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Magazine produced by Brunel Journalism students as part of the launch of Brunel's new Innovation



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    Cobra Beer Founder Opens the Innovation


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    Ive come to the conclusion that entrepreneurs are a lot like journalists. Where the entrepreneur is flexible, the journalist is forever on call, handling impeding relocations and deadlines.Where the entrepreneur takes risks, the journalist is on the front line, undercover, or asking the tough questions. Where the

    entrepreneur has tenacity, the journalist continues to write even when their pitch is rejected for the hundredth time. Drink is something that Id suspect the journalist to favour considerably more, but nonetheless, the relationship between the two vocations is uncanny.

    It was therefore surprising when the Launchpad team, a plethora of backgrounds and interests, was at first hesitant to embark on using our skills as journalists to showcase Brunel Universitys innovation. And yet what you hold in your hands is testament to the passion of both, entrepreneurs and journalists, and a demonstration of our future innovators and storytellers. And, ironically enough, an assortment of pieces that touch on culture, politics, technology and business.

    For the MA Print class, this magazine was an assessed part of their course, but for the Launchpad team which transpired, this magazine was a commissioned assignment taken with strides of professionalism and integrity.

    It is often the entrepreneurs job to produce a product, and I am happy as Editor of Launchpad to be able to present ours. A result of hard work, fast learning and most importantly, working together.

    EditorCatherine Chapman @cathapman

    Deputy EditorsJessamy Baudains @JessamyBaudains

    Phoebe Parke @PhoebeParke

    Art DirectorRaya Raycheva @rayaiam

    InfographicIsabelle Marchand @IsabelleMvS

    Production DirectorDaniel Evans @DanEvans1990

    Chief SubAhmad Alowaish


    Borja Garca de Sola @Solafer

    Charlotte Bufton @cvkbufton

    Danni Lin @dannilin2

    Deborah King

    Manon Schalk @ManonSchalk

    Martin Richmond @Martin_Rich_91

    All cartoons featured in the magazine have been drawn by David McAndrews, Research Adminsitrator at Brunels School of Arts @ DavidMcAndrews

    Editors Letter

    Catherine Chapman

    Front and back cover image Octopus 8 Studios

    Launchpad is a publication produced by MA Journalism students throughout their 3-month Print module at Brunel University. Working in conjunction with the External Relations team, this years issue exhibits Brunels entrepreneurs and the Universitys new Innovation Hub.

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    The Innovation Hub Issue 3

    Directors LetterThe Innovation Hub is a response to requests from students for a place on campus dedicated to entrepreneurship and enterprise activities. Brunel has a long-established reputation for innovation and as is demonstrated each year - most notably at the Made in

    Brunel design showcase, at the Software Engineering and Brunel Engineers shows - our students are buzzing with new designs, concepts and technological advances.

    It is only fitting then, that LaunchPad is a student publication, edited, written and designed by our journalism postgraduates. I am very grateful to them for making our new Innovation Hub the focus of this edition.

    The Hub is part of the Universitys renewed focus on supporting students to develop the skills and aptitudes they need not only to achieve academically, but to fulfil their ambitions in whatever walks of life they wish to pursue. This is a crucial way in which the University contributes to the economic, cultural and social life of the UK and beyond.

    It is vital that entrepreneurial students from all across the University should feel that they can use the space and make it their own. We are especially excited about the opportunities the Hub offers for students from different disciplines to work together and develop new ideas. With the support of an impressive line-up of entrepreneurs, business advisors and technical experts ready to do their bit to support our students, the Innovation Hub is destined for a great future. And, as the Hub becomes established, I have no doubt that it will develop in directions that have not even occurred to us yet.

    Andrew Ward, Director of Corporate Relations, Brunel University










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    Brunel: An Entrepreneurial History ..... Words of Advice ..... Design Showcase .....

    Made in Brunel .....Keynote Speaker: Lord Bilimoria .....

    Student Businesses ..... The Innovation Hub .....


    Image Andrew Ward | Sally Trussler, Brunel University

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    1928: Acton Technical College is established.

    1957: Brunel College of Technology is created with a focus on the education of technologists.

    Isambard Kingdom Brunel was just in his twenties when he returned to England from France to help

    his father, Marc Isambard Brunel, in the creation of a tunnel under the River Thames at Rotherhithe.

    The construction of the tunnel was a disaster. It suffered delays, collapsed several times with some workers perishing and had a huge cost overrun. When it was finally completed in 1843, eighteen years after construction began, it was inaugurated by Queen Victoria.

    But then another obstacle appeared. The tunnel was not big enough for carriages to pass through, and thus, abandoned to become an underground city of slums. Nowadays,

    the Thames Tunnel is just one more track of the underground network. Despite this fiasco, Brunel did not lose his drive.

    A SUCCESSFUL ENGINEER He followed in the footsteps of his father who had great success in other creations and became one of the greatest engineers in the history of the United Kingdom.

    He built the Maidenhead Bridge, the Wye Bridge and the Royal Albert Bridge; the Box Tunnel between Bath and Chippenham; ships such as the SS Great Western, the Great Britain and the Great Eastern; the well-known Paddington Station, among other civil engineering works that are still in use today.

    Brunel took risks. As the chief engineer of the Great Western Railway, he used a track gauge of 7

    feet when the standard one was 4 feet 8.5 inches. It was subsequently discarded. He created what is considered the first modern ship, the Great Britain, and one of the first ships to cross the Atlantic using only steam power, the SS Great Western.

    Brunel was also the creator of a third ship, the Great Eastern, which after having been defined as a catastrophe, became famous for laying a telegraph cable between Europe and North America. He was a genius of his time and accomplished

    great things. All he had to do was try.

    ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRITA hundred and fifty

    years after his death, the entrepreneurial spirit of Brunel remains alive in

    the University that bears his name. Thousands of

    students from all around the world are part of the University

    community and, as he did during his life even in the hardest moments, they pursue their goals because that is the success of entrepreneurs: those who dare, win. While he never knew it, Isambard Kingdom Brunel was the first entrepreneur of Brunel University.




    By Borja Garca de Sola


    1962: Brunel College of Technology becomes College of Advanced Technology. Three years later, building work begins on a new college in Uxbridge.

    1966-1968: Brunel University is founded and opened.

    150 years after his death, the

    entrepreneurial spirit of Brunel remains

    alive in the university that bears his name.

    Image Isambard Kingdom Brunel | Brunel University

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    The Innovation Hub Issue 5


    1997: Brunel University opens its doors to arts, humanities, geography, health, social work, sport sciences and business.

    2006: Made in Brunel is set up to become a showcase of creativity from Brunels School of Engineering and Design. See some of their creations on page 7.

    By Manon Schalk

    Samantha Symonds, 21, had been dreaming of starting her own business. David Riley, Brunels Entrepreneur-in-Residence, believed in her

    project, and as a duo, they made The Sneaky Vegetable.

    In his spare time, Mr Riley uses his knowledge and previous business experience to help students break into entrepreneurship. One of the things I try to do is ingest some realism that the business world is made up of normal people with hopes and fears and worries, he explained. I dont tell students their project is a bad idea, thats not my job.

    Ms Symonds, an English and Creative Writing student at Brunel, turned to Mr Riley after coming up with the idea of setting up a catering company. Thanks to his advice, she learned how to make it into a profitable venture, and after putting the finishing touches on her project, The Sneaky Vegetable was born.

    I wouldnt have been able to do this were it not for Davids suggestions, and his advice on being pro