internetworks"

    a web server 

    a &'L modem

    a router a )irewall

    14. Which tool provides real-time video and audio communication over the Internet so that

     businesses can conduct corporate meetings with participants )rom several remote locations"

    wikiinstant messaging



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    15. Which two statements about the relationship between L!s and W!s are true"

    #$hoose two.%

    Both L!s and W!s connect end devices.

    W!s are typically operated through multiple I'8s, but L!s are typically operated by

    single organi

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    CCNA 1 Cisco v5.0 Chapter 2 - Answers

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    ;e)er to the exhibit. switch was con)igured as shown. ping to the de)ault gateway was

    issued, but the ping was not success)ul. /ther switches in the same network can ping this

    gateway. What is a possible reason )or this"

    1. +he de)ault gateway address must be 17(.15.1:.1.

    (. +he ip de)ault-gateway command has to be issued in the L! inter)ace con)igurationmode.

    *. +he L! I8 address and the de)ault gateway I8 address are not in the same network.

    . +he no shutdown command was not issued )or L! 1.0. +he local &!' server is not )unctioning correctly.

    (. While trying to solve a network issue, a technician made multiple changes to the current

    router con)iguration )ile. +he changes did not solve the problem and were not saved. Whataction can the technician take to discard the changes and work with the )ile in !;2"

    1. Issue the reload command without saving the running con)iguration.

    (. $lose and reopen the terminal emulation so)tware.

    *. &elete the vlan.dat )ile and reboot the device.. Issue the copy startup-con)ig running-con)ig command.

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    *. Why is it important to con)igure a hostname on a device"

    1. to allow local access to the device through the console port

    (. a $isco router or switch only begins to operate when its hostname is set

    *. to identi)y the device during remote access #''@ or telnet%. a hostname must be con)igured be)ore any other parameters

    . Which procedure is used to access a $isco (7: switch when per)orming an initial

    con)iguration in a secure environment"

    1. Cse the console port to locally access the switch )rom a serial or C'B inter)ace o) the


    (. Cse 'ecure 'hell to remotely access the switch through the network.

    *. Cse +elnet to remotely access the switch through the network.. Cse the CD port to locally access the switch )rom a serial or C'B inter)ace o) the 8$.

    0. What criterion must be )ollowed in the design o) an I8v addressing scheme )or end


    1. >ach local host should be assigned an I8 address with a uni9ue network component.

    (. >ach I8 address must match the address that is assigned to the host by &!'.

    *. >ach I8 address must be uni9ue within the local network.. >ach I8 address needs to be compatible with the 2$ address.

    . network administrator needs to keep the user I&, password, and session contents private when establishing remote $LI connectivity with a switch to manage it. Which

    access method should be chosen"

    1. CD

    (. ''@

    *. $onsole. +elnet

    4. Which inter)ace allows remote management o) a Layer ( switch"

    1. the switch virtual inter)ace

    (. the console port inter)ace*. the CD inter)ace

    . the )irst >thernet port inter)ace

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    5. What is a result o) using the service password-encryption command on a $isco network 


    1. ll passwords in the con)iguration are not shown in clear text when viewing the


    (. +he command encrypts the banner message.*. +he command encrypts the enable mode password.

    . network administrator who later logs into the device will be re9uired to enter an

    administrator password in order to gain access to the $isco device.

    7. 2atch the di)initions to their respective $LI hot keys and shortcuts #!ot all options areused%

     E +ab E $ompletes the remainder o) a partially typed command or keyword

     E $trl-; E ;edisplays, on a new line, the command currently being typed E $trl-F E >xits con)iguration mode and returns to the >D>$

     E Cp rrow E llows user to scroll backward through )ormer commands

     E $trl-$ E cancels any command currently being entered and returns directly to privileged>D>$ mode

     E $trl-'hi)t- E llows the user to interrupt an I/' process such as ping or traceroute.

    1:. network administrator is planning an I/' upgrade on several o) the head o))ice

    routers and switches. Which three 9uestions must be answered be)ore continuing with theI/' selection and upgrade" #$hoose three.%

    1. What models o) routers and switches re9uire upgrades"

    (. &o the routers and switches have enough ;2 and )lash memory )or the proposed I/'versions"

    *. What ports are installed on the routers and switches"

    . re the devices on the same L!"0. What )eatures are re9uired )or the devices"

    . &o the devices have enough !;2 to store the I/' image"

    11. What bene)it does &@$8 provide to a network"

    1. @osts can connect to the network and get an I8 address without manual con)iguration.(. &uplicate addresses cannot occur on a network that issues dynamic addresses using

    &@$8 and has static assignments.

    *. &@$8 allows users to re)er to locations by a name rather than an I8 address.. @osts always have the same I8 address and are there)ore always reachable.

    1(. Which two )unctions are provided to users by the context-sensitive help )eature o) the

    $isco I/' $LI" #$hoose two.%

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    1. providing an error message when a wrong command is submitted(. allowing the user to complete the remainder o) an abbreviated command with the +B


    *. displaying a list o) all available commands within the current mode

    . selecting the best command to accomplish a task 0. determining which option, keyword, or argument is available )or the entered command

    1*. router has a valid operating system and a con)iguration stored in !;2. When the

    router boots up, which mode will display"

    1. global con)iguration mode

    (. user >D>$ mode

    *. setup mode

    . ;/2 monitor mode

    1. Which two )eatures are characteristics o) )lash memory" #$hoose two.%

    1. lash receives a copy o) the I/' )rom ;2 when a device is powered on.

    (. lash provides nonvolatile storage.*. +he contents o) )lash may be overwritten.

    . lash is a component in $isco switches but not in $isco routers.

    0. +he contents o) )lash may be lost during a power cycle.

    10. 8asswords can be used to restrict access to all or parts o) the $isco I/'. 'elect the

    modes and inter)aces that can be protected with passwords. #$hoose three.%

    1. boot I/' mode

    (. >thernet inter)ace*. privileged >D>$ mode

    . + inter)ace

    0. console inter)ace. router con)iguration mode

    1. Why would a Layer ( switch need an I8 address"

    1. to enable the switch to send broadcast )rames to attached 8$s

    (. to enable the switch to )unction as a de)ault gateway*. to enable the switch to receive )rames )rom attached 8$s

    . to enable the switch to be managed remotely

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    14. What is a user trying to determine when issuing a ping 1:.1.1.1 command on a 8$"

    1. i) there is connectivity with the destination device

    (. what type o) device is at the destination*. i) the +$8GI8 stack is )unctioning on the 8$ without putting tra))ic on the wire

    . the path that tra))ic will take to reach the destination

    15. What command can be used on a Windows 8$ to see the I8 con)iguration o) that


    1. ping

    (. show inter)aces

    *. show ip inter)ace brie) . ipcon)ig

    17. Which statement is true about the running con)iguration )ile in a $isco I/' device"

    1. It should be deleted using the erase running-con)ig command.(. It is automatically saved when the router reboots.

    *. It a))ects the operation o) the device immediately when modi)ied.

    . It is stored in !;2.

    (:. 2atch the description to the common I/' $LI access method #!ot all options are used%

    irtual inter)ace E +arget #%-3It re9uires an active network connection. #%

    CD port E +arget #D% -3 It connects through dialup connections. #D%

    CD port E +arget #% -3 It is not supported on $atalyst switch devices. #%irtual inter)ace E +arget #D% -3 It uses +elnet or ''@ protocols )or access. #D%

    $onsole port E +arget #D% -3 It displays startup, debugging, and error messages by de)ault.

    #D%$onsole port E +arget #% -3 It can be used to restore an out-o)-box con)iguration on a

    switch or router. #%

    (1. Which two characters are allowed as part o) the hostname o) a $isco device" #$hoose


    1. tab

    (. space

    *. 9uestion mark . numbers

    0. underline

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    ((. new network administrator has been asked to enter a banner message on a $isco

    device. What is the )astest way a network administrator could test whether the banner is

     properly con)igured"

    1. 8ower cycle the device.

    (. >nter $+;L-F at the privileged mode prompt.

    *. >xit global con)iguration mode.. >xit enable mode and press >nter.

    0. ;eboot the device.

