captain america 9 shot

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  • 1. In this shot it is bright yellow to signify theAn iconic picture on one side and the An image of 3 hands joining, this shows in this explosions that go on in the air. The executivedirectors name in matching coloured writing. lm people may come united and 2 screen playproducers names are in clear font. artists.There is a image of soldiers, this tells theviewer there may be a war going on during theThis is superimposition, where there has There is a low angle of an image of alm. The director of photography is showed.been 2 images placed one in front of the soldier, this may tell the viewer the soldiers other. This is telling you about the costume are signicant and are successful. designer.This is showing the name of one of the actors.Another actors name, this time showing Lastly an actresss name, with an image of aThe image may help the viewer know whicharmy vehicles. This might be telling the woman. This shows the audience this character is acharacter is being played by the actor. audience this character is army based. working woman.