bryn d’andrea’s best and worst of 2008. movies transformershancock best worst

Download Bryn D’Andrea’s Best and Worst of 2008. Movies TransformersHancock Best Worst

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  • Bryn DAndreas Best and Worst of 2008

  • MoviesTransformersHancockBestWorst

  • Songs/ArtistsViva La Vida by ColdplayBestLollipop by Lil WayneWorst

  • TV ShowsFamily GuyBestAmerican IdleWorst

  • Fashion StatementsOakley Sunglasses BestCrocsWorst

  • $1 Menu item$1 Menu HamburgerWorstOrange Tic TacsBest

  • BooksStormbreaker By Anthony HorowitzHarry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. RowlingBestWorst

  • New Food Ive TriedSushiRibsBestWorst

  • Sports MomentsPhillies Win the World SeriesMets choke and lose the divisionBestWorst

  • Radio StationsWired 96.5WPST 94.5BestWorst

  • Youtube ClipsFred Sings at youtube live!!!WorstWeatherman freaks out over cockroach Best

  • GadgetsApple itouchSamsung GlydeBestWorst

  • DecisionsPhiladelphia Phillies Brad LidgeGoing into Iraq WorstBest

  • Political MomentBarack Obama wins the 2008 presidential electionPresident Bush was almost hit by a shoe thrown by an iraq reporterBestWorst

  • I Promise to do the following in the year 2009!!New Years Resolution

    I promise that in the new year I will have a B+ or above in math. I promise this because I would like to get my averages up and focus more on school. If I could earn a better grade then I will be ready for a better class next year, have a better chance of getting into a good college, and have a better future. In 2009, getting a better grade may be easy or hard, but I am prepared to do it. I hope I can live up to my expectations in 2009.

  • I Promise to do the following in the year 2009!!Something I did in 2008 that I will not do in 2009

    When I was playing on a big, tall rock, and I fell off. When I fell off, I gave myself a two inch gash in my head. I needed my head stapled two times ,and i had to get my head shaved. Because of this, I have a good story to tell, but I do not want to relive the horrible memory. I hope I do not get to go through it again.

  • I Promise to do the following in the year 2009!!5 things I cannot live without in 20095. My nano-video, because it has all my songs and movies.4. My phone, I need to always text.3. My PS2 because it is so much fun.2. My dog, because he is so funny .1. My computer, because it has everything on it that I like.

  • I Promise to do the following in the year 2009!!If I could be anywhere right now, I would be

    At my beach house in LBI. I would like to be there because I can not wait until summer. I really want to go back into the ocean and see my friends. I also can not wait to go surfing again. I hope summer comes fast.