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Canonical Ubuntu OpenStack Overview Presentation Contact Indonesia: Frans Thamura, Meruvian, +62 8557888699,


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2. We are the companybehind Ubuntu.3 3. UbuntuThe Cloud OSWhat we offerCloud OrchestrationJuju, Maas, LandscapeOpenStackThe Cloud PlatformProfessionalServicesWorld-ClassEnterprise Support5 4. *A different modelFreely available but supportedwhen you need it to be.Free but unsupported Supported through subscriptions 10 5. The platform of scale outUbuntu has unique & growing ecosystemAn innovation platformInstagram, Snapchat, Uber, Netflix,Heroku, Twitpic, FourSquare....9/10 OpenStack cloudsThe reference architecture usedby leading companies worldwide>60% Public guest>70% of AWS guest images (1)>50% of Azure Linux guests (2)Certified Partners(1) Source Scalr Management data March 2013 (2) Source Microsoft Azure 7 6. Looking across all the public clouds we are involved with,Ubuntu has 70% of all Linux guest images. Ubuntu is almostthree times more popular than the next platform CentOS.-- Sebastian Stadil 7. The platform of the web 8. The platform of innovationElasticSearchCouchDBRedisLogglyOn UbuntuMySQLmemcachedPython (pylonsframework)jQueryOn Ubuntu 9. The platform of innovationRedisPostgreSQLMuninApache SolrOn UbuntuCassandraMySQLHA ProxyRabbitMQTomcat/JettyOn Ubuntu 10. The platform of innovation1Four game-changing wavesIaaSOpenstack:CinderNovaNeutronHorizonGlance2 3 4Storage SDN PaaSBlock/ObjectCephSwiftCisco N1KVNSXBigSwitchMidoNetPlumgridJuniperCloud FoundryHerokuEngineYardActiveStateThey all share Ubuntu as a default platform9 11. Example: Ceph 56% in production or pre-production Primary use case is private cloud Secondary use case is backup, public cloud, and big data OpenStack is the dominant cloud management platform Ubuntu has more clusters in production than any other OS 12. The leading Openstack platform 13. Anatomy of an OpenStack CloudSource: OpenStackFoundation Survey 2013 14. OpenStack is the leading Open Source cloud platform.And the fastest growing Open Source project ever.172COMPANIES859DEVELOPERS108COUNTRIES13 15. All you need todeploy a productionOpenStack cloudUBUNTUCLOUD TOOLSJujuMAASLandscapeWorkloads & AppsOPENSTACKVirtualisation(KVM, Xen, ESX etc)UBUNTUOPENSTACKSecurity& Access+Usage& Billing14 16. OpenStack matches Ubuntu cadenceICEHOUSEHAVANAUbuntu13.04Ubuntu 12.04 LTSUbuntu12.10Ubuntu13.10Ubuntu 14.04 LTSUbuntu14.10Matching OpenStackRelease SupportFOLSOMESSEXGRIZZLYJ16Long TermRelease SupportStandard ReleaseSupport 17. Newer releases are available on LTSUbuntu 12.04 LTSUbuntu 14.04 LTSLong TermRelease SupportMatching OpenStackRelease SupportHAVANAFOLSOMESSEXGRIZZLYICEHOUSEJYou can run all theseversions on 12.04 LTS.No migration needed!17 18. 3 complementary automation toolsMAASPROVISIONING+DYNAMICRE-PURPOSINGAPPLICATIONDEPLOYMENT+SCALINGADMINISTRATION+AUDIT+COMPLIANCE19 19. Focus : Juju1 Deploy and manage OpenStack2 Deploy and scale workloads intoOpenStack (and other) clouds3 Powerful serviceorchestration4 Rich web based GUI5 Speed21 20. Focus : Landscape1 Advanced systemsadministration of Ubuntu2 Package & repositorymanagement3 Security, audit &compliance control4 Dynamic service scaling basedon workload requirements22 21. 1 Automated bare-metalprovisioning2 Dynamic re-purposingof hardware3 Intelligently match hardware toworkload for better efficiency4 Web based interfaceMAASFocus : MAAS20 22. They help with the 3 tiers of cloud.APPLICATIONCODE + CONFIGURATIONHow do we ensure application capability? TIERSERVICESTIERINFRASTRUCTURETIERSTARTUP + INTEGRATION + GUEST OS...How do we optimize the configuration?DASHBOARD + NETWORK + STORAGE...How do we guarantee high availability?23 23. They help with the 3 tiers of cloud.APPLICATIONTIERSERVICESTIERINFRASTRUCTURETIERApplication code andconfiguration via a CharmGuest OS + Servicesdeployment andconfigurationScalingUpdate and upgradeAdmin access controlOpenStack Servicesdeployment andconfigurationScalingUpdate and upgradeAdmin access control+ MAAS Server provisioning24 24. 