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Shows how to build ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, and Single Page Applications with F#. Showcases various features of F# that improve the development experience.


  • 1. Building Better WebApps with F# Daniel Mohl @dmohl

2. Who Is this Guy?Daniel 3. Coming in January 2013 4. Why F# in Web Development? F#/JavaScript Commonalities Web solutions are more complex than ever Concise yet readable syntax Great features for building highly scalable, modern web solutions (async workflows, MailboxProcessors, etc., etc.) Its now easier than ever with F# Tools for VS2012 Express for Web. 5. Building an ASP.NET MVC 4 Solution Get the template Create the project Add unit tests if desired Build the next big thing 6. Solution Breakdown 7. Lets Build Something! 8. Have you see Windows 8? 9. How about Windows 9? 10. How about Windows 9? 11. ASP.NET Web API 12. JSON Type Provider from FSharpx Getit from NuGet as IDFSharpx.TypeProviders.Documents. 13. A Single Page App with F# Same template as the previous 2 Backbone.js (MV*) Router Models and Collections Views Underscore.js for templating support Foundation 3 for responsive design 14. Questions?