business communication instructors: learn about the unique features of real-time updates

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Real-Time Updates is a unique service that keeps Bovee & Thill's business communication textbooks perpetually up to date.


  • 1. Learn about the Unique Features of Real-Time Updates
  • 2. Welcome to this brief presentation where youll learn about one of the most useful business communication sites on the web today.
  • 3. Many of these materials can be downloaded and used in your classes tomorrow. Click the link accompanying each image to get more information about what is being described.
  • 4. Go to Real-Time Updates at and select the textbook of your choice.
  • 5. If you clicked on Chapter 1, this is what youd see. On the left-hand side of the page, youll see the book cover. Under the cover are links to the table of contents, to Pearsons site that describes the book, and to Business Communication Headline News. You can subscribe to the chapter using RSS, if you wish. You can also search the site using the search box. If youre a member of Facebook, you can Like the site.
  • 6. The Most Popular posts for each chapter are shown on the left-hand side of the page.
  • 7. Information at the top of the homepage for each book will help you navigate the site easily.
  • 8. A complete list of chapters is shown for the book. Click on a chapter to see all the posts for that particular chapter, such as shown on the following slide.
  • 9. On the left-hand side of this column are the icons indicating the type of media the post represents, such as PowerPoint, video, article, podcast, or PDF. Each post has a title and a description.
  • 10. The navigation bar near the top of the page includes the option of seeing the posts categorized by media. This same option is also available on the left-hand side of the page (where you see the media types displayed).
  • 11. How Real-Time Updates Will Help Instructors This service offers instructors a variety of important advantages: Keep current with the latest information and trends in the field Easily update your lecture notes with fresh material Create visuals for your classroom presentations Supplement your lectures with cutting-edge handouts Gather electronic slides, podcasts, online videos, and other new media examples to use in the classroom Enhance your research projects with the newest data Compare best practices from other instructors Improve the quality and effectiveness of your teaching by reading about new teaching tips and techniques
  • 12. Visit Real-Time Updates today! NOTE: Real-Time Updates requires registration and is available exclusively to adopters of Bovee & Thill texts.