    CCNA 1 Cisco v5.0 Chapter 3 - Answers

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    1. computer in a given network is communicating with a speci)ic group o) computers.What type o) communication is this"

    2ulticast broadcast



    (. What method can be used by two computers to ensure that packets are not dropped because too much data is being sent too 9uickly"

    )low controlencapsulation

    access method

    response timeout

    *. Which protocol is responsible )or controlling the si

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    . user is viewing an @+2L document located on a web server. What protocol segments

    the messages and manages the segments in the individual conversation between the webserver and the web client"


    &@[email protected]++8


    0. web client is sending a re9uest )or a webpage to a web server. rom the perspective o) 

    the client, what is the correct order o) the protocol stack that is used to prepare the re9uest)or transmission"

    @++8, +$8, I8, >thernet

    >thernet, +$8, I8, @[email protected]++8, I8, +$8, >thernet

    >thernet, I8, +$8, @++8

    . What are proprietary protocols"

     protocols developed by organi standard enables a wireless !I$ to connect to a wireless 8 that is made bya di))erent manu)acturer"




    5. What is an advantage o) network devices using open standard protocols"

    client host and a server running di))erent operating systems can success)ully exchange


    $ompetition and innovation are limited to speci)ic types o) products. !etwork communications is con)ined to data trans)ers between devices )rom the same


    Internet access can be controlled by a single I'8 in each market.

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    7. What is a )unction o) Layer o) the /'I model"

    to describe the ordered and reliable delivery o) data between source and destination

    to represent data to the user, including encoding and dialog control

    to speci)y the packet type to be used by the communications

    to apply )raming in)ormation to the packet, based on the attached media

    1:. Which statement is true about the +$8GI8 and /'I models"

    +he +$8GI8 transport layer and /'I Layer provide similar services and )unctions.

    +he )irst three /'I layers describe general services that are also provided by the +$8GI8internet layer.

    +he +$8GI8 network access layer has similar )unctions to the /'I network layer.

    +he /'I Layer 4 and the +$8GI8 application layer provide identical )unctions.

    11. What is a bene)it o) using a layered model )or network communications"

    )ostering competition among device and so)tware vendors by en)orcing the compatibility o) 

    their products

    avoiding possible incompatibility issues by using a common set o) developing toolsenhancing network transmission per)ormance by de)ining targets )or each layer 

    simpli)ying protocol development by limiting every layer to one )unction

    1(. What is the general term that is used to describe a piece o) data at any layer o) a

    networking model"

     protocol data unit


    )rame packet

    1*. Which 8&C )ormat is used when bits are received )rom the network medium by the

     !I$ o) a host"

    rame packet



    1. t which layer o) the /'I model would a logical address be encapsulated"

     !etwork layer 

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    transport layer 

     physical layer data link layer 

    10. Which statement accurately describes a +$8GI8 encapsulation process when a 8$ issending data to the network"

    'egments are sent )rom the transport layer to the internet layer.&ata is sent )rom the internet layer to the network access layer.

    rames are sent )rom the network access layer to the internet layer.

    8ackets are sent )rom the network access layer to the transport layer.

    1. What statement describes the )unction o) the ddress ;esolution 8rotocol"

    ;8 is used to discover the 2$ address o) any host on the local network.

    ;8 is used to discover the I8 address o) any host on the local network.

    ;8 is used to discover the I8 address o) any host on a di))erent network.;8 is used to discover the 2$ address o) any host on a di))erent network.

    14. Which address provides a uni9ue host address )or data communications at the internet


    logical address

    Layer ( address

    data-link address

     physical address

    15. Which address does a !I$ use when deciding whether to accept a )rame"

    destination 2$ address

    source 2$ address

    source >thernet addressdestination I8 address

    source I8 address

    17. user sends an @++8 re9uest to a web server on a remote network. &uring

    encapsulation )or this re9uest, what in)ormation is added to the address )ield o) a )rame to

    indicate the destination"

    the 2$ address o) the de)ault gateway

    the I8 address o) the destination hostthe 2$ address o) the destination host

    the I8 address o) the de)ault gateway

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    (:. I) the de)ault gateway is con)igured incorrectly on the host, what is the impact on


    +he host can communicate with other hosts on the local network, but is unable tocommunicate with hosts on remote networks.

    +he host is unable to communicate on the local network.

    +here is no impact on communications.+he host can communicate with other hosts on remote networks, but is unable to

    communicate with hosts on the local network.


    I>>> -3 is a pro)essional organiI -3 is an international standards and trade organi

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    CCNA 1 Cisco v5.0 Chapter 4 - Answers

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    1. Which layer o) the /'I model is responsible )or speci)ying the encapsulation methodused )or speci)ic types o) media"

    &ata link application



    (.Which statement describes signaling at the physical layer"

    'ending the signals asynchronously means that they are transmitted without a clock signal.'ignaling is a method o) converting a stream o) data into a prede)ined code.

    Wireless encoding includes sending a series o) clicks to delimit the )rames.In signaling, a 1 always represents voltage and a : always represents the absence o) 


    *.What are two reasons )or physical layer protocols to use )rame encoding techni9ues"

    #$hoose two.%

    to distinguish data bits )rom control bits

    to reduce the number o) collisions on the mediato increase the media throughputto provide better media error correction

    to identi)y where the )rame starts and ends

    .+he throughput o) a ast>thernet network is 5: 2bGs. +he tra))ic overhead )or 

    establishing sessions, acknowledgments, and encapsulation is 10 2bGs )or the same time period. What is the goodput )or this network"

    0 2bGs

    10 2bGs00 2bGs

    70 2bGs

    5: 2bGs

    0. network administrator notices that some newly installed >thernet cabling is carryingcorrupt and distorted data signals. +he new cabling was installed in the ceiling close to

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    )luorescent lights and electrical e9uipment. Which two )actors may inter)ere with the

    copper cabling and result in signal distortion and data corruption" #$hoose two.%



    extended length o) cablingcrosstalk 

    signal attenuation

    [email protected] is the magnetic )ield cancellation e))ect enhanced in C+8 cables"

     by increasing and varying the number o) twists in each wire pair 

     by decreasing the number o) wires that are used to carry data

     by increasing the thickness o) the 8$ sheath that encases all the wires

     by increasing the thickness o) the copper wires


    ;e)er to the exhibit. What is wrong with the displayed termination"+he untwisted length o) each wire is too long.

    +he wires are too thick )or the connector that is used.

    +he Hack used is an ;A-11 connector instead o) an ;A-0 connector.+he cable is not shielded.


  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    ;e)er to the exhibit. +he 8$ is connected to the console port o) the switch. ll the other 

    connections are made through ast>thernet links. Which types o) C+8 cables can be used

    to connect the devices"

    1 E rollover, ( E straight-through, * E crossover 

    1 E rollover, ( E crossover, * E straight-through1 E crossover, ( E rollover, * E straight-through

    1 E crossover, ( E straight-through, * E rollover 

    7.Which statement is correct about multimode )iber"

    '$-'$ patch cords are used with multimode )iber cables.

    2ultimode )iber commonly uses a laser as a light source.

    2ultimode )iber cables carry signals )rom multiple connected sending devices.

    '$-'+ patch cords are used with multimode )iber cables.

    1:.What is one advantage o) using )iber optic cabling rather than copper cabling"

    It is able to carry signals much )arther than copper cabling.It is easier to terminate and install than copper cabling.It is able to be installed around sharp bends.

    It is usually cheaper than copper cabling.

    11.Why are two strands o) )iber used )or a single )iber optic connection"

    +hey allow )or )ull-duplex connectivity.+hey prevent crosstalk )rom causing inter)erence on the connection.

    +hey increase the speed at which the data can travel.

    +he two strands allow the data to travel )or longer distances without degrading.

    1(. network administrator is designing the layout o) a new wireless network. Which threeareas o) concern should be accounted )or when building a wireless network" #$hoose



  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5



    $overage reamobility options

    extensive cabling

     packet collision

    1*. network administrator is re9uired to upgrade wireless access to end users in a

     building. +o provide data rates up to 1.* ?bGs and still be backward compatible with older devices, which wireless standard should be implemented"




    1.What is one main characteristic o) the data link layer"

    It shields the upper layer protocol )rom being aware o) the physical medium to be used in

    the communication.

    It converts a stream o) data bits into a prede)ined code.It accepts Layer * packets and decides the path by which to )orward a )rame to a host on a

    remote network.

    It generates the electrical or optical signals that represent the 1 and : on the media.

