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<p>INTELLIGENT BUILDINGS</p> <p>INTELLIGENT BUILDINGSCASE STUDY: CISCO HEADQUARTERS, TORONTO, CANADA</p> <p>CISCO HeadquartersLocation: RBC Waterpark Place, Toronto, Canada.</p> <p>CISCO headquarters is designed by HOK architects of 10,200Sq.m area in 2015.</p> <p>A total of 900 people work inside the Headquarters.</p> <p>CISCO HQ is the first to achieve LEED EB Gold certification in a AAA office tower in Canada.</p> <p>Sustainability features:High performance building envelope and mechanical systemsWater saving infrastructure, including a cistern and greywater re-useDaylight sensors and state-of-the-art lighting controlsBicycle storage, change rooms and showersA 7,500 square meter green roofA sophisticated energy measurement and verification system</p> <p>Green Features:As it is a LEED Core and Shell Platinum building, CISCO HQ employs the absolute highest standard in sustainable practices at every level. </p> <p>Heat reclaim on all ventilation unitsreduces energy consumption and ensures consistent temperatures.</p> <p>Dedicated outdoor air systemwith co2 sensors provides fresh air, similar to opening a window, improving air quality.</p> <p>Efficient lightingwith occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting throughout the complex meets LEED core and shell platinum standards.</p> <p>Access to natural light creates a comfortable work environment through the low height ceilings and core to glass and glazing to ceiling for maximum light penetration.</p> <p>Sustainable Intelligence:</p> <p>CISCO HQ is the first to achieve LEED EB Gold certification in a AAA office tower in Canada. </p> <p> 21.9% reduction in GHG emissions from. This is equivalent to the emissions of 23,000 cars on the road for a year. </p> <p>14.8% less water used from. This is equivalent to filling 225 olympic sized swimming pools. </p> <p>16.1% reduction in electricity from 2005 to 2010. This is equivalent to powering 10,000 typical homes in Canada for a year </p> <p>Space zoning:It is divided into three themed environments. </p> <p>The first is an industry experience and demonstration centre, where Cisco can show how it addresses business problems in areas such as manufacturing, health care and real estate.</p> <p>The second is a laboratory, a collaborative space where engineers and start-up businesses can work together to solve customer problems.</p> <p> The third is a workroom environment, as a temporary display space where Cisco can show the effects of transformation and digitization of a featured industry, changing around once every quarter or so.</p> <p>Internet of Everything</p> <p>Smart LightingMost Connected building in America.1 million SF of commercial office.One Network for IP lighting, IP HVAC, metering, security, blindsDeveloper: Oxford Properties, Building/integrators: EllisDonCentral management through Cisco Integration Platform (CIP)</p> <p>The user has the option to change the factors like temperature, lighting, adjusting the desk height. The user can use his smart phone to control the operations by connecting to the common network. </p> <p>Smart LightingThe Philips connected lighting system at Waterpark Place integrates seamlessly with Ciscos Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) IT architecture.</p> <p>They merge with the buildings IT network and are uniquely identified by IP address, allowing them to be individually monitored, managed, and controlled.</p> <p>Each light point sends and receives data, allowing managers to track occupancy patterns, changes in temperature, and more while employees can personalise the lighting in their workspaces.</p> <p> Overall, the system offers maximum visibility and better control, and allows Cisco to reduce energy consumption in their office spaces.</p> <p>SophisticationHeating, cooling and lighting will be controlled through the Ethernet rather than traditional electrical cables; lights will provide advanced analytics such as temperature, illumination and motion to help the building determine when lights should be switched on or off. </p> <p>In addition, the lights will have their own Internet Protocol address, allowing a user to turn them on or off with a computer or smartphone.</p> <p>Occupancy and weather data will also be fed directly to the air-conditioning system, allowing the building itself to determine when it should ramp up or scale back on heating and cooling.</p> <p>The Headquarters is provided with more of Meeting spaces than that of Individual rooms. When a person enters the office his phone gets all the details of rooms which are vacant and which are occupied when connected to network.</p> <p>Smart meeting rooms adjust for the number of participants, with intelligent sensors monitoring and changing the temperature, lighting and air as needed.</p> <p>AWARDS</p> <p>CaGBC Toronto Innovation Awards, CommercialInteriors</p> <p>ASID NYU/CE Design Competition Commercial Category, First Place</p> <p>Core-Net Global Canadian Chapter Remmy Award, Workplace Over 20,000 Square Feet</p> <p> IOT cases</p> <p>THANK YOU</p>