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  1. 1. nice Netech Medical Systems Pvt. Ltd
  3. 3. Company INFO Established in the year 1997 Group of highly skilled professionals 4000+ highly satisfied customers Deep penetration in NICU and respiratory domain User friendly range of products With deep skills and high end technology , we always strive for growth and delighted customers
  4. 4. Timeline-nice Neotech 2005 First New Factory Unit 1 Opened Increase in production Line 2001 Registered as Pvt ltd Production started for different models 2013 Second New Factory Unit 2 Opened 1999 Neotech Logo Designed Designed first incubator & open care prototype 2003 Export to Vietnam 2009- 2011 CE certification for products 2015 125+skilled employee strong firm Multiple range of NICU products 1997 Started Neotech Medical Systems with 2 employees First Infant Radiant Warmer
  5. 5. What is a Bubble CPAP? The Bubble CPAP System helps in breathing of infants requiring respiratory support. It is incorporated with unique feature of humidification technology and Air/Oxygen Blender. CPAP works by maintaining positive pressure in the airway during spontaneous breathing, thereby increasing functional residual capacity and improving oxygenation in infants with RDS. CPAP does this by stabilizing airspaces that have a tendency to collapse during expiration due to surfactant deficiency.
  6. 6. Why Bubble CPAP is Used? Non invasive ventilation Delivering continuous positive airway pressure To maintain lung volume during expiration Deliver blended and humidified Oxygen Bubble CPAP
  7. 7. Introducing nice Bubble CPAP Designed to perfection
  8. 8. Different Models of 5060 series Bubble CPAP
  9. 9. Features Consistent and accurate delivery of CPAP Servo controlled Humidifier attached Ease of use Optimum Humidification Bubble generator
  10. 10. Operation Gas Supply Flow rate. Setting the FIO2 Percentage. Setting the Humidifier. Setting the Positive End Expiratory Pressure (PEEP) at the PAP Valve. Fixing the Patient interface. Check during operation
  11. 11. Gas Supply Flow rate Set the Flow rate at 5 LPM or required in the Flow Meter. Setting the FIO2 Percentage Set the required FIO2 percentage on the dial knob (21% to 100%). Warning: The oxygen Concentration must be monitored with a calibrated oxygen measuring unit.
  12. 12. Setting the Humidifier. Select the desired mode by using mode key. Select heater wire ON/OFF by using Heater wire Key.
  13. 13. Setting the Positive End Expiratory Pressure (PEEP) at the PAP Valve. Adjust PEEP knob clockwise or anti-clockwise to the desired PEEP level in the PAP Valve. To fill the water reservoir Remove the lid from the jar. Fill the jar to the mean fill line with sterile water. Note: To assure consistency, water level must be between minimum and maximum lines without the drop tube beneath the surface of the water. Note: The PAP Valve reference marks indicate PAP level at the mean water line at 6 LPM. Replace the lid on to the jar
  14. 14. To attach the PAP Valve to a mounting clamp Slide the equipment mount into the corresponding equipment mount holder. Use of this type of mounting system will assure that the device remains in the upright (vertical) position. Exhalation Port Connection Set the device to the minimum position by rotating the PAP Adjustment lever to the full anticlockwise position Adjust the gas flow to the desired level and connect the expiratory end of the breathing circuit to the gas inlet connector
  15. 15. PAP Setting Using clockwise rotation, adjust the device to the desired back pressure [Positive Airway Pressure (PAP)] Monitoring with Manometer During use, continuously monitor airway pressure with an accurate pressure monitoring device and adjust the device accordingly Water Level Adjustment Port A water level adjustment port is provided to adjust water level without interruption of therapy. To use, remove the luer cap and connect a syringe to the port, adding or removing water as required
  16. 16. Fixing the Patient Interface
  17. 17. Check during Operation Regularly observe that the water is feeding into the humidification chamber. Should the water level exceed the maximum level marked on the humidification chamber, the chamber should be replaced. Check all connections are tight before use and after adjustment. Ensure air flow is presence at all times. If air flow is interrupted, turn off the humidifier. Regularly observe the circuit for condensate, drain as required Regularly observed the PAP Valve for bubbling. If bubbling is not observed check for a minimize air leaks in the system and at the patient end. If air leaks have been minimized, air flow may be increased to achieve continues bubbling. Regularly observe the water level in the PAP valve refill the PAP valve if the water level drops below minimum water level line. Monitor the Patient oxygen level. Always use pressure monitoring to verify that the patient is receiving the prescribed CPAP level.
  19. 19. Cleaning & Maintenance General Clean external surfaces of the Bubble CPAP and Gas Supply line using a damp cloth and mild soapy water or Isopropyl Alcohol. Dry all surfaces after cleaning with a clean soft cloth or paper towel. The Bubble CPAP should require minimal servicing or maintenance when used under normal conditions. At least once every six months the equipment should be examined by a qualified Service Engineer to ensure safety and operational integrity. If any part of the equipment is damaged or fails to operate correctly, take it out of service immediately and contact a qualified Service Engineer to ensure operational safety. A Service Manual enabling qualified technical personnel to carry out routine service schedules, fault finding and repairs is available from nice Neotech. Always carry out a functional test after cleaning or maintenance to ensure safety and operational integrity
  20. 20. Cleaning The reusable humidifier chamber can be autoclavable. All other components may be disinfected using an approved chemical disinfectant solution. When all components are completely dry, assemble the system again.
  21. 21. How nice Bubble CPAP fare over competitors? nice Bubble CPAP Low cost Inbuilt Manometer Reusable gas pressure regulator PEEP set manually by rotating knob Other company Bubble CPAP Very expensive No Manometer Disposable gas pressure regulator PEEP set manually by dipping stem
  22. 22. Trouble Shooting
  23. 23. Certifications and Approvals Electrical & Product Safety : IEC 60601-1 EMC Safety : IEC 60601-1-2
  24. 24. Contact Us nice Neotech Medical Systems Private Limited No 85, Krishna Industrial Estate Mettukuppam, Vannagaram, Chennai 600095, Tamil Nadu, INDIA Tel: +91-44-24762594,24764608. Fax: +91-44-24766920 Web: www.niceneotech.com. E-mail: info@niceneotech.com , marketing@niceneotech.com Overseas Enquiry: overseas@niceneotech.com Toll Free : +91-1800-425-2594.


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