    10.s data travels on the media in a stream o) 1s and :s how does a receiving node identi)y

    the beginning and end o) a )rame"

    +he transmitting node sends an out-o)-band signal to the receiver about the beginning o) the

    )rame.+he transmitting node sends a beacon to noti)y that a data )rame is attached.

    +he receiving node identi)ies the beginning o) a )rame by seeing a physical address.

    +he transmitting node inserts start and stop bits into the )rame.

    1.What is true concerning physical and logical topologies"

    Logical topologies determine the media access control method used.

    8hysical topologies are concerned with how a network trans)ers )rames.

    +he logical topology is always the same as the physical topology.8hysical topologies display the I8 addressing scheme o) each network.

    14.What are two characteristics o) 5:(.11 wireless networks" #$hoose two.%

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    +hey use $'2G$ technology.

    $ollisions can exist in the networks.+hey are collision-)ree networks.

    +hey use $'2G$& technology.

    'tations can transmit at any time.

    15.What is the purpose o) the $' )ield in a )rame"

    to determine i) errors occurred in the transmission and reception

    to obtain the 2$ address o) the sending node

    to veri)y the logical address o) the sending nodeto compute the $;$ header )or the data )ield

    17.ill in the blank with a number. 1:,:::,:::,::: bGs can also be written as ?bGs.


    (:.ill in the blank. +he term indicates the capacity o) a medium to carry data and

    it is typically measured in kilobits per second #kbGs% or megabits per second #2bGs%.


    (1.ill in the blank. What acronym is used to re)erence the data link sublayer that identi)ies

    the network layer protocol encapsulated in the )rame"

    LL$ #Logical Link $ontrol%

    ((.+he physical layer encodes the )rames and creates the signals that  represent the bits.

    +hese signals are then sent on the media one at a time. +he destination node physical layer 

    retrieves the individual signals )rom the media, restores them to their bit representations passes the bits up to the data link layer as a complete )rame.


    2atch the steps to the physical layer operations that occur when data is sent )rom one node

    and received at another node.

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    CCNA 1 Cisco v5.0 Chapter 5 - Answers

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    1.Which statement is true about 2$ addresses"

    +he )irst three bytes are used by the vendor assigned /CI.

    2$ addresses are implemented by so)tware.+he I'/ is responsible )or 2$ addresses regulations.

    !I$ only needs a 2$ address i) connected to a W!.

    (.What is a characteristic o) a contention-based access method"

    It is a nondeterministic method.It processes more overhead than the controlled access methods do.

    It scales very well under heavy media use.

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    It has mechanisms to track the turns to access the media.

    *.Which two statements describe )eatures or )unctions o) the logical link control sublayer in

    >thernet standards" #$hoose two.%

    1.Logical link control is implemented in so)tware.

    (.+he data link layer uses LL$ to communicate with the upper layers o) the protocol suite.

    +he LL$ sublayer interacts directly with the !I$ driver so)tware.+he LL$ sublayer is responsible )or the placement and retrieval o) )rames on and o)) the


    Logical link control is speci)ied in the I>>> 5:(.* standard.

    .What is the purpose o) the preamble in an >thernet )rame"

    is used )or timing synchronivery time a )rame is encapsulated with a new destination 2$ address, a new destinationI8 address is needed.

    4.What are two )eatures o) ;8" #$hoose two.%

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    1.I) a host is ready to send a packet to a local destination device and it has the I8 address

     but not the 2$ address o) the destination, it generates an ;8 broadcast.(.I) a device receiving an ;8 re9uest has the destination I8v address, it responds with an

    ;8 reply.

    n ;8 re9uest is sent to all devices on the >thernet L! and contains the I8 address o) 

    the destination host and its multicast 2$ address.When a host is encapsulating a packet into a )rame, it re)ers to the 2$ address table to

    determine the mapping o) I8 addresses to 2$ addresses.

    I) no device responds to the ;8 re9uest, then the originating node will broadcast the data packet to all devices on the network segment.


    ;e)er to the exhibit. 8$1 issues an ;8 re9uest because it needs to send a packet to 8$(. In

    this scenario, what will happen next"

    8$( will send an ;8 reply with its 2$ address.

    ;+1 will send an ;8 reply with its a:G: 2$ address.;+1 will send an ;8 reply with the 8$( 2$ address.

    'W1 will send an ;8 reply with its a:G1 2$ address.

    'W1 will send an ;8 reply with the 8$( 2$ address.

    7. host is trying to send a packet to a device on a remote L! segment, but there arecurrently no mappings in its ;8 cache. @ow will the device obtain a destination 2$


  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    It will send an ;8 re9uest )or the 2$ address o) the de)ault gateway.

    It will send a re9uest to the &!' server )or the destination 2$ address.It will send an ;8 re9uest )or the 2$ address o) the destination device.

    It will send the )rame and use its own 2$ address as the destination.

    It will send the )rame with a broadcast 2$ address.

    1:.What are two potential network problems that can result )rom ;8 operation" #$hoose


    1./n large networks with low bandwidth, multiple ;8 broadcasts could cause data

    communication delays.(.!etwork attackers could manipulate 2$ address and I8 address mappings in ;8

    messages with the intent o) intercepting network tra))ic.

    2ultiple ;8 replies result in the switch 2$ address table containing entries that match

    the 2$ addresses o) hosts that are connected to the relevant switch port.2anually con)iguring static ;8 associations could )acilitate ;8 poisoning or 2$

    address spoo)ing.

    Large numbers o) ;8 re9uest broadcasts could cause the host 2$ address table toover)low and prevent the host )rom communicating on the network.

    11. network administrator is connecting two modern switches using a straight-through

    cable. +he switches are new and have never been con)igured. Which three statements are

    correct about the )inal result o) the connection" #$hoose three.%

    1.+he link between the switches will work at the )astest speed that is supported by both


    (.+he link between switches will work as )ull-duplex.*.+he auto-2&ID )eature will con)igure the inter)aces eliminating the need )or a crossover 


    +he connection will not be possible unless the administrator changes the cable to acrossover cable.

    +he duplex capability has to be manually con)igured because it cannot be negotiated.

    I) both switches support di))erent speeds, they will each work at their own )astest speed.

    1(. Layer ( switch is used to switch incoming )rames )rom a 1:::B'>-+ port to a port

    connected to a 1::Base-+ network. Which method o) memory bu))ering would work best)or this task"

    shared memory bu))eringlevel 1 cache bu))ering

    )ixed con)iguration bu))ering

     port-based bu))ering

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    1*.When would a switch record multiple entries )or a single switch port in its 2$ address


    when another switch is connected to the switch port

    when the switch is con)igured )or Layer * switching

    when a router is connected to the switch portwhen multiple ;8 broadcasts have been )orwarded


    ;e)er to the exhibit. +he exhibit shows a small switched network and the contents o) the

    2$ address table o) the switch. 8$1 has sent a )rame addressed to 8$*. What will the

    switch do with the )rame"

    +he switch will )orward the )rame to all ports except port .

    +he switch will )orward the )rame to all ports.+he switch will )orward the )rame only to port (.

    +he switch will discard the )rame.

    +he switch will )orward the )rame only to ports 1 and *.

    10.Which two statements describe a )ixed con)iguration >thernet switch" #$hoose two.%

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    1. )ixed con)iguration switch may be stackable.

    (.+he number o) ports on the switch cannot be increased.n 'I cannot be con)igured on the switch.

    +he port density o) the switch is determined by the $isco I/'.

    +he switch cannot be con)igured with multiple L!s.

    [email protected] does adding an >thernet line card a))ect the )orm )actor o) a switch"

    By expanding the port density

     by increasing the back plane switching speed

     by expanding the !;2 capacity by making the switch stackable

    14. network administrator issues the )ollowing commands on a Layer * switch6&L'1#con)ig%J inter)ace ):G*

    &L'1#con)ig-i)%J no switchport

    &L'1#con)ig-i)%J ip address 14(.1.:.1 (00.(00.(00.:&L'1#con)ig-i)%J no shutdown

    &L'1#con)ig-i)%J end

    What is the administrator con)iguring"

    routed port

    a $isco >xpress orwarding instancea trunk inter)ace

    a switched virtual inter)ace

    15.Which address or combination o) addresses does a Layer * switch use to make

    )orwarding decisions"

    2$ and I8 addresses

    2$ address only2$ and port addresses

     port address only

    I8 address only

    17.What statement illustrates a drawback o) the $'2G$& access method"

    $ollisions can decrease network per)ormance.

