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A short slideshow briefly showing how BOSS Metrics works.


<ul><li>1.Social Media Made EasySocial Media Made Easy</li></ul> <p>2. BOUGHT, OWNED &amp; SHARED MEDIA The innovative BOSS model measures owned and shared mediaSocial Media Made Easy 3. OWNED &amp; SHARED MEDIAWe identify how far your digital content is sharedSocial Media Made Easy 4. BOSS METRICS MODULES ModuleFunctionality ReporterSee how your social media is performing Advisor Set goals and get advice from social media experts Comparer Compare your social media scores againstcompetitors Manager Managers can see social media performance at a glanceSocial Media Made Easy 5. BOSS METRICS REPORTER See how your social media is performingTrack Facebook, Twitter &amp; GoogleView easy to understand reportsAnalyticsSee the virality of your marketing contentGauge your performance at a glance Social Media Made Easy 6. BOSS METRICS REPORTER Identify your top performing contentSocial Media Made Easy 7. BOSS METRICS ADVISOR Set goals and get advice from social media experts Get actionable social media advice Learn what engages your fans Set goals &amp; track your performance Quickly gauge whether you are improvingSocial Media Made Easy 8. BOSS METRICS MANAGERManagers can see social media performance at a glanceTrack Facebook, Twitter &amp; Google Gauge your performance at a glanceAnalytics Easy to understand reports each weekMonitor useful metrics Social Media Made Easy 9. BOSS METRICS COMPARERCompare your social media scores against competitorsKeep an eye on competitors social media Compare facebook and twitter and moreCompare your accounts with theirs Benchmark against the industry standard Social Media Made Easy 10. BOSS METRICS APPSComing soon to all mobile devicesSocial Media Made Easy 11. FREE STUFF!@socialmedia_ie@bossmetrics #FREEBOOK #FREETRIALSocial Media Made Easy 12. BOSS METRICS ACADEMYBOSS Metrics Academy is freefor students who want tomaster social media.BOSS Metrics Academy isactive in DIT, NUI Maynooth&amp; Digital Skills AcademyIt is used in the classroom forindustry projects with real livecompanies and data.Social Media Made Easy 13. Get your 14 day Free Trial on </p>