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  • 1. 2012 Electric Guitars Catalog01

2. Table of Contents Solid Body Electric GuitarsThinking Back, But Looking Forward 4-5 RG/S 25th AnniversaryThe cover of this 2012 catalog is our story in a nutshell. 6-7 RG Prestige Its a monument to the many, many passionate musicians, from 8-9 RG Premium 10-11 RGheadliners to rabid gear enthusiasts, who have influenced our work 12-13 RGD and our art of guitar building. 14-15 RGA 16-17 JEM/UV 18-19 20-23APEX/M8M7/8 StringsWhile some guitar companies devote themselves to reveling in 24-25 GIO the glory of past accomplishments, we prefer to celebrate those 26MTM 27-29 X victories by honoring the spirit that gave birth to those great guitars 30EGEN/STMof yesteryear, and continue to envision, design, and build what will be 31S Prestige 32S Premium for tomorrows emerging icons of the guitar. 33S 34-35 JS 36ARZ Anyone can see that we make some pretty amazing looking guitars. 38-39 DN/FR 40-41 ART/GART/GAXBut it takes a guitarist to pick one up and actually feel the years of 42SA/GSAconstant, restless improvement that makes an Ibanez. 44ORM/NDM 45FRM//AT 46Jumpstart/miKroYou have always been, and continue to be, our biggest influence. Hollow Body Guitars 48-49 AFJ/AKJAnd for that, we offer our deepest thanks. 50-52 GB/PM/JSM 53AS 54AMF/AGR 55-56 AF/AFS/AG Amplifiers 58-59 TSA 60Wholetone/IBZ/Desktop Amp Effects 61JEMINI/AF2 62-63 9Series & Tube Screamer 64Tube King/Weeping Demon/WH10V2 Accessories 65Cables 66-67 Tuners 68-69 Bags/Cases/Guitar Stands 70-71 Straps/Picks0203 3. Celebrating 25 Years...A TALE OF TWO CLASSICSAlmost every artist follows the same path to mastery:extended periods of concentrated effort spent honing theskillset, often followed by a long period of artistic imitation.This mimicry serves as a foundation on which the artistscontribution of genius to his field of endeavor will be built.So it is with master instrument builders. In the 70s, Ibanezcrafted copies with such intensity and diligence that theyoften surpassed the quality of the originals.Clearly, Ibanez ranked among the worlds best. The big S1XXV FGRRG1XXV FYEquestion: could we deliver our own original contribution to 3pc Wizard III Maple neck 5pc Wizard Maple/Walnut neck Mahogany bodyw/KTS TITANIUM Reinforcementthe guitar world? ZR bridge w/ZPS2 American Basswood body INF1 (H) neck pu Edge-Zero II bridge w/ZPS3Fe It didnt happen easily. Or overnight. But in 1987, Ibanez INFS1 (S) mid pu DiMarzio IBZ (H) neck pucreated not one, but two guitars that would join the modern INF2 (H) bridge pu DiMarzio IBZ (S) mid pumusical instrument pantheon. Hardware color : Cosmo Black DiMarzio IBZ (H) bridge pu Colors : FYE (Fluorescent Yellow) Hardware color : BlackFGR (Fluorescent Green) Colors : FYE (Fluorescent Yellow)Developed first as the Roadstar, the fully Ibanezed pedal- * Availability LimitedFPK (Fluorescent Pink) to-the-metal RG is known throughout the rock and metalworld as a full-bore performer. The thin Wizard necksare only one of the many innovations that make the RG, thestreamlined, no-nonsense all-time favorite of fast players.If the RG is Ibanezs dragstar, the S series is our classic GTracer. A marvel of form and function; its graceful, sculpted,lightweight mahogany body is stronger and more musicallyresponsive than guitars weighing twice as much.So here we are celebrating 25 years. With more and moreyoung players discovering the RG and the S series everyday, dont worry if you cant celebrate our 25th anniversarywith us. Our 50th will be here before you know it.04 05 4. Photo by RYAN MACKFALL FOR CRASHBURN MEDIAJames Davies The BlackoutRGThe RG is the most recognizableand distinctive guitar in theRG3521 GK 5pc Super Wizard HP Maple/Walnut neck AIbanez line. Three decades of w/KTS TITANIUM ReinforcementTight-End R Bridgemetal have forged this high- Basswood body Tight-End R bridgeThe new Tight-End R Bridge was designed specificallyperformance machine, honing DiMarzio Air Norton (H) neck pu for the RG flat top. A marked improvement over theit for both speed and strength. DiMarzio Tone Zone (H) bridge puconventional fixed bridge, the Tight-End R deliversboth playability and rock-solid stability. SaddlesWhether you favor a hardtail Hardware color : Cosmo Blackfirmly locked onto the base plate maximize string Color : GK (Galaxy Black)(fixed) bridge or our industry- vibration transmitted to the body. The smooth bridgeleading locking tremolo system, surface protects the strumming hand no matter howaggressively you play. Simple saddle height andthe RG is a precision instrument. intonation adjustments ensure accurate set-up. RG2550Z GK GK (Galaxy Black) RG2550Z GW GW (Galaxy White) RG2550Z 5pc Wizard HP Maple/Walnut neck ARG3550MZ GK RG3250MZ Basswood body 5pc Super Wizard HP Maple/Walnut neckA 5pc Super Wizard HP Maple/Walnut neckA Edge-Zero bridge w/ZPS3 w/KTS TITANIUM Reinforcement w/KTS TITANIUM Reinforcement