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Captain Cook. Lesson 7. Definition 1. A narrow channel joining two larger bodies of water. strait. Definition 2. The science or study of plants. botany. Definition 3. To fill with sudden wonder or amazement. astonish. Definition 4. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Captain CookLesson 7

  • Definition 1A narrow channel joining two larger bodies of water.strait

  • Definition 2The science or study of plants.botany

  • Definition 3To fill with sudden wonder or amazement.astonish

  • Definition 4An occurrence causing widespread destruction and distress; a catastrophe.disaster

  • Definition 5All personnel operating or serving aboard a ship.crew

  • Definition 6To observe (a day or event) with ceremonies of respect, festivity, or rejoicing.


  • Definition 7The shape, outline, or boundary of a coast.coastline

  • vocabularyAn e_____________ is an organized journey with a particular purpose such as exploration().Do you know the time when the national flag will be r________ tomorrow morning?If you have a f______, your body temperature is higher than usual.


  • vocabularyA m__________ is a person who buys and sells goods for making money.If you d________ someone or something, you try to protect them against danger.A w_______ is a ship with guns and other equipment needed for fighting in wars.The sound [v] doesnt e______ in Chinese.erchantefendarshipxist

  • vocabularyA d________ is a terrible accident such as an earthquake or an air crash().It was not a surprise that our football team d_________ some major teams in Asia.The day when Hong Kong returned to China is worth c___________.isasterefeatedelebrating

  • vocabularyThe noun form of sick is s________.Two policemen in p_______ clothes came to the village in s________ of the lost girl.At tea time in the afternoon, you can drink tea and eat some b________.icknesslainearchiscuits

  • Explain the phrases or sentences:An island in French Polynesia(), with an area of 1,041 square kilometres and a population of about 96,000.

    There they enjoyed a happy stay of three months.TahitiThere they spent three happy months.

  • Explain the phrases or sentences:continued their journey

    traveled in a southerly direction

    to look forset sail againheaded southin search of

  • Explain the phrases or sentences:had already made maps of the coasts

    make a map of the east coasthad already charted parts of the . coastsmap the east coast

  • Explain the phrases or sentences:koala bears spend most of their lives in eucalyptus trees()

    kangaroosbears climbed treeslarge animals stomach pocket

  • Explain the phrases or sentences:the longest coral reef in the world, off the Northeast coast of Australia. It is 2, 000 km long.

    so that the boat would float higher in the waterThe Great Barrier Reefto raise the boat in the water

  • Explain the phrases or sentences:they pulled the boat up onto the shore

    Cooks quick decisionthey beached the ship on the shoreCooks quick thinking

  • Explain the phrases or sentences:sailed close to the island of Java

    and then returned to England by passing the southern point of Africapassed close by the island of Javaand then returned by the southern point of Africa

  • First Voyage(1768-1771)

  • Second Voyage(1772-1775)

  • Third Voyage(1776-1779)

  • Fill in the blanksJames Cook was a very skilled seaman. He was famous for making an ___________ to the South Pacific Ocean. In July 1768, Cook and his sailors took an old but strong _______ named Endeavour to _______ out for the Pacific in _________ to find a new continent. The ship carried a total of 94 expeditionshipsetorder

  • people, ___________ scientists. It was really a very hard journey for them. __________ the expedition, 38 people died ______ diseases. In April 1769 they ________ at the beautiful island of Tahiti in the Pacific Ocean. They ______ there for three months. And then they set ________ again and includingDuringofarrivedstayedsail

  • headed south and west _____ search of a new land. They finally reached New Zealand ______ spent six months there. After that they sailed west to _________ and ________ the east coast of Australia. They found Australia to be ____ astonishing country. Next they sailed up the ______ coast.inandAustraliamappedaneast

  • There the expedition nearly ended in disaster. The ship struck a coral bed which _______ a large hole in the side of the ship. But Cooks quick thinking ________ the expedition. Then they passed close ______ the island of Java and returned by the southern point ____ Africa. In July 1771 they successfullytoresavedbyof

  • arrived back _____ England. The whole country celebrated their _________ from the South Pacific. So James Cook became a hero of the nation.inreturn

  • Reading comprehensionOn the island of Tahiti in the Pacific Ocean, Cooks expedition _____.A. spent a period of six monthsB. spent three hard monthsC. watched the planet Venus passing between the earth and the sunD. found a new land

  • Reading comprehension2. New Zealand is separated from the other island by ____.A. Cook StraitB. Botany BayC. the island of TahitiD. the Great Barrier Reef

  • Reading comprehension3. Cook was the first to ______.A. sail to AustraliaB. map the coasts of AustraliaC. make Australia the foreign settlementD. chart the east coast of Australia

  • Reading comprehension4. The expedition passed ____ oceans in the world.A. threeB. twoC. oneD. four

  • Reading comprehension5. Which of the following you cant see except in Australia?A. The coral bed.B. A beautiful bay.C. The bears which can climb trees.D. The birds that can run.


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