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  • 1.OpenStack & Ubuntu: Yourfoundation for CloudComputingPrakash Advaniprakash@canonical.comRegional Manager Asia Pacific

2. Canonical Ubuntu 600+ #1 Linux OS onEmployees Cloud andDesktop Assurance andsupport Freely available Professional With updatesservices No subscriptions IHV and ISVCertification IntegratedSolutions 3. Cloud , OpenStack andUbuntu3 12.10 Whats New 4. Capitalising on ComputeBusinesses that will be relevant in 2020 will be thosewho can cost effectively harness data and computeto: Bring new services to market rapidly Interact with customers via any device Use shared resources to cater for peaks Use data to create greater value products andservices 5. Cloud MotivesAgility AutomationCompetitive AdvantageScale ImprovedUtilisationIncrease capability Reduce cost 6. Cloud use cases 1. Variable workloads web, mobile applications 2. Transient applications dev/test/POC 3. Distributed data compute Hadoop, Cassandra clusters etc.. 7. No 1 in Cloud No 1 host for OpenStackClouds No 1 guest in AWS No 1 Linux guest on Azure 8. Ubuntu and OpenStack The simplest way to deploy an OpenStack cloud Ubuntu Server is the reference platform forOpenStack deployments Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS is a long term termrelease that will support future releases ofOpenStack Tremendous effort has gone into the integrationand testing of OpenStack in Ubuntu to createUbuntu Cloud Infrastructure 9. Testing Code landing in OpenStack trunk is tested onUbuntu 12.04 LTS within 4 hours Full tests of all milestones, betas, releasecandidates and final releases. Available to you to test in your environmentalmost immediately 10. Challenges12 12.10 Whats New 11. Deployment Costs DominateCloudDevelopment Cost Era ofDeployment CostDevops 12. Core devops focus isagility through automation 13. AutomationService Orchestration Configuration ManagementClone Clone Clone1 2 3 Package ManagementPuppet, Chefdpkgcfenginerpm 14. AutomationManaging IntelligentServicesCloning Multiple MachinesClone Clone Clone1 2 3 Working with1 MachinePuppet, Chef dpkg cfengine rpm 15. Challenges of DeployingOpenstack Deploying the prerequisite software toyour bare metal machines Keeping the software up to date and incompliance Scaling the deployment on demand Administration of the core components 16. Challenges of DeployingWorkloads Deploying the virtual machines Deploying the software required to runthe service Inter-relating the services to worktogether Exposing the service to be available tothe users Scaling services on demand 17. Service Orchestration19 12.10 Whats New 18. Benefits to Developers & Ops Much faster spin-up of new services Re-use of expertise across the companyand community Choice of IAAS and avoidance of lock-in Migration between IAAS providers 19. HA proxy HA proxy App AppNode.jsTomcat + nginX MongoDBHadoopMySQLCassandra MySQL The app is only one piece 20. anyIAAS 21. Encapsulation & ReuseDataOps Resultshadoopnagiosopenstackmongodb newrelicmediawikimysql cephopenerppostgreszookeeper wordpressmemcachegluster thinkupsolrjenkins owncloudcassandra nginx tomcatcouchdb gunicornnode.js and hundreds more 22. Juju GUI coming soon121086Column 1 Column 2 Column 3420 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 23. Ubuntu Services25 12.10 Whats New 24. Services FromCanonicalUbuntu AdvantageThree pillars of support with assignedtechnical contactsFaster than industry average responsetimesWithin one hour for Ubuntu AdvantageAdvanced SupportMore than half of company involved inengineering and open source community 25. Ubuntu Cloud JumpstartWe help you take the key choices around storage, compute and compatibilityWe help you deploy the needed componentsWe provide tools to give you visibility and management control of the infrastructure You will have a working, useful cloud withinthe scheduled week 26. High level deliverables A planning framework that enables you to makeessential, core architecture decisions based onyour specific needs and the rapidly evolving stateof the various components that provide thoseservices One Canonical Services Engineer for five days A seed Ubuntu Cloud Infrastructure deploymenton up to 20 x86 servers Training on key tools and processes to supportyour cloud 27. Find out more 28. Thank youPrakash Advaniprakash@canonical.comRegional Manager Asia Pacific


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