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<p> 1. THE EVOLUTION OF DIGITAL BUYING Introduction to programmatic advertising By Amal Al Homosany 2. TRADITIONAL BUYING MODEL INVOLVED 2 PARTIES ONLY Advertisers/ agencies and publishers negotiated inventory and budgets over a given period of time and ads were run. Brands Agencies 3. BUT THEN, THE PROCESS BECAME COMPLEX More publishers and more inventory became available, CPM inflation, unsold inventory for publishers and more FRAGMENTATION of audience habits Brands Agencies 4. THEN AD NETWORKS CAME ALONG AND AGGREGATED PUBLISHERS INVENTORY INTO PACKAGES Brands Agencies Google Display Network Yahoo Network Exponential Network Value Click Network Advantages: Advertisers: Centralized buy, lower cost Publishers: Revenue from selling inventory at scale Disadvantages: Advertisers: less transparency and control, less relevance with audience, Publishers: Display fragmentation, unsold inventory 5. YOU COULD REACH A LOT OF PEOPLE, BUT NOT ALWAYS THE RIGHT PEOPLE The lack of relevance, transparency and robust data led to the birth of PROGRAMMATIC BUYING Audience buying Audience without proxy Contextual buying Content as proxy for audience 6. SO WHAT IS PROGRAMMATIC BUYING? A way of using technology to automate the buying and selling of media In simple terms SOURCE: 7. WHAT IS REAL TIME BIDDING? SOURCE: buying and selling of ad impressions on an online auction marketplace (or ad exchange) in real time Allows showing different ads to different users based on DATA about those users Right Ad Right User Right Time 8. SO HOW DOES RTB WORK? Flat CPM Value all people equally Programmatic Dynamic CPM Value people differently 9. SO IS RTB &amp; PROGRAMMATIC THE SAME THING? RTB is a type of programmatic advertising; but not all programmatic advertising uses RTB. Some programmatic or technology-driven ad platforms let publishers sell their inventory in advance for a fixed price, as opposed to auctioning it off. Programmatic Buying Open Auction Invitation Only Auction Unreserved fixed rate Programmatic Premium 10. A CAMPAIGN BOUGHT PROGRAMMATICALLY IS EXECUTED USING MULTIPLE BUYING MODELS Transparency, 1st party publisher data, 3rd party imp data, fixed CPM Limited transparency, Scale, 3rd party imp data, variable CPM Transparency, 1st party publisher data, 3rd party imp data, fixed CPM, fixed inventory Programm atic Premium 11. VIDEO 12. SOME RTB TERMINOLOGY DSP (Demand side platform): uses RTB from one or more Ad Exchanges to access inventory and make buying decisions Ad Exchange: platform that makes display inventory available (from different ad networks) for purchase from DSPs via RTB SSP: platform that enables publishers to manage their ad impression inventory and maximize revenue from networks and exchanges 13. RTB HAS REACHED THE REGION &amp; WILL CONTINUE TO GROW By 2017, up to 50% of digital ad spend will be bought programmatically Source: International Data Corporation (IDC), "Real-Time Bidding in the United States and Worldwide, 2011-2016" sponsored by PubMatic, Oct 23, 2013 14. SO WHY PROGRAMMATIC BUYING? 15. DATA DRIVEN AUDIENCE INTELLIGENCE 16. CONTENT OPTIMIZATION, RELEVANCE AND USER EXPERIENCE 17. SCALE &amp; SPEED THROUGH PROCESS AUTOMATION 18. USING MULTIPLE BUYING STRATEGIES ACROSS VARIOUS CHANNELS Mobile|Display|Video|Social 19. CHALLENGES OFAPROGRAMMATIC ECOSYSTEM 20. PUBLISHERS FEAR DIMINISHED PRICING POWER, MARGINS 21. VIEWABILITY &amp; AVAILABILITY OF PREMIUM INVENTORY 22. FORMAT PROLIFERATION 23. AGENCIES RESPONDED TO THE BUYING MODEL EVOLUTION BY CREATING AGENCY TRADING DESKS Is a massive media buyer and reseller for display media Usually an independent unit within an agency network A dynamic way to purchase audiences Media is purchased in real time rather than from pre-procured inventory Takes search (an auction based model) and applies that to display media; in a real time fashion like a stock exchange A platform that uses data and technology to help advertisers more effectively purchase audiences at scale across digital media. 