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pressure switch calibration procedure


<p>CALIBRATION PROCEDURE</p> <p>Pressure Switches:</p> <p>1. Close the main root isolation valves of pressure switch.2. Note down the existing terminals. Details of pressure switch (NC, NO,C)3. Isolate the terminals by putting insulation tape.4. Remove the pressure switch from line and cover the tubing properly in order to arrest external entering.5. Connect pressure switch with corresponding calibrator.6. Note down the existing set &amp; reset valve.7. Note down the changed set &amp; Reset valve if done.</p> <p>After Calibration:</p> <p>1. Take the PS to that particular location.2. Remove the cover &amp; drain the line first . 3. Connect the pressure switch without any vibration.4. Connect the field terminal cable inside the pressure switch as you noted previously.5. make sure the proper tools and the glands are provided tightly to stop entering the water.</p>