candles party happy sad happy birthday, lulu! how old are you? i'm five

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  • candles party happy sad

  • Happy birthday, Lulu!How old are you? I'm five.

  • How old is he? He is

    How old is she? She isfivefoursevententhreeeightsixnine

  • Man: You are happy today, Lulu!Lulu: Yes! Its my birthday!Man: How old are you today?Lulu: Im five! Bye!Man: Happy birthday!Lulu: Hello, Nanny! Lets go into the house!Nanny: OK, dear!Lulu: Wheres Mummy? Wheres Daddy? Wheres Larry? Wheres my birthday party?Nanny: Don't be sad, Lulu! Let's go into the garden, dear!All: SURPRISE!

    Birthday partyhappy sad

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