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Mobile is for business. Every firm with a web app must now consider the visibility and sales they are losing by not having a mobile version. Every new business or software product is faced with this same concern. Responsive design only gets us so far before its time to build a native app for several platforms. How do we build business apps for Android, iOS, and Windows phones and tablets? Learn about the key considerations when scaling up your companys mobile presence.


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2. TakeawaysTakeaways Responsive Design is fast and cheap Good for websites OK for some lightweight apps Most serious mobile apps are native Cross-platform is often necessary Choose your toolset carefully 3. SponsorSponsor 4. Why mobile?Why mobile? Americans used smartphone and tablet apps more than PCs to access the Internet. Source: CNN, January 2014 / corroborated by Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo (Google isnt telling.) 80-90% of U.S. adults now own a mobile phone. 50-60% of those are smartphones. Sources: various (Pew) to of online searches take place on a mobile device Sources: various 5. And what about tablets?And what about tablets? When we were an agrarian nation, all cars were trucks. But as people moved more towards urban centers, people started to get into cars. I think PCs are going to be like trucks. Fewer people will need them. And this transformation is going to make some people uneasy... because the PC has taken us a long way. Steve Jobs, 2010 6. Post-PC Era: 2015 Mobile Phones > first world population 1.9B devices Tablets > PC sales 320M tablets vs. 316M PCs worldwide Android devices > 3x Windows 1.3B Android devices vs. 373M Windows Ultramobile > 20% of PC sales MacBook Air, Surface Pro, etc. 62M in 2015 Source: Gartner 2015 Device Shipment Projections (June 2014) 7. The UpshotThe Upshot Data Consumers (Conclusive) Mobile phones and tablets Data Producers (Jury is still out) PCs and Ultrabooks Some tablets and phones The future of business machines Android vs. Windows Many unknowns here 8. What Do Data Consumers Need?What Do Data Consumers Need? 9. Responsive DesignResponsive Design Images courtesy of Beacon Technologies and Arcplan 10. Responsive Design #FAILResponsive Design #FAIL Image courtesy of moxy ox 11. Responsive Design #WINResponsive Design #WIN Image courtesy of moxy ox 12. Responsive Design #WINResponsive Design #WIN 13. Responsive Design #WINResponsive Design #WIN 14. The Responsive ExperienceThe Responsive Experience Image courtesy of 15. Responsive Design isResponsive Design is recommended whenrecommended when the app is SIMPLE and user expectation is LOW What is a website? a simple app 16. Mobile Web Toolset OptionsMobile Web Toolset Options HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and C#/ASP.NET Java PHP 17. Limitations of Responsive WebLimitations of Responsive Web AppsApps Reduced Functionality Unfamiliar Interface Poor Performance Decreased User Experience THE REAL RISK? 18. Responsive Web App #FAILResponsive Web App #FAIL Older Facebook app written in HTML5 19. Solution#1Solution#1 1. Escape Hatch / Full Screen Button Goes to full-screen web app May or may not be useable Doesnt address experience or performance 20. Solution#2: Native Mobile AppSolution#2: Native Mobile App Go Where the People Are App Store Stats Better Performance Optimal User Experience 21. PCR EssentialsPCR Essentials On iTunes and Play Store Android version by our team Written in Xamarin 22. DineBostonDineBoston 23. DineBostonDineBoston VIDEO 24. Mobile App TypesMobile App Types Mobile Web /Responsive Browser-based Native iOS, Android, OR Windows Hybrid Web app wrapped in a native app Cross-platform iOS, Android, AND Windows 25. Mobile App Tools/ResourcesMobile App Tools/Resources Mobile Web/Responsive HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, (C#, Java, PHP, etc.) Native Objective-C, Java, or C# Hybrid PhoneGap, Titanium Cross-platform Xamarin (C#) 26. Smartphone OS Market ShareSmartphone OS Market Share (Q1 2014)(Q1 2014) Android 81% iOS 15% Windows Phone 3% What does this mean? Source: International Data Corporation (IDC) Single platform apps are risky 27. Hybrid AppsHybrid Apps Web app wrapped in a native app PhoneGap Appcelerator Titanium Yes, its in the app stores No, its not really a native app 28. Cross-platform AppsCross-platform Apps Shared Code Code reuse One technology stack Instead of several Native app quality Native app performance Native phone functionality (location, camera, etc.) 29. Cross-platform DevelopmentCross-platform Development 30. Cross-platform AppsCross-platform Apps High-performance Great user experience Fully native executable Reusable code Just one dev team 31. Gartner Strongly RecommendsGartner Strongly Recommends XamarinXamarin Xamarin's architectural approach provides completely native UIs with better performance than other cross-platform techniques... Xamarin uses multifaceted technology built by a cohesive team with a solid long-term track record. -Gartner, August 2013 Recognized as Mobile Visionary in 2013 Magic Quadrant for MADP 32. Xamarin Customers IncludeXamarin Customers Include 33. Xamarin pre-3.0Xamarin pre-3.0 Layouts XAMLUIKit 34. Xamarin 3.0 with Xamarin.FormsXamarin 3.0 with Xamarin.Forms 35. TakeawaysTakeaways Responsive Design is fast and cheap Good for websites OK for some lightweight apps Most serious mobile apps are native Cross-platform is often necessary Choose your toolset carefully Need high-performance cross-platform business apps? 36. Building Mobile AppsBuilding Mobile Apps for Businessfor Business Do you want to know more? Do you need an app built? Dan Hermes Mobile Consultant Lexicon Systems (781)526-0738 Twitter: @lexiconsystems Blog: Jonathan LaMaster Director of Sales Lexicon Systems (617)833-5816