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  • 1. Career Presented byMiriam Magner-Flynn Managing Director

2. Background onCareer Decisions

  • An award winning Career Services company established in 1994 with offices in Dublin & Limerick.
  • Career Decisions has provided Career Support to over 16,000 people across Ireland.
  • Career Decisions has established an unrivalled reputation for delivering premium quality Career Support programmes nationwide
  • Miriam Magner-Flynn, Managing Director, was appointedto the Board of Forfs in 2010 to harness her 20 years expertise in the career profession.


  • Select nationwide team of Career Coaches, Career Guidance Counsellors, Occupational Psychologists each chosen for their expertises, professionalism and ability to help others get results
  • Career Decisions is the exclusive Irish Partner of Career Partners International (CPI), largest global provider of Career Support with over 2,000 Career Practitioners across 45 countries
  • Career Decisions is at the forefront of our profession and positioned to provide clients with best practice methodologies and support
    • Developed and delivering nationwide Hetac Level 7 Diploma in Career Coaching which is awarded by Dublin Institute of Technology
    • won National Career Award from The Institute of Career Guidance (UK)

Global ReachLocal Experts 4. 5. Interests Suitable Career Options 6. Interests Personality Suitable Career Options 7. Interests PersonalityValuesSuitable Career Options 8. Interests PersonalityValuesSkills Suitable Career OptionsV I P S 9. 10. V alues What Is Important To Me? I nterests What Am I Interested In? P ersonality WhatAm I Behaviourally Suited to?S kills Motivated What Skills do I like to Use? InformedCareer Decisions Career option 1Career option 2 Career option 3 11. Motivated Skills Training and Development Needs Burnout Skills Things not important to me Skills Matrix Very Skilled Skilled Average Skill Little or no Skill Thoroughly enjoy using Enjoy Using Prefer not to use Strongly Dislike 12. Career Decision Making Step One Step Four Step Three Step Two Who Am I? What Do I Want? How Can I Get What I Want? Where Am I Now? 13.

  • Enables Participants to :
  • Scientifically identify new career options and develop a clear and compelling vision of the future
  • Identify their training and development needs
  • Prepare a step by step Career & Learning Plan
  • Commence new training programmes to upskill and enhance their employability for the future

Outcomes of CareeerdecisionmakerCareer Coaching Programme 14. Outcomes/Evidence of Impact Significantly reduces fear and uncertainty by enabling people to discover their:

  • Strengths and talents
  • Marketable skills
  • Suitable career/employment options for the future
  • Training and development needs
  • Suitable training programmes to upskill/reskill for suitable employment

15. Personalised Career Report Suitable training programmes identified Career clarity achieved and Career & Learning plan prepared Commence suitable training and education Increased participation in training and education Up-skilled and re-skilledWorkforce.Optimise Return on investment from Training Budget Increased numbers of Start-up Businesses and indigenous jobs created Provide IDA with Skills Profile to market Mid-West talent pool & attract FDI to create jobs Start &Career Coaching 16. Limited/No Career Options Without Psychometric Career Assessments V ery I n T he D ark 17. 18. 19.

  • -
  • Taking the mystery out
  • of Career Coaching
  • Taking the chance out of
  • career decision making
  • Thank You

20. Contact DetailsIf you would like more information please contact : Miriam Magner Flynn Managing Director Office:00 3531 6340077 Mobile: 00 353 86 2640564 E-mail: [email_address] Website:


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