    &eterministic media access protocols slow network per)ormance.

    $'2G$& L! technologies are only available at slower speeds than other L!technologies.

    It is more complex than non-deterministic protocols.

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    (:.ill in the blank. +he binary number :::: 1:1: can be expressed as inhexadecimal.


    (1.2atch the characteristic to the )orwarding method

    store-and-)orward switch always stores the entire )rame be)ore )orwarding, and checks its

    $;$ and )rame length. cut-through switch can )orward )rames be)ore receiving the

    destination address )ield, thus presenting less latency than a store-and-)orward switch.Because the )rame can begin to be )orwarded be)ore it is completely received, the switch

    may transmit a corrupt or runt )rame. ll )orwarding methods re9uire a Layer ( switch to

    )orward broadcast )rames.


    /pen the 8+ ctivity. 8er)orm the tasks in the activity instruction and then answer the


    What destination address will 8$1 include in the destination address )ield o) the >thernet)rame that it sends to 8$("


  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5






  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5



    Beginning o) )rame- ield 1 K preamble

    ield ( Kstart )rame delimiter 

    ield * K&estination mac addressield K'ource mac address

    ield 0 KLengthG+ype

    ield K>ncapsulated &ata

    >nd o) )rame-ield 4 Krame $heck 'e9uence

    OTHER version of !estions"

    1.Why is C&8 well suited as the transport layer protocol )or video applications"

    C&8 has low overhead.

    (.Which scenario describes a )unction provided by the transport layer"

    student has two web browser windows open in order to access two web sites. +he

    transport layer ensures the correct web page is delivered to the correct browser window.

    *.What is a )unction o) the transport layer"

    It segments data )rom the application layer into manageable pieces.

    .What happens i) part o) an +8 message is not delivered to the destination"

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    +he part o) the +8 message that was lost is re-sent.

    0.What type o) port number is assigned by I! to commonly used services and


    well-known port

    .Which type o) applications are best suited to use C&8 as the transport layer protocol"

    applications that re9uire minimal transmission delay

    4.What protocol header in)ormation is used at the transport layer to identi)y a targetapplication"

     port number 

    5.What is a socket"

    the combination o) a source I8 address and port number or a destination I8 address and port


    7.Which two )lags in the Layer 8&C header are set by a client and server to terminate a

    +$8 conversation" #$hoose two.%


    1:.Which transport layer )eature is used to guarantee session establishment"

    +$8 *-way handshake

    [email protected] does the transport layer provide end-to-end guaranteed data transmission"

    +$8 retransmits data whenever an $ )lag is not received.

    1(.Which two )lags in the +$8 header are used in a +$8 three-way handshake to establishconnectivity between two network devices" #$hoose two.%

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5



    1*.;e)er to the exhibit. +$8 segment was sent by 8$1 to the web server via port 5:.

    Because o) an unexpected network )ailure, the data was )orwarded by ;1 but was notreceived by ;(. Which statement is correct about this scenario"

    +he web server will not acknowledge this segment. +he 8$1 timer will expire and 8$1 willresend the segment.

    1. 8$ is downloading a large )ile )rom a server. +he +$8 window is 1::: bytes. +he

    server is sending the )ile using 1::-byte segments. @ow many segments will the server 

    send be)ore it re9uires an acknowledgment )rom the 8$"

    1: segments

    10. host begins a +$8 session with a se9uence number o) 1::: and sends 1: segments o) 

    1(:: bytes each. +he last acknowledgement the host receives has an $ with a se9uence

    number o) 4::1. What action will the host take next as part o) the +$8 session"

    +he host retransmits unacknowledged segments.

    1.&uring a +$8 session, a destination device sends an acknowledgment number to the

    source device. What does the acknowledgment number represent"

    the next byte that the destination expects to receive

    14.;e)er to the exhibit. In the partial Wireshark capture o) a packet, which Layer protocol

    is being used to send data"


    [email protected] does a client computer determine what source port number to assign to a C&8header"

    +he port number is random within the range o) dynamic port numbers.

    17.ill in the blank.

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    +he layer in the +$8GI8 model that links the application layer to the internet layer is called

    the layer.


    CCNA 1 Cisco v5.0 Chapter # - Answers

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    1.&uring the process o) )orwarding tra))ic, what will the router do immediately a)ter matching the destination I8 address to a network on a directly connected routing table


    switch the packet to the directly connected inter)acelook up the next-hop address )or the packet

    discard the tra))ic a)ter consulting the route table


  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    packet leaving 8$-1 has to traverse three hops to reach 8$-.


    &oes the router have enough ;2 and )lash memory to support the new I/'"

    +he router has enough ;2 and )lash memory )or the I/' upgrade

    +he router needs more ;2 and more )lash memory )or the I/' upgrade.

    +he router has enough ;2, but needs more )lash memory )or the I/' upgrade.

    +he router has enough )lash memory, but needs more ;2 )or the I/' upgrade.

    . technician is con)iguring a router that is actively running on the network. 'uddenly, power to the router is lost. I) the technician has not saved the con)iguration, which two

    types o) in)ormation will be lost" #$hoose two.%

    ;8 cache M routing table

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    $isco I/' image )ile

    startup con)iguration bootstrap )ile

    4.Which three commands are used to set up a password )or a person who attaches a cable toa new router so that an initial con)iguration can be per)ormed" #$hoose three.%

     password ciscoline console :


    5.Why is !+ not needed in I8v"

    ny host or user can get a public I8v network address because the number o) availableI8v addresses is extremely large.

    line vty :

    inter)ace )astethernet :G:enable secret cisco

    7.)ter troubleshooting a router, the network administrator wants to save the router 

    con)iguration so that it will be used automatically the next time that the router reboots.

    What command should be issued"

    copy running-con)ig startup-con)ig

    copy startup-con)ig )lash

    copy running-con)ig )lashreload

    copy startup-con)ig running-con)ig

    1:.What is a service provided by the low Label )ield o) the I8v header"

    It in)orms network devices to maintain the same path )or real-time application packets

    It identi)ies the total length o) the I8v packet.

    It limits the li)etime o) a packet.

    It classi)ies packets )or tra))ic congestion control.

    11.When connectionless protocols are implemented at the lower layers o) the /'I model,what are usually used to acknowledge the data receipt and re9uest the retransmission o) 

    missing data"

    upper-layer connection-oriented protocols

    +ransport layer C&8 protocols

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    connectionless acknowledgements

     !etwork layer I8 protocols

    1(.ill in the blank. In a router,is the nonvolatile memory where the diagnostic

    so)tware, the bootup instructions, and a limited I/' are stored.


    1*.Which two commands can be used on a Windows host to display the routing table"

    #$hoose two.%

    route print, netstat -r 


    show ip routenetstat -s

    1. technician is manually con)iguring a computer with the necessary I8 parameters to

    communicate over the corporate network. +he computer already has an I8 address, a subnet

    mask, and a &!' server. What else has to be con)igured )or Internet access"

    the de)ault gateway address

    the 2$ addressthe domain name o) the organi

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    14.Which two inter)aces will allow access via the + lines to con)igure the router"

    #$hoose two.%

    L! and W! inter)aces

    console inter)aces

    C'B inter)acesaux inter)aces

    15.Which I8v header )ield is responsible )or de)ining the priority o) the packet"

    di))erentiated servicestra))ic class

    )low label


    17. computer has to send a packet to a destination host in the same L!. @ow will the

     packet be sent"

    +he packet will be sent directly to the destination host.

    +he packet will be sent only to the de)ault gateway.+he packet will be sent to the de)ault gateway )irst, and then, depending on the response

    )rom the gateway, it may be sent to the destination host.

    +he packet will )irst be sent to the de)ault gateway, and then )rom the de)ault gateway itwill be sent directly to the destination host.

    (:.2atch the con)iguration mode with the command that is available in that mode

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    (1.Which statement about router inter)aces is true"

    con)igured and activated router inter)ace must be connected to another device in order to


    ((.2atch )ield names to the header where they would be )ound


  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    CCNA 1 Cisco v5.0 Chapter $ - Answers

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    1.What is the complete range o) +$8 and C&8 well-known ports"

    : to 1:(*: to (00

    (0 E 1:(*

    1:( E 7101

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    (. host device sends a data packet to a web server via the @++8 protocol. What is used by

    the transport layer to pass the data stream to the proper application on the server"

    destination port number 

    source port number 

    se9uence number acknowledgment

    *.ill in the blank using a number. total o) messages are exchanged during the +$8

    session termination process between the client and the server.


