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CANDIDATE QUALIFYING. Presented by Michael Lorsch. Michael Lorsch / M.Lorsch Consulting. My Email My Contact Number (847)947-4764 My Background CPA VP Finance International Company Multi Location Franchisee 11 1/2 Years - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation


Presented by Michael Lorsch

Michael Lorsch / M.Lorsch Consulting

My Email michael@mlorschconsulting.comMy Contact Number (847)947-4764My BackgroundCPAVP Finance International CompanyMulti Location Franchisee 111/2 YearsFranchise Consulting since May 2005Training Since October 2007

Candidate Qualifying Class OutlineInitial Contact Script & Pre-Qualify (HO1)Establish Rapport and CredibilityCommon Questions & Objections (HO2)Candidate Interview / Confidential Questionnaire (CQ) (HO4) Voicemails, Emails and Timeline (HO 6-9)Learning Opportunities/ Homework (PPT 9)

Webinar Ground Rules

Participation & Questions are Welcomed Mute Your Phone(If You Have Background Noise) Share Your Experiences Open Your Mind To Learning Positive Attitude Joint Success


Initial Contact & Pre-QualifyCandidate InterviewResearch & Pre-RegistrationFranchise Presentation Candidate IntroductionsCoaching Process Legal & PlacementKey ActivitiesInitial Contact via Phone / EmailEstablish Rapport & Credibility. Explain Services & StepsHandling Common Objections Script to Pre-Qualify the Serious vs-Curious.Become a Business Orchestrator for needed 3rd Party Sources (funding).Schedule Interview CallEmail Confidential QuestionnaireKey ActivitiesConduct an interview using the Confidential Questionnaire (Uncover tangibles & intangibles). Note: Any partners should be involved in this process.Explain Next Steps & Schedule Franchise Presentation MtgSend Email Explaining Discovery Process and Disclosure Statement.Key ActivitiesMatch Key Elements of Your Candidate to Businesses.Research Franchises in FranServe Directory w/ eMatch Tools & Power Search.Pre-Register Candidate and do a Territory Check.Request electronic materials from franchisor to use for presenting their business.Key ActivitiesOne at a Time Review Key Criteria & Benefits of Selected Franchises. (total of 3-4)Feedback & Ranking from Candidate.Select 1-2 Franchise Concepts to Discover.Identify Good Times for Candidate Introduction Calls & Set Expectations of Franchisor Process. Key ActivitiesSchedule Introductory Call for Franchisor & Candidate.Provide Franchisor w/ any Insight on How to Best Manage Your Candidate. Identify Questions that Your Candidate may want to ask FranchisorKey ActivitiesBecome that Trusted Advisor & Business Coach. Remain Involved in Calls between the Franchisor & Candidate.Set Candidates Expectations about the FDD prior to Franchisor disclosing FDD.Identify Questions to Help with Validation of FranchiseesChecklist for Discovery DayKey ActivitiesLawyer Reviews and Negotiates the Franchise Agreement on Behalf of Candidate.Franchise Agreement Signature & Payment of Franchise Fee.Consultant sends placement details: and FS invoices the Franchisor for Placement Fee & Upon Receipt of Fee then Pays ConsultantCongrats to You, Franchisor & New Franchisee.Request Reference


Process when Dealing with Internet LeadsTypical Internet Lead Objective is to Qualify or DisqualifyImperative to Control Process

Fundamentals Of Qualifying

Are they MOTIVATED AND FINANCIALLY QUALIFIEDFirst Contact Crucial-Put Yourself in Their PlaceBe Professional, Knowledgeable, Confident, PassionateEstablish Rapport, Credibility and ConnectShow EmpathyDont Pre-judgeQualify as Quickly as PossibleEnd Conversation or Set Appointment

Interview (CQ) FundamentalsObjective-Learn as Much as PossibleInvolve Key Decision MakersThe CQ is NOT intended to be sent to franchisorsTake Thorough Notes and be InquisitiveSet Appointment for Franchise Presentation (1 Week)

Learn About Tangibles & Intangibles

Emotional Motivators (Lifestyle, Tired of Corp America, Control, etc.)Business Preferences & MotivatorsFinancial Qualifiers & MotivatorsPartnership Qualifiers (Ready, Willing & Able)

The Process And Timeline

Call Leads ASAP/ASAPPIf You Connect, Interview Next Day if PossibleSample Timeline If You Do Not ConnectLeave Message (Monday)-Email Same or Next DaySecond Call (Weds) at Different Time-Email Same or Next DayThird Call-The Following Tues, Weds, or Thurs and Send Final Email Contact/ Response Expectations

Learning Opportunities/HomeworkPersonalize Script (HO1), Emails and Voicemails (HOs 6-9)Personalize your Bio-see Initial Contact Script (HO1)Practice Going through Initial Contact Script (HO1)Practice Going through the CQ (HO4) with a Friend

Candidate Qualifying Class OutlineInitial Contact Script & Pre-Qualify (HO1)Establish Rapport and CredibilityCommon Questions & Objections (HO2)Candidate Interview / Confidential Questionnaire (CQ)(HO4) Voicemails, Emails and Timeline (HO 6-9)Learning Opportunities/ Homework (PPT 9)

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