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Explore your strengths and use them to develop yourself, your career and your leadership


  • 1. Build your confidence; grow your strengths Helen Caton Hughes 2009 The Forton Group Limited
  • 2. strengths definition 1. The state, property, or quality of being strong 2. The power to resist attack; impregnability 3. The power to resist strain or stress; durability 4. The ability to maintain a moral or intellectual position firmly Or. 5. Capacity or potential for effective action
  • 3. Gallups definitions The ability to consistently provide near-perfect performance at a task. Every role, performed at excellence, requires talent, because every role, performed at excellence, requires certain recurring patterns of thought, feeling or behaviour.
  • 4. Utilising your talent regularly STRENGTH Enjoyment STRENGTH (Under-utilised) TALENT Over-utilised Strength OTT! SOS!
  • 5. Building on your track record justifiable pride CONFIDENCE CONFIDENCE Lack of self-esteem Under-utilising track record Crack your shell let your confidence out! Over-utilised confidence Arrogance Im better than you
  • 6. 10 competences on a job description Male energy thinks - Female energy thinks - 10 things on a job description I can do at least one of those Ill go for it 10 things on a job description I can only do at 9 of those I wont go for it
  • 7. The environment of strengths Leading, achievin g & succeeding: its who we are, what we achieve and how we do it. How Who What
  • 8. Fully develop yourself 1. Clarify direction 2. Strategise actions 6.Master your psychology 3.Marshal your strengths 5.Optimise your environment 4.Upgrade your skills
  • 9. Appreciate & develop your resources PIES Physical Resources Intellectual Emotional Social Develop your resourcefulness attitude
  • 10. Strengths & leadership principles Trust the team Work in partnership Be open to possibility Be present A,B & C Accept whats given Blend with new ideas/ resources Create new possibilities
  • 11. Strength vs. Competence Strength: a combination of talent, application, l earning and enjoyment. Competence: the quality of being adequately or well qualified physically and intellectually
  • 12. Safety: engaged teams go home healthy Top 10% teams had zero accidents Bottom 10% had 25.56% accidents per year
  • 13. Whats more successful? Growing your strengths Focusing on & trying to fix your weaknesses its not the number of fights you have, it s what goes in the space between the fights
  • 14. Exercise: What do you do best, every day? CONNECT with OTHERS What strengths do you use to communicate well? MOTIVATE OTHERS What strengths do you use to get the best from your team? How do you influence/motivate your peers (or people around you)? MOTIVATE SELF What strengths do you use to motivate yourself on a day to day basis? How do you communicate when youre at your best? CONNECT with SELF How do you reflect on and review information? Which strengths do you use to internalise learning? How do you pick yourself up or motivate yourself under pressure?
  • 15. 01788 890010 2009 The Forton Group Limited