    .Which scenario describes a )unction provided by the transport layer"

    student has two web browser windows open in order to access two web sites. +he

    transport layer ensures the correct web page is delivered to the correct browser window student is using a classroom oI8 phone to call home. +he uni9ue identi)ier burned into

    the phone is a transport layer address used to contact another network device on the same

    network. corporate worker is accessing a web server located on a corporate network. +he transport

    layer )ormats the screen so the web page appears properly no matter what device is being

    used to view the web site. student is playing a short web-based movie with sound. +he movie and sound are

    encoded within the transport layer header.

    0.Which )actor determines +$8 window si

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    )ewer delays in transmission

    the ability to retransmit lost dataacknowledgment o) received data

    tracking o) data segments using se9uence numbers

    5.$ompared to C&8, what )actor causes additional network overhead )or +$8


    network tra))ic that is caused by retransmissions

    the identi)ication o) applications based on destination port numbers

    the checksum error detectionthe encapsulation into I8 packets

    7.What is a socket"

    the combination o) a source I8 address and port number or a destination I8 address and port

    number the combination o) the source and destination se9uence numbers and port numbers

    the combination o) the source and destination se9uence and acknowledgment numbers

    the combination o) the source and destination I8 address and source and destination>thernet address

    1:.Which two +$8 header )ields are used to con)irm receipt o) data"

    'e9uence number 

    cknowledgement number checksum

    I! )lag

    '! )lag

    11.&uring a +$8 session, a destination device sends an acknowledgment number to thesource device. What does the acknowledgment number represent"

    the next byte that the destination expects to receive

    the last se9uence number that was sent by the sourceone number more than the se9uence number 

    the total number o) bytes that have been received

    1(.&uring a +$8 session, the '! )ield is used by the client to re9uest communication

    with the server 

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    1*. host device needs to send a large video )ile across the network while providing data

    communication to other users. Which )eature will allow di))erent communication streams tooccur at the same time, without having a single data stream using all available bandwidth"


    window si

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    15.What does a client application select )or a +$8 or C&8 source port number"

    a random value in the range o) the registered ports

    a prede)ined value in the dynamic port rangea prede)ined value in the range o) the registered ports

    a prede)ined value in the well-known port range

    a random value in the dynamic port rangea random value in the well-known port range

    17.Which transport layer )eature is used to guarantee session establishment"

    +$8 *-way handshake

    C&8 se9uence number +$8 port number 

    C&8 $ )lag


  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    (1.2atch each application to its connectionless or connection-oriented protocol


  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    CCNA 1 Cisco v5.0 Chapter % - Answers

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    1.What is indicated by a success)ul ping to the 661 I8v address"

    I8 is properly installed on the host.+he link-local address is correctly con)igured.

    +he de)ault gateway address is correctly con)igured.

    +he host is cabled properly.ll hosts on the local link are available.

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    (.Which two I$28 messages are used by both I8v and I8v protocols" #$hoose two.%

    route redirection

     protocol unreachablerouter solicitation

    neighbor solicitation

    router advertisement

    *.What are three parts o) an I8v global unicast address" #$hoose three.%

    1. a subnet I& that is used to identi)y networks inside o) the local enterprise site

    (. an inter)ace I& that is used to identi)y the local host on the network 

    *. a global routing pre)ix that is used to identi)y the network portion o) the address that has been provided by an I'8

    an inter)ace I& that is used to identi)y the local network )or a particular host

    a global routing pre)ix that is used to identi)y the portion o) the network address provided by a local administrator 

    .When an I8v enabled host needs to discover the 2$ address o) an intended I8v

    destination, which destination address is used by the source host in the !' message"

    solicited-node multicast address

    global unicast address o) the receiver 

    all-node multicast address

    link-local address o) the receiver 

    0.Which two statements are correct about I8v and I8v addresses" #$hoose two.%

    I8v addresses are *( bits in length.

    I8v addresses are represented by hexadecimal numbers.I8v addresses are *( bits in length.

    I8v addresses are 1(5 bits in length.

    I8v addresses are represented by hexadecimal numbers.

    I8v addresses are bits in length.

    . &@$8 server is used to assign I8 addresses dynamically to the hosts on a network. +headdress pool is con)igured with 17(.15.1:.:G(. +here are * printers on this network that

    need to use reserved static I8 addresses )rom the pool. @ow many I8 addresses in the pool

    are le)t to be assigned to other hosts"


  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5




    4.Which two things can be determined by using the ping command" #$hoose two.%

    1. whether or not the destination device is reachable through the network 

    (. the average time it takes a packet to reach the destination and )or the response to returnto the source

    the average time it takes each router in the path between source and destination to respond

    the I8 address o) the router nearest the destination devicethe number o) routers between the source and destination device

    5.+he decimal e9uivalent o) the binary number 1::1:1:1 is


    [email protected] many bits are in an I8v address"




    1:.n I8v enabled device sends a data packet with the destination address o) :(661.What is the target o) this packet"

    all I8v enabled nodes on the local link all I8v con)igured routers across the network 

    all I8v con)igured routers on the local link 

    all I8v &@$8 servers

    11.ill in the blank.

    What is the decimal e9uivalent o) the hex number :x*"


    1(.Which network migration techni9ue encapsulates I8v packets inside I8v packets tocarry them over I8v network in)rastructures"

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5





    1*.What are two types o) I8v unicast addresses" #$hoose two.%

    loopback link-local


    multicast broadcast

    1.What two statements describe characteristics o) Layer * broadcasts" #$hoose two.%

    -;outers create broadcast domains

    limited broadcast packet has a destination I8 address o) (00.(00.(00.(00+here is a broadcast domain on each switch inter)ace.

    router will not )orward any type o) Layer * broadcast packet.

    Broadcasts are a threat and users must avoid using protocols that implement them.'ome I8v protocols use broadcasts.

    10.When will a router drop a traceroute packet"

    when the value in the ++L )ield reaches xceeded messagewhen the host responds with an I$28 >cho ;eply message

    when the values o) both the >cho ;e9uest and >cho ;eply messages reach

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    14.When a $isco router is being moved )rom an I8v network to a complete I8venvironment, which series o) commands would correctly enable I8v )orwarding and

    inter)ace addressing"

    ;outerJ con)igure terminal

    ;outer#con)ig%J inter)ace )astethernet :G:

    ;outer#con)ig-i)%J ip address 17(.15.1.(0 (00.(00.(00.:;outer#con)ig-i)%J no shutdown

    ;outer#con)ig-i)%J exit

    ;outer#con)ig%J ipv unicast-routing

    ;outerJ con)igure terminal;outer#con)ig%J inter)ace )astethernet :G:

    ;outer#con)ig-i)%J ipv address (::16db56bced61667G

    ;outer#con)ig-i)%J no shutdown

    ;outer#con)ig-i)%J exit;outer#con)ig%J ipv unicast-routing

    ;outerJ con)igure terminal;outer#con)ig%J inter)ace )astethernet :G:

    ;outer#con)ig-i)%J ipv address (::16db56bced61667G

    ;outer#con)ig-i)%J no shutdown

    ;outerJ con)igure terminal;outer#con)ig%J inter)ace )astethernet :G:

    ;outer#con)ig-i)%J ip address (::16db56bced61667G

    ;outer#con)ig-i)%J ip address 17(.15.1.(0 (00.(00.(00.:;outer#con)ig-i)%J no shutdown

    15.Which two parts are components o) an I8v address" #$hoose two.%

    network portionhost portion

    logical portion

     physical portion

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


     broadcast portion

    subnet portion

    17.Which I8v address is most compressed )or the )ull >5:6:6:6:6(66>76$*






    Which message is displayed on the web server"

    $orrect con)igurationN

    I8v address con)iguredNou did it rightN

    'uccess)ul con)igurationN


  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    ((. message is sent to all hosts on a remote network. Which type o) message is it"

    directed broadcast

    limited broadcastunicast


    (*.What is the pre)ix length notation )or the subnet mask (00.(00.(00.(("





  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    CCNA 1 Cisco v5.0 Chapter & - Answers

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    ;e)er to the exhibit. computer that is con)igured with the I8v address as shown in the

    exhibit is unable to access the internet. What is the problem"

    +he gateway address is in the wrong subnet.