DiMarzio Pickups DiMarzio IBZ-N (H) neck pu Basswood body Basswood bodyThe RG3000s feature the DiMarzio Tone Zone in DiMarzio IBZ-S (S) mid pu Edge-Zero bridge w/ZPS3 Edge-Zero bridge w/ZPS3the bridge position, True Velvet in the middle DiMarzio IBZ-B (H) bridge pu DiMarzio Air Norton (H) neck pu DiMarzio Air Norton (H) neck puposition, and the Air Norton in the neck position. Hardware color : Cosmo Black DiMarzio True Velvet (S) mid pu DiMarzio True Velvet (S) mid pu Colors : GK (Galaxy Black) DiMarzio Tone Zone (H) bridge pu DiMarzio Tone Zone (H) bridge puGW (Galaxy White) Hardware color : Cosmo Black Hardware color : Cosmo Black Color : GK (Galaxy Black) Colors : DY (Desert Sun Yellow)FOR (Fluorescent Orange) RG1570Z BK 5pc Wizard HP Maple/Walnut neck A Basswood body Edge-Zero bridge w/ZPS3 V7 (H) neck pu S1 (S) mid pu V8 (H) bridge pu Hardware color : Cosmo Black Color : BK (Black)Edge Zero Tremolo w/ZPS3The incomparable accuracy of Edge-Zero knife-edgeis tremolo technology at its best. The bridges profileis smooth and clear of obstruction. The speciallyZPS3 Zero Point Systemdesigned arm socket eliminates wobble from theThe ZPS3 is the next stage of zeroaction, while providing full control over the arms point systems. Made of lightweighttorque. The addition of two lightweight Duralumin Duralumin, the addition of two outerouter springs acts as a counter-balance that makessprings makes the guitar easier to tunethe tuning process easier and enhances tuning and provides much greater tuningstability. Even a broken string wont throw this unit stability. In fact, the other strings willRG3250MZ FORRG3250MZ DY out of tune. Prefer a full floating tremolo setup?stay in tune even if you break a string. If FOR (Fluorescent Orange)DY (Desert Sun Yellow)Simply remove the stop bar. you prefer a full floating tremolo setup, Andr Olbrich Blind Guardiansimply remove the stop bar.06 07 5. CAP-VM1/VM1S/VM2 The RG Premiums capacity to deliverRG870QMZ 5pc Wizard Maple/Walnut neck a wide variety of sonic personalities w/KTS TITANIUM Reinforcement is due in no small part to the newly Quilted Maple top/American Basswood body developed CAP-VM1, VM1S and VM2 Edge-Zero II bridge w/ZPS3Fe pickups. The addition of an OFC coil CAP-VM1 (H) neck pu minimizes sound loss. Dial in anything CAP-VM1S (S) mid pu from clean-and-clear to the edgiest CAP-VM2 (H) bridge pu layered distortionthe sound will beRG870QMZ BI Hardware color : Cosmo Black nothing less than bold. BI (Black Ice) Colors : BI(Black Ice) HVV (High Voltage Violet) RDT (Red Desert) RG870QMZ HVV HVV (High Voltage Violet)Petri Lindroos EnsiferumPhoto by Tina Lindroos / RG870QMZ RDT RDT (Red Desert)Daniel Osborne Your DemiseRG870Z BK 5pc Wizard Maple/Walnut neck w/KTS TITANIUM Reinforcement American Basswood body Edge-Zero II bridge w/ZPS3Fe CAP-VM1 (H) neck pu CAP-VM1S (S) mid pu CAP-VM2 (H) bridge pu Hardware color : Cosmo Black Color : BK (Black)RG821 BK 5pc Wizard Maple/Walnut neck RG w/KTS TITANIUM Reinforcement American Basswood body Tight-End R bridge CAP-VM1 (H) neck pu CAP-VM2 (H) bridge pu Hardware color : Cosmo Black Built with the hardworking pro in mind, the RG Premium is Color : BK (Black) recognized as the ultimate workhorse guitar for the gigging player. Whether equipped with the new Tight-End R fixed Bridge, or the Ibanez Edge-Zero II tremolo with ZPS, IbanezPremium Fret Edge TreatmentEdge-Zero II w/ZPS3Fe has engineered perfect tuning stability and playing comfort. Super-smooth fret edges are produced The Zero Point System in the Edge-Zero II makes tuning easier and Designed especially for the RG, the CAP-VM pickups offer a by a hand-crimping technique, usuallyfaster as well as providing stable tuning for long performances, all whileonly found on much more expensivemaintaining smooth tremolo playing. Engineered to remove all points of wealth of sonic possibilities. instruments. friction, ZPS is the smoothest Ibanez Back Stop ever. Even when a string breaks loss of tuning is minimized. For players that prefer a full floating system, simply remove the stop bar. The innovative use of an additionalMarkus Toivonenouter pair of springs provides easier tuning and noticeably greater tuning stability than the traditional floating tremolo.08Photo by Toni Salminen / Ensiferum09 6. RG If pushing the whammy bar to the limit and beyond is part of the guitar voodoo that you do, the RG Tremolo may be your axe. Now featuring the Edge-Zero II tremolo with the zero point system, tuning stability is maximized. The Wizard neck, flat fingerboard, and jumbo frets are a favorite among players with fast fingers. Tony MacAlpine Photo by Alex SolcaMarcel Neumann We Butter The Bread With Butter Francesco Artusato All Shall PerishKenneth Iain Duncan Dexter Holland We Butter The Bread With Butter The Offspring RG470AHZ NTF RG350MZ YE 3pc Wizard III Maple neck 3pc Wizard III Maple neck Ash body Basswood body Edge-Zero II bridge w/ZPS3Fe Edge-Zero II bridge w