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Cybersafety cybercitizenship and superclubsplus


<ul><li>1.Cybersafety, Cybercitizenship andSonya Van SchaijikDRS DayFriday 11th March 2011http://www.superclubsplus.com1</li></ul> <p>2. Outline Introduction Superclubs &amp; Netsafe Project Online practice Guide Learn Protect TelstraClear 2 3. About me Have been a DRS for 6 years. Experienced teacher and ICT Lead Teacher atNewmarket Primary School. Gained a Super Teacher Award from Superclubsplusand is training as a SCP Cybersafety online mediator. Sat on the national advisory group for thedevelopment of 4. Overview Superclubsplus is a safe, social networking sitefor primary children. (Free to all NZ schools in 2011) WHY Validate every child as being a real child- age andidentity verication Mediate every article, every email, every chat fromall 150,000 children online - using highly trainedmediators who are constantly stimulating,moderating, responding, helping. Educate - constantly reinforcing children, how tokeep themselves safe online - through rules,behaviours, sanctions 4 5. Childrens e-learning progresses from this5 6. To this using-Superclubsplus 6 7. Superclubsplus-PilotNewmarket was invited to be part ofthe Netsafe pilot for Superclubsplus-click the link for the evaluation report. 43/digital-citizenship-through- cybersafety/7 8. stands for Learn: Guide: Protect:It is a frame-work that supports schools in creating aculture of responsible, safe use of digital technologies.LGP promotes a student-centered approach to teachingand learning about cybersafety and digital citizenshipacross the curriculum.Netsafe oversee this website.8 9. The LEARN: GUIDE: PROTECT: FRAMEWORK 9 10. Lunchtime club for SCP at Newmarket School. NPS ran lunchtimesessions for any childneeding extra help. The childrensupported each otherin their learning.10 11. Living well in online environmentsSome recent experiences 12. Superclubsplus supporting whanaungatanga.Our initial action was to lock down and protectCant lock down and protect our children.Guide- if we want to be strong learners in this e-learning environment12 13. Other Catholic Schools in NZ St Brigids- Wellington (you need to be a registered member to see thisexample)13 14. Superclubsplus has changed our online practice. We are learning to live well in online environments through ongoing self review ChildrenStaff Netsafe Kit for schools Policy and user agreements Protect Teachers presence Discussion about personal Firewalls, Filtering, safety MonitoringOperate on trust Transparency and monitoring SuperclubsplusPD- just in time Guide Safe use of technologyStaff Meetings- Digital Superclubsplusliteracy Web 2 tools ICTPD- HOT Team Learn Wikifarm SOLO Taxonomy 14 15. Feedback Victoria using Voki to share with us her thoughts on using Superclubsplus. 15 16. TelstraClear TelstraClear has underlined itscommitment to cyber-safety for childrenwith its support for SuperClubsPLUS; aprotected, online social learning networkto be used in New Zealand schools. 17. Want to know more?? Visit the following links For training: 17 </p>


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