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  1. 1. *My last vacations was in june last yearWith my parents and uncle also had manyexperiences good as knowing another city*
  2. 2. In my vacationsI liked most was the festival and I dancedmuch also a man older than and I liked more.But my worst experience was l lost in the cityan entire morning.I liked the food because my aunt was cookingfor we*
  3. 3. My dad and my traveled THE SPINAL TOLIMAI get to the farm near the cityTHE SPINAL was beautifull with manyactivitiesIn the city had celebration*
  4. 4. *We get to the church also we were in the monument ofdrumIn THE SPINAL was decorate with much lights andIt had some houses authenticIn The park was painting for the concert and in the farmhad much trees
  5. 5. *I liked weather there because it was warmMy dad and my was swiming all a day furthermore Iwalked in the garden with my friend when we went to thehouse my mother has to arrived of Bogota.
  6. 6. *my dad was relaxing in the farm andI was in the party of the city when alsohad their festivities that were veryexciting. The persons were dancing in thestreetTha party went until dawn