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Capacity Needs Assessment for

Disaster Preparedness and Response

in the Philippines

Submitted to the UN World Food Programme Philippines

May 1, 2011

Final Report Capacity Needs Assessment for Disaster Preparedness and Response

EMI and WFP 2011 i | P a g e

Earthquakes and Megacities Initiative (EMI) and World Food Programme (WFP). 2011.

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Final Report Capacity Needs Assessment for Disaster Preparedness and Response

EMI and WFP 2011 ii | P a g e

About the project This project is funded by the United Nations World Food Programme (UNWFP), Philippines and

implemented by EMI. The main objective of the project is to map existing capacity development

activities for disaster risk reduction, identify key gaps in capacity and recommend specific areas of

intervention at the national level and in four (4) highly disaster-prone provinces in Luzon. The

outcome of this capacity needs assessment will inform UNWFP as it is preparing to implement a 12-

month project to enhance the capacity of communities and key government agencies on disaster

preparedness and response, which is funded by the United State Agency for International

Development (USAID)/Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA).

United Nations World Food Programme, Philippines

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Earthquakes and Megacities Initiative

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Contributors Dr. Fouad Bendimerad, Chairman and Executive Director Mr. Jerome Zayas, Technical Manager Mr. Jose Mari Daclan, Project Manager Atty. Violeta Seva, Legal and Institutional Expert (Local) Dr. Asteya Santiago, Legal and Institutional Expert (National) Dr. Antonio Fernandez, Capacity Needs Assessment Expert (National) Mr. Marino Deocariza, Capacity Needs Assessment Expert (Local) Mr. James Buika, Disaster Preparedness and Response Trainer Mr. Leigh Lingad, Provincial Coordinator, Laguna Mr. Moses Kent Borinaga, Provincial Coordinator, Cagayan Mr. Jerome Cruz, Provincial Coordinator, Benguet Ms. Joyce Lyn Salunat, Provincial Coordinator, Sorsogon Mr. Jesus Dominic Dizon, Support Staff, Sorsogon


Final Report Capacity Needs Assessment for Disaster Preparedness and Response

EMI and WFP 2011 iii | P a g e


A number of organizations and individuals supported the conduct of the Capacity Needs Assessment for Disaster Preparedness and Response and are hereby being acknowledged. We apologize for any persons or institutions that may have unintentionally been omitted. United Nations World Food Programme, Philippines Mr. Stephen Anderson, Country Director Mr. Aomo Asaka Nyangara, Deputy Country Director Mr. Dipayan Bhattacharyya, Head, Food Security Mr. Abraham Sewonet Abatneh, Programme Officer Ms. Carla Lacerda, Programme Officer Mr. Juan Blenn Huelgas, Senior National DRR Consultant Mr. Juanito Berja, GIS Specialist Ms. Natasha Jaro, Field Monitor Mr. Joseph Alviar, Field Monitor Ms. Saripa Alangadi, Field Monitor Ms. Ruby Senin, Field Monitor

Department of the Interior and Local Government Mr. Manuel Gotis, Director, Bureau of Local Government Development (BLGD) Mr. Lionel Dalope, OIC -Provincial Director, Laguna Mr. Edward Templonuevo, BLGD

Ms. Ngen Mejillano, BLGD

Ms. Thelma Abdulrahman, BLGD Department of Social Welfare and Development Dir. Patricia Luna, Program Management Bureau Dir. Arnel Garcia, Regional Field Office (RFO) 2 Mr. Dario Cubelo, Deputy Project Manager, UNDP-Bicol Recovery Project