    +he &!' address is wrong.

    +here should not be an alternative &!' address.+he settings were not validated.

    (.When subnetting a G I8v network pre)ix, which is the pre)erred new pre)ix"


  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5




    *.Which two notations are useable nibble boundaries when subnetting in I8v" #$hoose







    /pen the 8+ ctivity. 8er)orm the tasks in the activity instructions and then answer the9uestion.

    What issue is causing @ost to be unable to communicate with @ost B

    @ost and host B are on overlapping subnets

    +he subnet mask o) host is [email protected] has an incorrect de)ault gateway.

    +he I8 address o) host B is not in the same subnet as the de)ault gateway is on.

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    0.$onsider the )ollowing range o) addresses6





    +he pre)ix )or the range o) addresses is  



    ll the addresses have the part (::16:&B56B$106:: in common. >ach number or letter in

    the address represents bits, so the pre)ix is G:

    .ill in the blank.

    In dotted decimal notation, the subnet mask will accommodate 0:: hosts per subnet.



    I) the network has to accommodate 0:: hosts per subnet, then we need 7 host bits#(O7 E ( K 01: hosts%. +he $lass B subnet mask has 1 bits available and i) we use 7 bits

    )or hosts, we will have 4 network bits remaining.+he subnet mask with 7 host bits is

    11111111.11111111.1111111:.::::::::, which corresponds to (00.(00.(0.:.


  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    ;e)er to the exhibit.

    ?iven the network address o) 17(.15.0.: and a subnet mask o) (00.(00.(00.((, howmany addresses are wasted in total by subnetting each network with a subnet mask o) 






    +he network I8 address 17(.15.0.: with a subnet mask o) (00.(00.(00.(( provides *:

    usable I8 addresses )or each subnet. 'ubnet needs *: host addresses. +here are no

    addresses wasted. 'ubnet B uses ( o) the *: available I8 addresses, because it is a seriallink. $onse9uently, it wastes (5 addresses. Likewise, subnet $ wastes (5 addresses. 'ubnet

    & needs 1 addresses, so it wastes 1 addresses. +he total wasted addresses are

    :P(5P(5P1K4( addresses

    5.In a network that uses I8v, what pre)ix would best )it a subnet containing 1:: hosts"





    8re)ix G(0 means that 4 bits are reserved )or the host address range, which is (O4-(K1(.+his is the best option to accommodate 1:: hosts with the least waste o) I8 addresses. G(*gives (O7-(K01: host addresses, a waste o) 1: addresses. G( gives (O5-(K(0 hosts,

    wasting 10 host addresses. G( gives (O-(K( host addresses, not enough to

    accommodate 1:: hosts.

    7.Which two reasons generally make &@$8 the pre)erred method o) assigning I8 addresses

    to hosts on large networks" #$hoose two.%

    It eliminates most address con)iguration errors

    It reduces the burden on network support sta)) It ensures that addresses are only applied to devices that re9uire a permanent address.

    It guarantees that every device that needs an address will get one.

    It provides an address only to devices that are authori

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    In dotted decimal notation, the I8 address is the last host address )or the network 




    +he binary representation o) the network address 14(.(0.:. is

    1:1:11::.:::11::1.::::::::.:1::::::, where the last six

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5




    1*[email protected] many usable host addresses are there in the subnet 17(.15.1.*(G(4"





    1. nibble consists o) bits


    [email protected] many host addresses are available on the network 14(.1.1(5.: with a subnet mask o) (00.(00.(0(.:"






    mask o) (00.(00.(0(.: is e9ual to a pre)ix o) G((. G(( pre)ix provides (( bits )or the

    network portion and leaves 1: bits )or the host portion. +he 1: bits in the host portion will provide 1:(( usable I8 addresses #(1: E ( K 1:((%.

    1. network administrator needs to monitor network tra))ic to and )rom servers in a datacenter. Which )eatures o) an I8 addressing scheme should be applied to these devices"

    random static addresses to improve securityaddresses )rom di))erent subnets )or redundancy

     predictable static I8 addresses )or easier identi)ication

    dynamic addresses to reduce the probability o) duplicate addresses

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    [email protected] many bits must be borrowed )rom the host portion o) an address to accommodate a

    router with )ive connected networks"



    )our )ive


    ;e)er to the exhibit. +he network administrator has assigned the L! o) LB2I'' an

    address range o) 17(.15.1:.:. +his address range has been subnetted using a G(7 pre)ix. In

    order to accommodate a new building, the technician has decided to use the )i)th subnet )or con)iguring the new network #subnet

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    17(.15.1:.: #1%

    17(.15.1:.5 #(%17(.15.1:.1 #*%

    17(.15.1:.( #%

    17(.15.1:.*( #0%

    17.What is the subnet address )or the address (::16&B56B$10661(B661G"





    +he network and subnet )ields cover bits. +his means that the )irst groups o) 

    hexadecimal digits represent the network and subnet )ields. +he )irst address within thatrange is (::16&B56B$10666:


    ;e)er to the exhibit. company uses the address block o) 1(5.1:4.:.:G1 )or its network.

    What subnet mask would provide the maximum number o) e9ual si

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5







    +he largest subnet in the topology has 1:: hosts in it so the subnet mask must have at least4 host bits in it #(4-(K1(%. (00.(00.(00.: has 5 hosts bits, but this does not meet the

    re9uirement o) providing the maximum number o) subnets.

    (1. company has a network address o) 17(.15.1. with a subnet mask o) 

    (00.(00.(00.17(. +he company wants to create two subnetworks that would contain 1:

    hosts and 15 hosts respectively. Which two networks would achieve that" #$hoose two.%




    ;emember6'ubnet 17(.15.1. G(4 has 0 bits that are allocated )or host addresses and there)ore will

     be able to support *( addresses, but only *: valid host I8 addresses. 'ubnet

    17(.15.1.7G(5 has bits )or host addresses and will be able to support 1 addresses, butonly 1 valid host I8 addresses

    ((. network administrator is variably subnetting a network. +he smallest subnet has a

    mask o) (00.(00.(00.(5. @ow many host addresses will this subnet provide"




    +he mask (00.(00.(00.(5 is e9uivalent to the G(7 pre)ix. +his leaves * bits )or hosts, providing a total o) usable I8 addresses #(* K 5 E ( K %.


  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    ;e)er to the exhibit. 2atch the correct I8 address and pre)ix that will satis)y the usable host

    addressing re9uirements.

     !etwork needs to use 17(.15.:.: G(0 which yields 1(5 host addresses.

     !etwork B needs to use 17(.15.:.1(5 G( which yields host addresses. !etwork $ needs to use 17(.15.:.17( G(4 which yields *( host addresses.

     !etwork & needs to use 17(.15.:.(( G*: which yields host addresses.

    (.2atch the subnetwork to a host address that would be included within the subnetwork 

    'ubnet 17(.15.1.*(G(4 will have a valid host range )rom 17(.15.1.** E 17(.15.1.( with

    the broadcast address as 17(.15.1.*

    'ubnet 17(.15.1.G(4 will have a valid host range )rom 17(.15.1.0 E 17(.15.1.7 with

    the broadcast address as 17(.15.1.70'ubnet 17(.15.1.7G(4 will have a valid host range )rom 17(.15.1.74 E 17(.15.1.1(

    with the broadcast address as 17(.15.1.1(4

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    CCNA 1 Cisco v5.0 Chapter 10 - Answers

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    1. 'elect three protocols that operate at the pplication Layer o) the /'I model. #$hoosethree.%






    *. manu)acturing company subscribes to certain hosted services )rom their I'8. +heservices re9uired include hosted world wide web, )ile trans)er, and e-mail. Which protocols

    represent these three key applications" #$hoose three.%







  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    2atch the &!' record type to the corresponding description

    E end device address !' E authoritative name server 

    $!2> E canonical name2D E mail exchange record

    0. Which phrase describes an +8 daemon"

    a program that is running on an +8 server 

    a diagnostic +8 program

    a program that is running on an +8 clientan application that is used to re9uest data )rom an +8 server 

    .Which two actions are taken by '2+8 i) the destination email server is busy when email

    messages are sent" #$hoose two.%

    '2+8 periodically checks the 9ueue )or messages and attempts to send them again'2+8 tries to send the messages at a later time

    '2+8 sends an error message back to the sender and closes the connection.

