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<p>BUBBLE-SENSINGA New Paradigm for Binding a Sensing Task to the Physical World using Mobile Phones</p> <p>Contents1.Introduction 2.Purpose 3.Bubble Sensing 4.Implementation 5.Conclusion</p> <p>Introduction Bubble Sensing is a new sensor network abstraction that supports persistent sensing of a location, as required by user. User who has opted into Bubble-Sensing, visits place of interest, presses a button to affix sensing request and walks away. Sensing System persists until the timeout set by the initiator is reached.</p> <p>PurposeWe envision mobile phones being able to affix task bubbles at places of interest and then receive sensed data, in essence creating a living documentary of those places in the physical world.This can be viewed as 1. Application in its own right 2. Sensing Building block for other apps.</p> <p>nsors ed se a, t r tegra ith In ers, came w es t Mobil celerome c like A hone etc p micro</p> <p>es ev ri et R</p> <p>ta da e th</p> <p>e Plac</p> <p>s</p> <p>st tere of in</p> <p>Set sa</p> <p>sen sin g</p> <p>tas k</p> <p>ple Sam r etc. oto, a ph very hou Take for e o audi</p> <p>Bubble SensingSensing tasks are created, maintained through interaction of many virtual roles. 1. Bubble Creator- Device that initiates sensing request. 2. Bubble Anchor- Keeps bubble in region of interest. 3. Sensing Node- Perceives-takes sampleuploads. 4. Bubble Carrier- Restores Bubble when anchor is lost.</p> <p>Phases in Bubble Sensing1.Bubble Creation 2.Bubble Maintenance 3.Challenges to Bubble Maintenance 4.Bubble Restoration</p> <p>Bubble Creation In this system, a task is a tuple (Action, Region, Duration) There are two ways a bubble can be created First Scenario : Creator is a mobile phone Second Scenario: Creator is any entity that registers a task with bubble server.</p> <p>Bubble Server</p> <p>Bubble Creation</p> <p>Bubble Anchor</p> <p>Bubble Creator</p> <p>Mobile Sensor</p> <p>Mobile Sensor</p> <p>Bubble Maintenance If mobility of creator is uncontrollable, task can not be monitored, node should be stationery-Anchor does this role Bubble anchor selection has two parameters: 1.Location Based 2.Mobility Based</p> <p>Challenges to Bubble Maintenance1.Distortion 2.Bubble Drift</p> <p>Bubble RestorationBubble Carriers constantly contact the server and updates their location and restores the bubble in worst cases.</p> <p>Bubble ServerBubble Carrier Bubble Anchor Mobile Sensor Mobile Sensor</p> <p>Implementation1.Programming Language 2.Communication 3.Sensors and classifier 4.Localization 5.System Integration</p> <p>ConclusionWe presented an approach to support persistent location specific task in a wireless sensor network composed of mobile phones by discussing the limitations and available options in implementation of mobile based sensing system</p> <p>References</p> <p>.</p> <p>Donald knuth.The Art of Computer Programming</p> <p>Volume 3:Sorting and Searching, Third Edition. Addison-Wesley.</p> <p>Any Queries</p> <p>THANK YOU..</p>