Ms. Annabel Arieta, Head, Rehabilitation and Early Recovery Unit

Ms. Evangeline Tuazon, Head, Special Concerns Unit

Ms. Amada Dimaculangan, Project Development Officer

Engr. Honesto Pardo, Project Development Officer

Mr. Adrian Aldea, Social Welfare Officer

Mr. Franco Lopez, RFO 2 Office of Civil Defense Atty. Priscilla Duque, Asst. Civil Defense Executive Officer/Chief, Training Division Ms. Crispina Abat, Chief, Planning Division Ms. Olivia Luces, Regional Director, Cordillera Administrative Region Ms. Norma Talosig, Regional Director, Region 2 Mr. Vicente Tomazar, Regional Director, Region 4-A Mr. Bernardo Rafaelito Alejandro IV, Regional Director, Region 5 Mr. Jomel Merano, Training Division Mr. Ronald Villa, Cordillera Administrative Region Mr. Florito Dapena Sr., Region V League of Cities of the Philippines (LCP) Mr. Alvidon Asis, Program Officer for Environment

Final Report Capacity Needs Assessment for Disaster Preparedness and Response

EMI and WFP 2011 iv | P a g e

Ms. Ma. Veronica Hitosis, Program Officer for Policy Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines (ULAP) Mr. Patricio de Quiros, Finance and Administration Head Benguet Provincial Government

Hon. Nestor Fongwan, Governor

Hon. Cresencio Pacalso, Vice Governor

Engr. Tuho Chapdian, Provincial Planning and Development Coordinator

Ms. Rosemary Badival, Support Staff, Provincial Planning and Development Office (PPDO)

Engr. Mike Epie, Support Staff, PPDO

Ms. Rosemarie Para-Melecio, Support Staff, PPDO

Municipality of Atok

Hon. Peter Albos, Mayor, Municipality

Hon. Marson Lay-At, Vice Mayor

Ms. Julie Sabado, Municipal Social Welfare Officer (MSWDO)

Municipality of Tublay

Hon. Ruben Paoad, Mayor Cagayan Provincial Government Hon. Alvaro Antonio, Governor Ms. Edna T. Junio, Provincial Social Welfare and Development (PSWD) Officer Mr. Bonifacio Cuarteros, Division Chief, PSWD Office Mr. Restituto Vargas, Support Staff, PSWD Office Ms. Rosario B. Manrac, Support Staff, PSWD Office Mr. Leopoldo Caronan, Head, General Services Office Municipality of Enrile Mr. Arhel Isidro Luyun, Municipal Administrator Ms. Erlinda Apolisin, MSWDO Municipality of Amulung Hon. Nicanor de Leon, Mayor Hon. Anastacio Morgano, Vice Mayor Ms. Myrna Matias, MSWDO Laguna Provincial Government Hon. Emilio Ramon Ejercito, Governor

Mr. Leonardo Montecillo, PSWD Officer

Mr. Valentin Guidote, Jr., Provincial Planning and Development Coordinator

Engr. Jen Sorel Jasareno, Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) Officer

Capt. Jonas Javier, Chief Provincial Disaster Preventive Action Officer

Mr. Romeo Panisales Jr., Social Welfare Officer IV

Municipality of Pila

Hon. Edgardo Ramos, Mayor

Final Report Capacity Needs Assessment for Disaster Preparedness and Response

EMI and WFP 2011 v | P a g e

Hon. Ricardo Batingal, Councilor

Ms. Cristina Saquilayan, MSWDO

Municipality of Mabitac

Hon. Gerardo Fader, Mayor

Hon. Ronald Sana, Vice Mayor

Ms. Buenafe Recio, MSWDO

Mr. Samuel Recio, Sangguniang Bayan Secretary

Sorsogon Provincial Government

Hon. Raul Lee, Governor

Mrs. Sally Lee, Former Governor

Mr. Jose F. Lopez, Officer in Charge, Sorsogon Province Disaster Risk Management Office (SPDRMO)

Ms. Cristina Racelis, Provincial Tourism Officer

Ms. Amy Maria Deniega, Executive Assistant III, Office of the Public Governance System

Mr. Von Andre Labalan, Public Information Officer, SPDRMO

Ms. Vivian Sincero, SPDRMO

Mr. Dante Bonos, SPDRMO

Municipality of Juban

Hon. Jimmy Fragata, Mayor

Ms. Lizpeth Nicolas, Municipal DRRM Officer

Mr. Romeo Higuit, Municipal Planning and Development Office (MPDO)


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