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Catchphrases&Presenters/HostsBy Kiranjit Khera


Deal, or no deal?Sometimes the title of a game show becomes its catch phrase.Deal or No Dealwas a huge sensation in prime time and Howie Mandel's question at the end of each round has become one of the most popular catch phrases in recent memory. Even though the show is no longer running, you'll still hear people asking, "Deal, or no deal?"

I'll take ___ for $1000, Alex.Jeopardy!, like most long-running game shows, has several catch phrases to choose from. This one, though, leaves no question as to its origin, and anyone using it is likely also visualizing the game board. There's no doubt who the "Alex" in the phrase is, either. Stop by trivia night at your local pub and find out for yourself how often this phrase gets thrown around.

I'd like to phone a friend.There are potentially two catch phrases fromWho Wants to Be a Millionairethat could have landed on this list: The one we chose, and "Is that your final answer?" We went with "I'd like to phone a friend" because it's appeared often in popular culture, from movies to viral jokes and more. Even thoughPhone-A-Friend has been discontinued as a lifeline on the show, it's still fondly remembered.

Survey says...!Unless you're the host ofFamily Feud you're probably not referring to the average responses of 100 people surveyed when you belt out, "survey says!" Still, it's a handy phrase when you're revealing an answer to, well, just about anything. And everyone will get the reference, which is another plus.

Presenters/HostsAnt & DecComedy duo

Ant & Dec typically wear smart and formal clothes when hosting game shows. They wear suits and smart shirts. This helps give them a comedian vibe as most comedians dress smart on tv too but also gives them a professional look. The duo first met as actors on the children's television showByker Grove, during which and in their subsequent pop career they were respectively known asPJ & Duncan the names of the characters they played on the show. Since then, they have had a very successful career as television presenters, presenting shows such asSMTV Live,CD:UK,Friends Like These,Pop Idol,Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway,I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!,PokerFace,Push the Button,Britain's Got Talent,Red or Black?, andText Santa. In 2006, they returned to acting with the filmAlien Autopsy. The duo presented the annualBrit Awardsin2001,2015and2016.

All of their television appearances and publicity photos have Ant on the left and Dec on the right.

They have their own production companyMitre Television where they produce their shows.

Ant & Dec start the show off with a welcoming introduction so the audience feel welcomed and are intrigued to watch the game show.

They both have a funny personality to entertain both the audience and contestants.

In one of their well known game shows, I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!, their role is to explain what the contestants must do and tell them how long they have left to complete their task.