24. AMNET IS A SPECIALTY BRAND OF DENTSU AEGIS NETWORK 25. BY UNDERSTANDING HOW CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR IS CHANGING The consumer journey is no longer linear. Breaking up the funnel doesnt allow you to fully understand consumption habits. Traditional Funnel Dynamic RTB Funnel Awareness Advertising In-Market Data Retargeting 26. COMPRISED OF PEOPLE, EXPERIENCE &amp; EXPERTISE *Technology-Agnostic: *Scale: Access to 20+ Exchanges &amp; SSPs *Private Marketplaces *Screen for ad clutter, content, &amp; viewability *White/Black list *Pre-bid integration *Centralized Data Management *Audience Discovery: *Audience Insights *Reduced Wastage *Defining audiences *Contextual &amp; Semantic targeting *Dedicated Client Services team : *Digital Intelligence: *Data Transparency: 27. ITS KEY TO NOTE THAT 28. AMNET ISNT ABOUT REMNANT INVENTORY AND CHEAP CLICKS. ITS ABOUT EFFICIENCY &amp; SCALE PREMIUM: Most of the regional and international websites are connected RICH MEDIA: High Impact site skinning, takeover, billboards, video ads etc. MULTISCREEN: PC, tablet, mobile and even IPTV TARGETTED: Accurate and real-time targeting DATA DRIVEN: Majority market players ready for partnerships to share data 29. ALONG WITH OPEN EXCHANGES, WE HAVE ACCESS TO PREMIUM PUBLISHERS HIGHEST LIQUIDITY MARKETS: Egypt has 6.5b monthly impressions Saudi Arabia has 8b monthly impressions UAE has 6b monthly impressions 30. BOTH HIGH-IMPACT AND PERFORMANCE DRIVEN ADS CAN BE BOUGHT PROGRAMMATICALLY Mobile interstitials Pre roll videosBillboard 31. AMNET HAS A STRINGENT PLANNING FRAMEWORK KPIs Affluent Arab males and females interested in fashion, luxury lifestyle, travel cars etc. Searching for luxe holidays, 5* star resorts, 1st &amp; bus class travel etc. Male &amp; Female targeted fashion, lifestyle, entertainment websites Online shopper, in market for expensive air tickets, hotels, dining &amp; entertainment etc. Users who have visited client website pages Behavioral Search retargeting Custom environments Purchase intent targeting Remarketing Targeting strategies Audience discovery ChannelsGoal 3 421 32. DATA IS KEY AND IS USED CLEVERLY 33. TO MEET CAMPAIGN GOALS Campaign Objective Primary KPIs And Goals Success Measurements: Value generated Digital media metrics Drive Awareness Reach consumers at scale Delivered Imps, Unique users, Cost efficiency, eCPM, eCPC Increase Engagement Product pages, Video views Pages viewed, time spent, video plays eCPC, CPV, Bounce rate Conversions Downloads, Entries, purchase Forms and quotes submitted, app usage, ROI eCPA, CPD, CPB 34. IN ORDER TO BUILD A SINGLE VIEW OF THE CUSTOMER Anonymous User 111000111002 Data on users who have visited advertiser website and their browsing behaviours. Purchased from 3rd party data providers, based on intent, likelihood and potential Real-time search query behaviour reflecting consumer intent and behaviour on-site. 1ST PARTY DATA 3rd Party Data Search Campaign data generated from responses to advertising on display, mobile and video.Media Campaign Data 35. ACTIVATED AND OPTIMIZED IN REAL TIME Customer X She is 28 years old, married and lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates She is a university graduate with high disposable income working in the Finance sector. She is a travel enthusiast and a marathon runner with an active social life which is influenced by her love for fashion. She visits sites like TimeOut Dubai, Ahlan,, BBC &amp; stays in touch with her family through Facebook and skype Demo/Geo Psycho Behaviour Site/ Context Her device of choice is an iPhone, laptop during work hours and a Samsung Galaxy tab in the evening while TV.Platform 36. IN ORDER TO PROVIDE VALUABLE AUDIENCE INSIGHTS Deep dive insights are provided on a quarterly or end of campaign basis* Deep dive reports are a result of extensive site tagging and availability of 1st party data 37. WHATS NEXT FOR PROGRAMMATIC Lookalike Modeling Matching audience members across mobile and other devices Non-cookie solutions 38. THANK YOU Amal Al Homosany +2012 2 3953345 </p>