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The purpose of a film poster is to reach out to the widest audience possible, focusing especially on the intended target audience. This poster is from an upcoming 2016 Marvel film Captain America: Civil War. This film is going to be the third is this particular saga/story, and is part of the well-established Marvel cinematic universe. In addition to this, the film is based off of a popular comic book of the same name, indicating there is a pre-established audience, of whom will likely have expectations of the film and its narrative. Furthermore, the film has been highly talked-about meaning the marketing for it is vital to keep the audience interest high. This is the first ancillary product for the film which could suggest its importance to establish the attract a wider audience. In addition to this, the poster is actually a teaser poster, not the main theatrical poster. The differentiation between the two is the content of the poster; a main theatrical poster would include the cast of the film, the production studios and the distributors. From this, it can clearly be seen that this poster is a teaser as none of the cast names are shown, nor the production personnel.

Colour:There are few colours actually used in this movie poster. The red and blue are the iconic colours of the two characters shown in the poster, meaning the audience can easily and quickly establish them. In addition to this, the colours help to establish the narrative as the two characters are at war. Furthermore the remainder of the poster is in black and white, helping to focus on the red and blue sides of the poster. However the skin tone of the characters is shown which could be a way of making them clear to the audience and there facial features/expressions, which could have been lost under red or blue filters.

Background:The background of the poster is fairly plain, with a silver or white background. However there are some marks or what appears like scratches which looks like the shield of Captain America, helping to relate to the narrative of the film, and hinting at the mark of war between the characters. The use of the plain background in the centre of the poster is effective as it helps to prevent the poster from becoming over-crowded and too busy for the audience to process if they glanced at the poster, causing it to become less-effective in advertising and promoting the film.

Text/ Typography:There is little text on this movie poster, of which could be due to the fact the poster is a teaser poster, rather than a full theatrical poster which would usually have much more text. There is a tagline for the film, being Divided we fall, hinting at the narrative of the film fairly clearly. The typography is bold and fairly large, helping to make an impact on the audience and attract them or interest them to the film; being the aim of the poster. In addition to this, the tagline hints at the narrative, yet doesnt give the storyline away so is effective in attracting and intriguing an audience, without spoiling the upcoming film.Layout:The layout of the poster also helps to hint at the narrative, and certainly creates intrigue for the potential audience. The two main characters are the only two featured on the poster, helping to pre-establish their importance in the narrative. They are facing opposite each other, with strong, angered expressions, indicating their anger at one another. This heavily hints to the narrative and also helps to indicate the narrative being these two characters are on opposing sides in a civil war. Furthermore the use of the shield template outside of the characters faces helps to establish the film as part of the Captain America saga, thus attracting a certain audience, of which could be pre-established audience.