    '2+8 will discard the message i) it is still not delivered a)ter a predetermined expirationtime.

    '2+8 sends the messages to another mail server )or delivery.

    4.When would it be more e))icient to use '2B to trans)er )iles instead o) +8"

    when downloading large numbers o) )iles )rom the same server when downloading large )iles with a variety o) )ormats )rom di))erent servers

    when a peer-to-peer application is re9uired

    when the host devices on the network use the Windows operating systemwhen uploading the same )ile to multiple remote servers

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    5. What is an example o) network communication that uses the client-server model"

    workstation initiates a &!' re9uest when the user types in the address

     bar o) a web browser. user uses e2ule to download a )ile that is shared by a )riend a)ter the )ile location is


    workstation initiates an ;8 to )ind the 2$ address o) a receiving host. user prints a document by using a printer that is attached to a workstation o) a coworker.

    7. What is true about the 'erver 2essage Block protocol"

    $lients establish a long term connection to servers.

    &i))erent '2B message types have a di))erent )ormat.'2B messages cannot authenticate a session.

    '2B uses the +8 protocol )or communication.


    ;e)er to the exhibit. What command was used to resolve a given host name by 9uerying the

    name servers"

    nslookup user can manually 9uery the name servers to resolve

    a given host name using the nslookup command.

     !slookup is both a command and a utility.

    11. Which &!' server in the &!' hierarchy would be considered authoritative )or the

    domain name records o) a company named netacad"

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5



    1(. user accessed the game site last week. +he night be)ore the

    user accesses the game site again, the site administrator changes the site I8 address. Whatwill be the conse9uence o) that action )or the user"

    +he user will access the site without problems.

    +he user will not be able to access the site.

    +he user will have to modi)y the &!' server address on the local 8$ in order to access thesite.

    +he user will have to issue a ping to this new I8 address to be sure that the domain name

    remained the same.


    2atch the purpose with its &@$8 message type

    &@$8;>=C>'+ E a message that is used to identi)y the explicit server and lease o))er toaccept

    &@$8&I'$/>; E a message that is used to locate any available &@$8 server on the

    network &@$8/>; E a message that is used to suggest a lease to a client

    &@$8$ E a message that is used to acknowledge that the lease is success)ul

    1. What are two characteristics o) peer-to-peer networks" #$hoose two.%

    resource sharing without a dedicated server decentrali

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    one way data )low

    centrali; &@$8! 


  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    /pen the 8+ ctivity. 8er)orm the tasks in the activity instructions and then answer the


    Which 8$ or 8$s are sending +8 packets to the server"



    8$1 and 8$*

    (:. Which three statements describe a &@$8 &iscover message" #$hoose three.%

    +he destination I8 address is (00.(00.(00.(00.

    +he message comes )rom a client seeking an I8 address.

    ll hosts receive the message, but only a &@$8 server replies.

    +he source 2$ address is 5 ones #-----%.+he message comes )rom a server o))ering an I8 address.

    /nly the &@$8 server receives the message.

    (1. Which two tasks are )unctions o) the presentation layer" #$hoose two.%


  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5



    addressingsession control


    ((. What is the acronym )or the protocol that is used when securely communicating with a

    web server"


    @ypertext +rans)er 8rotocol 'ecure #@++8'%

    is the protocol that is used )or accessing or  posting web server in)ormation using a secure communication channel.

    CCNA 1 Cisco v5.0 Chapter 11 - Answers

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    1. Which network design consideration would be more important to a large corporation

    than to a small business"


    (. What do WL!s that con)orm to I>>> 5:(.11 standards allow wireless users to do"

    connect wireless hosts to hosts or services on a wired >thernet network 

    *. +he command that is issued on a router is used to veri)y the value o) the so)twarecon)iguration register 

    show version


    +he show version command that is issued on a router displays the value o) thecon)iguration register, the $isco I/' version being used, and the amount o) )lash memory

    on the device, among other in)ormation.

    . Which two statements characteri

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    With ''I& broadcast disabled, an attacker must know the ''I& to connect.

    0. ill in the blank.

    oI8 de)ines the protocols and technologies that implement the transmission o) voice data over an I8 network.

    . Which two statements about a service set identi)ier #''I&% are true" #$hoose two.%

    tells a wireless device to which WL! it belongsall wireless devices on the same WL! must have the same ''I&

    4. I) a con)iguration )ile is saved to a C'B )lash drive attached to a router, what must bedone by the network administrator be)ore the )ile can be used on the router"

    >dit the con)iguration )ile with a text editor.

    5. Which command will backup the con)iguration that is stored in !;2 to a ++8server"

    copy startup-con)ig t)tp


    +he startup con)iguration )ile is stored in !;2, and the running con)iguration is stored

    in ;2. +he copy command is )ollowed by the source, then the destination.

    7. ;e)er to the exhibit. n administrator is trying to troubleshoot connectivity between 8$1and 8$( and uses the tracert command )rom 8$1 to do it. Based on the displayed output,

    where should the administrator begin troubleshooting"


    1:. When should an administrator establish a network baseline

    at regular intervals over a period o) time

    11. ;e)er to the exhibit. Baseline documentation )or a small company had ping round trip

    time statistics o) *G74G1*( between hosts @1 and @*. +oday the network administrator checked connectivity by pinging between hosts @1 and @* that resulted in a round trip time

    o) 105G(*7:G:. What does this indicate to the network administrator"

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    'omething is causing a time delay between the networks

    1(. ping )ails when per)ormed )rom router ;1 to directly connected router ;(. +he

    network administrator then proceeds to issue the show cdp neighbors command. Whywould the network administrator issue this command i) the ping )ailed between the two


    +he network administrator wants to veri)y Layer ( connectivity.

    ;emember6+he show cdp neighbors command can be used to prove that Layer 1 and Layer (

    connectivity exists between two $isco devices. or example, i) two devices have duplicate

    I8 addresses, a ping between the devices will )ail, but the output o) show cdp neighbors will

     be success)ul. +he show cdp neighbors detail could be used to veri)y the I8 address o) thedirectly connected device in case the same I8 address is assigned to the two routers.

    1*. Which statement is true about $&8 on a $isco device"

    $&8 can be disabled globally or on a speci)ic inter)ace.

    1. What is the purpose o) issuing the commands cd nvram6 then dir at the privilege execmode o) a router"

    to list the content o) the !;2

    10. network administrator has determined that various computers on the network are

    in)ected with a worm. Which se9uence o) steps should be )ollowed to mitigate the wormattack"

    containment, inoculation, 9uarantine, and treatment

    1. network administrator checks the security log and notices there was unauthori

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    denial o) service attacks

    15. Which protocol supports rapid delivery o) streaming media"


    17. Which WL! security protocol generates a new dynamic key each time a client

    establishes a connection with the 8"


    (:. @ow should tra))ic )low be captured in order to best understand tra))ic patterns in a


    during peak utili

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    (. /pen the 8+ ctivity.

    @ow long will a user be blocked i) the user exceeds the maximum allowed number o) unsuccess)ul login attempts"

    * minutes


    +he timeout duration )or login attempts is set by the login block-)or 15: attempts within

    : command. +his command sets the login block at 15: seconds #* minutes% a)ter incorrect attempts within a : second time period. +his command can be viewed in the

    running con)iguration )ile.


    +his item is the drag and drop matching steps.

    8lace the options in the )ollowing order6

     E not scored E step 0

    step (

    step step 1

    step *

    CCNA 1 Cisco v5.0 - 'ina( E)a*

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    1. Which two commands should be implemented to return a $isco *0: trunk port to its

    de)ault con)iguration" #$hoose two.%

    '1#con)ig-i)%J switchport mode access

    '1#con)ig-i)%J switchport access vlan 1

    '1#con)ig-i)%J no switchport trunk native vlan

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    '1#con)ig-i)%J no switchport trunk allowed vlan

    '1#con)ig-i)%J switchport mode dynamic desirable

    (. Which command will enable auto-2&ID on a device"

    '1#con)ig-i)%J mdix auto

    '1J auto-mdix

    '1#con)ig-i)%J auto-mdix'1J mdix auto

    '1#con)ig%J mdix auto

    '1#con)ig%J auto-mdix

    *. Which three parameters could be in an extended access control list" #$hoose three.%

    access list number between 1 and 77

    de)ault gateway address and wildcard mask 

    destination address and wildcard mask source address and wildcard mask 

    access list number between 1:: and 177

    subnet mask and wild card mask 

    . ill in the blank.

