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Quick presentation for my Social Media Marketing class on how to use Brand Narratives effectively.


  • 1. Brand Narratives By: Jaspal Sangha

2. What are brand narratives?1.Authentic and make an emotionalconnection.2.Rooted in a brands personality.3.Exciting to consumers and DRIVEACTION.Narratives are stories that do not end they persist indefinitely. -Sean Wood, Freeworld Media Blogger 3. So whos behind? 4. Reebok Running 5. EvaluationBrand Narrative Task?Successful?Authentic and make an Yesemotional connection.Rooted in a brands Yespersonality.Exciting to consumers and NODRIVES ACTION. 6. Who can we learn from? 7. Nike+ Running 8. Nike+ Narratives Maximum performance.Challenging oneself to strive for their very best. Calling that achievement perfection.Ultimately living a healthy lifestyle. 9. How does Nike perpetuate these narratives? 10. . Authentic and makes an emotional connection 11. 2. Rooted in a brands personality. 12. 3. Exciting to consumers and DRIVESACTION. 13. Nike Cheer Me On- Facebook Integration 14. ConclusionHow can organizations learn from Nike+?- Create content that doesnt focus solely on the actualproduct.- Create meaningful interaction helping consumersperpetuate desired brand narratives.- Create a user friendly media platform to facilitate thismeaningful interaction. 15. Thanks! 16. DiscussionWhat are mistakes that organizations canmake using SMM to effectively propagate brand narratives. Actual Examples?