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<ul><li> 1. Captain James cookBy Claudia<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Who was Captain Cook?<br />Cookwas born on the 27 October, 1728. He died on 14 February,1779. Cook was a famous, British astronomer and explorer.<br /> 3. Early years<br />James went to a school called Postgate school,where he learnt to write. He was baptised at St Cuthbertchurch on November the 3rd 1728. Cook was born in Marton in England . <br /> 4. Cooks first voyage?<br />OnCooks first expedition he started sailing in 1768 and finished in 1771. He sailed to Tahiti. While Cook was on this journey he mappedAustralia and New Zealand.<br /> 5. Why did cook explore?<br />Cook explored because he wanted to see Venus cross over the sun and Earth to find out the real distance between them.<br /> 6. Interesting facts<br />James only didthree expeditions. On one of his journeys he sailed around the world. Cook sailed to many places including New Zealand, Australia and Antarctica. James was attacked and killed by the native Hawaiians. He also avoidedscurvy by eating enough fruit and vegetables. Scurvy is a disease caused by not eating enoughfruit and vegetables. <br /> 7. Thankyou for watching and I hope you enjoyed it.<br /></p>


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