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Online training for UT Arlington students participating in the UTA-HOSTS! Peer Mentoring Program


  • 1. Welcome to the UTA-HOSTS! online mentor training!

2. These are the topics we will cover within the training: 1. Preparing to Mentor 2. Mentor Expectations 3. Grounds for Termination 4. Mandatory Matching Event 5. Preparing Your First Meeting 6. The Perks of Being A Mentor 7. Doing More with UTA-HOSTS! 3. Am I prepared to be a Mentor? First ask yourself, 4. Consider your to be a mentor? Is it... To help someone out Be positive influence Gain a sense of pride in seeing a mentee learn, progress, and focus on goals Develop leadership skills Develop valuable transferable skills used in professional and personal life 5. Good! Positive, realistic motivations lead to great mentoring relationships and positive results. 6. Put this on my resume Recruit for my organization Influence someone in my personal views I amrequiredto be a mentor But, if this is your motivation... 7. Not Good. Forced or unrealistic motivations lead to negative relationships and potential long term negative effects for mentees. (Eby, L., McManus,The Proteges Perspective Regarding Negative Mentoring, 1-21.) 8. Consider if you have the TIME to carry out your mentoring responsibilities. 9. What other responsibilities do I have on my time? I dont want my mentee to feel ignored 10. So, you have the right motivations and you have the time. 11. Did you know Mentors are also very fashionable 12. They where many different hats. Guide Hello Im A HOSTS! Mentor 13. UTA-HOSTS! has high EXPECTATIONS we ask of our Mentors. 14. 1. Contact mentee weekly via email, phone, text, face-to-face, etc. 2. Meet in person each month to talk about goals for the semester 3. Complete check-up forms within two weeks of them being sent out 4. Communicate university resources and services to mentee 5. Serve as a role model academically and socially Communication is key. Mentors MUST: 15. Acquaint your mentee to life at UTA from your perspective Assist in the development of skills necessary for mentees to succeed in college Accompany mentee to program activities such as mixers and other events Help your mentee find their fit at UTA We also highly encourage our mentors to : 16. Doing those things will make you an extra great mentor. 17. So here are things that can cause termination of your participation in the UTA-HOSTS! Program. You cannot be reached despite repeated tries. You are unresponsive to requests to contact or meet and you appear uninterested You exhibit inappropriate behavior (Ex. Receiving Behavior Intervention Team Referrals) 18. Now lets discuss matching, because we have a brand new way of doing things. 19. This event is MANDATORY for all mentors and mentees. UTA-HOSTS! Mix &Match Tuesday, August 26th 7pm- 9pm University Center, Bluebonnet Ballroom 20. This year, UTA-HOSTS! will NOT match mentors and mentees. Mentors and mentees will meet each other through a series of games and icebreakers throughout the Mix & Match event. 21. As mentors, you should initiate conversations and meet as many mentees as possible. 22. At the end of the event, mentors and mentees will ask each other to be paired. Once a pair is in agreement, you will turn in your matching sheets to UTA-HOSTS! 23. Well give you some time to go back and write that date down with the important notes you are taking. UTA-HOSTS! Mix &Match Tuesday, August 26th 7pm- 9pm University Center, Bluebonnet Ballroom 24. So now your matched. You should start preparing before your first official meeting. 25. Before you meet your mentee Give some thought to how you will work with your mentee to achieve a successful experience for both of you. You are in a good position to offer advice and support. Develop an action plan. This is a great opportunity for you to continue to develop leadership skills such as goal development, time management and communication skills. Recall your first days in college and information, offices, and resources that would be useful for your mentee. 26. During your first meeting, youll want to set the boundaries and realistic expectations with your mentee. 27. So let them know if you dont respond to texts right away, or if your unavailable all day on Fridays. 28. During your first meeting: Ask your mentee about his/her expectations for the mentoring program. 29. Clearly outline and discuss mentee responsibilities. During your first meeting: 30. During your first meeting: Conditions for the meeting should be comfortable for both parties. It should occur in a public place such as the University Center where you are both on familiar territory. 31. Compare schedules and determine the means of communication that will work best. Frustration and wasted time can be avoided by knowledge and understanding of your mentees student life. During your first meeting: 32. During your first meeting: Set goals together. You will need to follow up with HOSTS! on what those goals are, how you plan to achieve them, and how your goals are coming along. 33. Remember, A mentor is not: A professional counselor (Dont solve their problems, guide them in solving them independently) A social worker (know what situations you can handle and when to support them is seeking professional help) An ATM machine(Dont feel obligated to 34. So, do you think you can handle the responsibilities of being a mentor? 35. We think so too! We are happy to have you as a part of our team. 36. And we recognize Outstanding Mentors with the Outstanding UTA-HOSTS! Mentor Scholarship. This scholarship and award is given out in April. Your mentee will receive an e-mail encouraging nominations in March. 37. Throughout the year, HOSTS! will provide mentor only appreciation events. Of course, there are other rewards to being a mentor... 38. The Rewards Of Being A Mentor Be positive influence Sense of pride in seeing a mentee learn, progress, and focus on goals Develop leadership skills Develop valuable transferable skills used in professional and personal life Mentoring is human interaction, support, caring and empowerment. It can be a life changing experience. Like any other relationship, you must put effort into it - keep working on it. UTA-HOSTS! 39. Still want to do more? We thought so... and we have plenty of opportunities. 40. You can join the Programs and Recruitment Team! The Programs and Recruitment (PR) Team plays plans and implements mentor recruitment, training, program input, publicity, and planning for and assisting at events. Open to all UTA-HOSTS! participants. 41. You can also apply to be the Program Coordinator The Program Coordinator is a paid position that serves as the coordinator of all UTA Hosts! Programs and aides with the training and matching of mentors and mentees. The position becomes available for application in the spring and begins in the summer of each academic year. 42. Meet the 2014-15 Program Coordinator Ryma Mahouch. She can help you with any UTA-HOSTS! question you have. 43. Thanks for training to be a UTA-HOSTS! Mentor. You must complete the Mentor Training Quiz within the Blackboard assessment tab in order to show that you completed your training. 44. Contact Us E. H. Hereford University Center, lower level B120 C Phone: 817-272-6054 E-mail: hosts@uta.edu