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<ul><li> 1. GOH ZHANG ROONG (LEADER)110627 ADILA BINTI RAMLE 110592 CHONG CHOON FULL110613 INTAN MULIANIE BINTI MOHAMAD KAMIL110629 LIM WAN LING110642 MOHAMED FARHAN BIN MOHAMED SHAJAHAN 110656 MUHAMMAD AMIR BIN AHMAD RAFIDI113498 NORAZURI BT AB AZIZ 110683 NURSHAFARINA BINTI JASME110707 WAN NOR ADZAHARI BIN WAN TAJUDDIN 110748</li></ul> <p> 2. Latest and newest hostel in USM. Starts to operate on 11 November 2003. The first time it was used, the hostel holds a number of1083 students. It the first hostel among the RST Complex that was openedfirst as a trial before all of the hostels operates fully. During the trial, all management and business affairs aboutthis hostel were done in the Housing and AccomodationUnit of the University (UPPU). 3. Inaugurated by then Minister of Education, YangBerhomat Dato Dr. Haji Shafie Haji Mohd Salleh on 12September 2004. The hostel covered a total area of 29,893.17 metresquare. The hostel consists of 2 blocks. Occupied with recreation room, reading room,television room, prayer room, pantry room, laundryroom and storeroom for students to keep theirbelongings during the breaks. Also accommodates Masters, PhD and foreignstudents. 4. Fire Extinguisher Fire Alarm System Sprinkle Head Fire Hose 5. Fire Alarm SystemFire Extinguisher 6. Fire extinguisher was available almost in all floors at Tekun building. Fire extinguishers are sometimes a target of vandalism so that are ideally keptinside cabinets that have glass that must be broken to get the key to accessthe extinguisher, to avoid the extinguisher has been handled by anunauthorized person if a fire is not present. Placing at every end of the corridor in the building as it was an easilyaccessible places.A fire extinguisher kept inside a cabinet 7. Alarm system was available almost in all floors at Tekun building usedto detect the unwanted presence of fire by monitoringenvironmental changes associated with combustion. Use to warn occupants of a fire Normally located near the fire extinguishers in each floorsAn alarm bell in Tekun 8. Sprinkler headSprinkler head which can be found in each roundof Tekun hostel. 9. Fire sprinkler systems - They are located at ceiling level and are connected toa reliable water source. Operates when heat at the site of a fire causes a glass component in thesprinkler head to fail, thereby releasing the water from the sprinkler head. Thismeans that only the sprinkler head at the fire location will operate. Sprinkler systems help to reduce the growth of a fire, thereby increasing lifesafety and limiting structural damage. Located at every single room and in all corridors in Tekun.Sprinkler head in a room Sprinklers at the corridors 10. Firehose 11. A fire hose is also located on each floor. It channels water a high volume of water at high speed in order to extinguishfire. It can ease up the works of firemen since that it is located on each floor. 12. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)A CCTV at the entrance stairs 13. CCTV located at the all entrance of Tekun and at each hall area in every floorwhich was a strategic point in the hostel. CCTV could reduce crime by increasing the likelihood that present offenderswill be caught, stopped, removed, and punished CCTV may facilitate the effective deployment of security staff or Tekun officersto locations where suspicious behaviour is occurring and this may assist indeterring offenders. CCTV cameras and signs show people are taking crime seriously, and thusoffenders may be deterred. Tekun hostellers worried less about becoming victims of crime as theinstallation of CCTV CCTV has also been responsible for reducing vandalism 14. Electrical Supply Switch Board Switch board to open and close the electric circuit. 15. Panel Boards ControlPanel boards control inTekun hostel to control firesystem in the area. 16. SwitchesSwitches are used to control lightsand fans. 17. Electric SocketThree pin plugs which used to connectelectric current to electric applications 18. Plumbing systemPlumbing fixtures in washroom.. 19. The piping and drainage system in Tekun has the followingcharacteristics: Controlled piping system so that no leakage occurs close Pipe lined for maintenance of orderly Perfect drainage system for the area around The hostel diligently for the earths surface located at the foot of thehill Water pump house are well kept which pumps water using themachine with great horse power to all hostels for this area. 20. However there is a few setback in piping system: Every time the toilet is clogged, the water channel to a specific level dismissed Drains are not covered by a metal grill to prevent mishaps Hostel roofs turn into water stagnant during heavy rain dueto inefficient plumbingWater drainage on roofsDrain without metal grills 21. Sanitary drainagesystemChannels waterout of thebuilding. 22. Drainage system 23. Water TankWater tank is used for water storage. 24. Plumbing system in toilet. 25. Heating VentilationSystem Air ConditioningTV room 26. Ventilation System Jalousie Window Awning window Window (Natural)Ventilation as the process of supplyingIt is the opening for natural and removing air byair ventilation.natural or mechanical means to and fromany space (ASHRAE, 1999; p.4). 27. Type of window used in bedroom: Awning window Each room has 6 awning windows. They maximize ventilation but still block rainwater from coming inside. Great for bedrooms and other areas that need to maintain privacy but still let thesunlight in.Type of window used in other rooms: Jalousie window Control ventilation and to cut off visibility from the outside. 28. Room position that has less air flow: Facing toward hill and other building blocks. Room at the corner of building. 29. Ceiling Fan Wall FanFan (Mechanical)Fan for internal air ventilation. 30. Type of fan used in bedroom, cafe and reading room: Ceiling fan One unit for each room Extra bring their own fan (stand fan)Type of fan used in other rooms: Wall fan Number of unit depend on room size. 31. Air conditionerAir conditioner is for internal cooling purposes. 32. No Air Conditioner allowed in students bedroom. Only allowed for Felos house, office and meeting room. 33. FluorescentlampThis type oflamp largelyused in Tekunarea. 34. Advantages: Fluorescent lighting is 66 percent cheaper than regular lighting while providing the same brightness. Fluorescent lighting can lasts longer. Less heatDisadvantages: Some fluorescent lighting may require professional installation, as the electrical connections are more complex. Fluorescent lighting is less attractive. 35. Emergency LightBattery-backed lightingdevice that comeson automaticallywhen a buildingexperiencesa power outage.Emergency Light 36. WindowBesides, window is also used for naturallighting. 37. Room that facing toward the hill and other blocks will receive lesssunlight. Lacking on clothes hanging area The lower it is located the lesssunlight will receive.Clothes hanging area 38. Wi-fi system 39. RouterRouterRouter to run internet access forUSM students. 40. Wi-fi System and Router Wi-fi used as the main internet connection in the wholecampus Easy for everybody to connect wireless Can be accessed anywhere in Tekun each cube has onerouter.Based on review by Pusat Pengetahuan, Komunikasi &amp;Teknologi (PPKT), peak time of internet usage by Tekun studentsis between 7p.m until 1a.m. 41. Public telephonePublic telephone forthe convenience ofTekun residences.Located on eachfloors. 42. Adding more CCTVs on each floors in case of internal theft Adding more sockets at cafe not enough socket for student useelectrical item such as laptop. Installation of piping in toilet should be more details to avoid leakage. Lift always out service should be maintain more frequently. 43. The building complete with all necessary services in order to fulfill thestudents need. No major damage can be seen at the hostel. A few parts of the building has been renovated from time to time whendamage occurs. So far there is no big cases happened. </p>