    +he /'8 +ype 1 packet is the hello packet.

    0. +he computers used by the network administrators )or a school are on the 1:.4.:.:G(4

    network. Which two commands are needed at a minimum to apply an $L that will ensure

    that only devices that are used by the network administrators will be allowed +elnet accessto the routers" #$hoose two.%

    access-list 0 deny anyip access-group 0 in

    access-list 0 permit 1:.4.:.: :.:.:.*1

    ip access-group 0 out

    access-list standard + permit 1:.4.:.: :.:.:.1(4

    access-class 0 in

    the all-link router multicast

    the all /'8 router multicastthe global unicast o) the inter)ace

    the link-local address o) the inter)ace

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    4. Why would an administrator use a network security auditing tool to )lood the switch

    2$ address table with )ictitious 2$ addresses"

    to determine which ports are not correctly con)igured to prevent 2$ address )loodingto determine i) the switch is )orwarding the broadcast tra))ic correctly

    to determine which ports are )unctioning

    to determine when the $2 table si

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    1:. network administrator is implementing a distance vector routing protocol betweenneighbors on the network. In the context o) distance vector protocols, what is a neighbor"

    routers that share a link and use the same routing protocol

    routers that exchange L'srouters that reside in the same area

    routers that are reachable over a +$8 session

    11. Which two methods can be used to provide secure management access to a $isco

    switch" #$hoose two.%

    $on)igure all switch ports to a new L! that is not L! 1.

    $on)igure all unused ports to a Qblack hole.R

    $on)igure ''@ )or remote management.$on)igure speci)ic ports )or management tra))ic on a speci)ic L!.

    $on)igure the native L! to match the de)ault L!.

    &!', unicast

    8I!?, multicast;8, multicast

    8I!?, broadcast

    &!', broadcast;8, broadcast


    1. logical topology in)luences the type o) network )raming and media access control thatwill be used.

    10. Which two statements describe the characteristics o) )iber-optic cabling" #$hoose two.%

    iber-optic cabling uses L>&s )or single-mode cables and laser technology )or multimode

    cables.iber-optic cabling does not conduct electricity.

    iber-optic cabling has high signal loss.

    iber-optic cabling is primarily used as backbone cabling.2ultimode )iber-optic cabling carries signals )rom multiple sending devices.

    1. Which two protocols )unction at the internet layer" #$hoose two.%

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5






    14. Which )irewall techni9ue blocks incoming packets unless they are responses to internal


    C;L )iltering

     port )ilteringapplication )iltering

    state)ul packet inspection

    15. $onsider the )ollowing range o) addresses6



    (::16:&B56B$106::6::::66+he pre)ix-length )or the range o) addresses is G:.

    17 What three application layer protocols are part o) the +$8GI8 protocol suite" #$hoose






    (: Which communication tool allows real-time collaboration"



    instant messaging

    (1 Which o) the )ollowing are primary )unctions o) a router" #$hoose two.%

     packet switching

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5



    )low control path selection

    domain name resolution

    (( +;8 is a best-e))ort, connectionless application layer protocol that is used to trans)er 



    $an not connect to webpages, dns is ok.Issue is6 &e)ault ?ateway.


  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    It will give options about ping, the correct one is6 +he 8$( will be able to ping



  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    +he 9uestion is )rom where is the system image being loaded. nswer6 )lash.


    It will ask what is the issue.

    nswer is6

    +he user has to be in privileged >D>$ mode to use that command.

    (4. What are three characteristics o) multicast transmission" #$hoose three.%

    single packet can be sent to a group o) hosts.2ulticast messages map lower layer addresses to upper layer addresses.

    2ulticast transmission can be used by routers to exchange routing in)ormation.

    $omputers use multicast transmission to re9uest I8v addresses.+he source address o) a multicast transmission is in the range o) ((.:.:.: to ((.:.:.(00.

    (5 t a minimum, which address is re9uired on I8v-enabled inter)aces"

    global unicast

    link-localsite local

    uni9ue local

    (7 Which )rame )orwarding method receives the entire )rame and per)orms a $;$ check to

    detect errors be)ore )orwarding the )rame"

    )ragment-)ree switching

    )ast-)orward switching

    store-and-)orward switching

    CCNA 1 Cisco v5.0 - +ractice 'ina( E)a*

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    1. network administrator has been issued a network address o) 17(.*1.4.G(. @ow

    many subnets o) e9ual si

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5



    G( pre)ix re9uires the )irst ( bits o) the last octet )or the network portion. +he last octet

    o) the assigned network address #% is :1:: :::: with the )irst ( bits reserved )or the

    network portion. /ur beginning values go )rom 17(.*1.4. through to 17(.*1.4.1(4. I) wenow )urther subdivide that range using a G(5 pre)ix, we need to borrow ( more bits.

    ;emember that to remain within the . to .1(4 range, the )irst two bits 2C'+ remain as

    :1. Because we have only ( more bits to work with, there are only di))erentcombinations.

    17(.*1.4. E :1:: ::::

    17(.*1.4.5: E :1:1 ::::17(.*1.4.7 E :11: :::::

    17(.*1.4.11( E :111 :::::

     !otice that the subnets increment by 1.

    (.What will a host on an >thernet network do i) it receives a )rame with a destination 2$

    address that does not match its own 2$ address"

    It will discard the )rame.

    *. router boots and enters setup mode. What is the reason )or this"

    +he con)iguration )ile is missing )rom !;2.

    . user is attempting to do an without success. Which twocon)iguration values must be set on the host to allow this access" #$hoose two.%

    &!' server de)ault gateway

    0.or which three reasons was a packet-switched connectionless data communications

    technology used when developing the Internet" #$hoose three.%

    1. It can rapidly adapt to the loss o) data transmission )acilities.(. It e))iciently utili8 on the

    Linksys integrated router"

    It encrypts data between the wireless client and the access point.

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5



    ;1Jcon)ig t

    ;1#con)ig%J enable password $isco1(*;1#con)ig%J enable secret $isco1(*

    ;1#con)ig%J service password-encryption

    ;1#con)ig%J line con :;1#con)ig-line%J password $isco457

    ;1#con)ig-line%J end

    ;1J copy running-con)ig startup-con)ig;1J reload

    ;e)er to the exhibit.What will be the result o) entering this con)iguration the next time a network administrator 

    connects a console cable to the router and no additional commands have been entered"

    +he administrator will be presented with the ;13 prompt.

    ;emember6 Cntil both the password password and the login commands are entered inconsole line con)iguration mode, no password is re9uired to gain access to enable mode.

    5.Which statement describes a characteristic o) the traceroute utility"

    It identi)ies the routers in the path )rom a source host to a destination host.

    7.+he administrator o) a branch o))ice receives an I8v pre)ix o) (::16db56*:::66G0( )romthe corporate network manager. @ow many subnets can the administrator create


    1:.Which two )unctions are primary )unctions o) a router" #$hoose two.%

     packet switching path selection

    11.Which router con)iguration mode would an administrator use to con)igure the router )or 

    ''@ or +elnet login access"


    1(.;e)er to the exhibit.

  • 8/20/2019 CCNA 1 Cisco v5


    network engineer is attempting to connect to a new router to per)orm the initialcon)iguration. +he engineer connects a rollover cable )rom the serial port o) a 8$ to the

    ux port on the router, then con)igures @yper+erminal as shown. +he engineer cannot get a

    login prompt in @yper+erminal. What would )ix the problem"

    2ove the cable to the router console port.

    1*. network administrator is designing a new network in)rastructure that includes bothwired and wireless connectivity. Cnder which situation would a wireless connection be


    +he end-user device needs mobility when connecting to the network.

    1.Which devices should be secured to mitigate against 2$ address spoo)ing attacks"

    Layer ( devices

    10.Csing de)ault settings, what is the next step in the router boot se9uence a)ter the I/'

    loads )rom )lash"

    Locate and load the startup-con)ig )ile )rom !;2.

    1.What in)ormation is added during encapsulation at /'I Layer *"

    source and dest