4UbuntuAdvantage 25. Enterprise support for OpenStackThe best SLA in the businessAVAILABLE FOR UBUNTU OPENSTACK24/7 support for Ubuntu OpenStackOpenStack, Ubuntu Server,Juju, MAAS & LandscapeHardware EnablementCeph StorageKnowledge BaseOPTIONS24/7Technical Account ManagerDedicated Service Engineer26 26. End-to-end professional servicesWe can help you with each step of your deployment phase1 23Assess Architect & Pilot Fully DeployDELIVERABLE DELIVERABLE DELIVERABLEAssessment & Proposalfor Architect and PilotPilot Cloud, the foundationfor full deploymentOperational cloud implementationfully supported by Canonical27 27. Technical servicesEnabling customers to reduce costs and focus on value creationPLANNING DESIGNING BUILDING OPERATINGUnderstandingof business goalsSelectionof technologiesInsightsabout efficientbusiness modelsDesign adviceon technologiesSize & Topologyfor your networkAdviceabout partnerships& ecosystemOnline assistanceduring bring-upUpstreamingof codeHardware supportand driverdevelopment24/7 Global supportfor the entire stackUpstreamingof codeGuest imagesoptimized& certifiedCont. integrationreducing costs &increasing innovation28 28. VelocityDeliver Applications, Platformand Infrastructure FasterFlexibilityDeploy Applications and Serviceswith Ease AnywhereAgilityDynamically Provision Compute,Storage and NetworkingUbuntu OpenstackScalabilityHandle growingworkloadsEconomicsReduce Capital andOperational Expenditures29 29. OILThe Openstack Interoperability Lab5 30. OIL - What is the challenge?222OpenstackAPIsPluggable bydesignCustomers love the factthat Openstack is plugableby design allowing themboth to reuse existinginvestments with theirexisting vendors andfundamentallyguaranteeing choice.Greatchoice Comes ata priceThis rich ecosystem ofoptions for Openstackcomes at a price.Customers and partnersreally want to know: How will theOpenStack cloudconnect with existingstorage orvirtualisationinfrastructure? Will new storagehardware connect toCinder? Will our new 31. OIL - What are we doing in the lab?22Continuousintegration This monitorsOpenStacks stableand proposeddevelopment treesand pulls down eachnew commit, thenbuilds and packages it,and tests it againstOpenStack on UbuntuServer LTS, as well asthe current anddevelopment builds ofUbuntu Server. Through this processwe are able to rapidlydetectincompatibilities orinteroperabilityproblems, and identifybugs.Breadthoftesting Testing has now beenexpanded to includedifferent guestoperating systems,hypervisors andsoftware-defined 32. OIL - Goals of the lab2Provide technology vendors with a comprehensivetesting environment to validate their technology withcurrent and upstream versions of Ubuntu OpenStack22Show Ubuntu OpenStack users different technologyoptions compatible with their deployment1Minimise the amount of end user integration effortsrequired to connect Ubuntu OpenStack 3 with infrastructureShow Ubuntu OpenStack users different technologyoptions compatible with their deployment4 33. OIL - Benefits of getting involvedInvolvement in the OpenStack Interoperability Lab will give you access to:22As a technical partner were dedicated to helping you produce components that are compatible with thelatestUbuntu OpenStack releases. The opportunity spans hardware and enterprise software and will enable youto get to market faster, with less cost, and sure of your compatibility with Ubuntu.Our partner programme covers technical alignment, marketing, joint revenue opportunities, and training inhow to maximise your returns on a strategic relationship with Canonical. Ongoingmaintenance Testdevelopment Comprehensiveinteroperabilitytesting CharmSchool A Technicalalignment tosynchronisedevelopment timelines Marketingassistanceincludingentry intoour list ofcompatiblesolutions,jointrevenueopportunities and 34. OIL - Existing partnersExisting and challenger Compute, Networking and storage partners focused on growingtheir share of Openstack business: 35. 30