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  • The BOSH Framework

  • General Objective:To increase the knowledge and skills of the participants on occupational safety and health (OSH) that will enable them to plan and/or develop their companys Safety and Health Program.

  • Specific Objectives:At the end of the course, participants will be able to:identify existing & potential OSH hazards and describe their effects to the human body;relate the effects of occupational illnesses and accidents to individuals, their families, communities and workplaces;determine the appropriate control measures for specific hazards;

  • Specific Objectives:describe key elements in the Philippines OSH situation;describe roles and functions of safety officers in promoting a safe and healthy work environment; identify the components of an OSH program; anddevelop a draft OSH Program and / or a specific re-entry plan.

  • Framework 1

    Why OSHE? OSH Situationer Unsafe / Unhealthy Acts & Conditions

    What is OSHE? Occupational Safety Occupational Environment Occupational HealthResponses Actual workplace situation (Plant Visit) Re-entry Planning

  • Framework 2Existing/Potential Hazards Affecting :

    Human Body Personal Lives Workplaces Families Communities

    Occupational Safety, Health & Environment (OSHE) Industrial Hygiene, Evaluation, Recognition Evaluation Hazards Environmental Control Measures Health Hazards : Effects/Control Housekeeping Fire Safety Machine Safety Materials Handling and Storage Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Safety Inspection/Accident Investigation Government Programs/Legislation OSH Programming Re-Entry Plan


  • Learning Road MapDAY 1

    Introduction to OSH

    Occupational Safety

    DAY 2

    Continuation:Occupational Safety

    DAY 4 Responses to OSH Issues and Concerns

    DAY 5 Integrating Activity

    Re-Entry Planning

    DAY 3

    Occupational Environment

    Occupational Health

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    ********In a planning session, its important to have:a balance to be able to synergize

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