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Car mats for all models from the UK's no.1 specialist We manufacture car mats tailored to fit your exact make and model. Simply search for your vehicle, then choose from a wide range of carpet and rubber grades, colours, trims and heel pads. We specialise in the supply of premium quality products, manufactured to an exceptionally high quality standard. We use automotive grade carpets for all our mats, including our basic range. This commitment to quality ensures that our customers return to us time and again. In fact, over 20% of our customers have bought from us before. Quality car mats designed by you Want a set of black mats with a blue edging trim? Red? Beige? Just want a cheap set? Or are you looking for the highest quality available for your car? We offer custom mats for all makes and models, from Audi and BMW, to Ford, Vauxhall and Mercedes. Whatever you require, buy direct from the UK's leading supplier. For more details you can visit:-


  • 1. High quality BMW car mats to fitall models We offer a range of tailored car mats to fitall BMW models. Each set is manufacturedto fit your vehicle foot wells perfectly,allowing for all the slopes and contours inyour car floor. Tailored mats fit better, movearound less and are usually made fromhigher quality carpets than their universalequivalents. Wherever possible, our mats include thecorrect BMW fixing types, to attach to anyclips that are pre-installed in your floor.

2. Why buy our mats?We aim to offer a better product than ourcompetitors. Period. Our mats: Are made with thicker carpets and rubber materials Use higher quality cloth and nubuck edgingbindings Are designed to fit your BMW model perfectlywithout compromise Last longer and are easier to clean Are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 3. A set of mats for every modern BMW model We offer the UKs largest BMW car mat range, andtherefore offer applications for each and everymodern BMW model, including the very latest 1Series, 3 Series, 5 Series and 6 Series models. We alsocover 4x4 models such as the X1, X3, X5 and the X6,as well as Z3 and Z4 roadster and coupe models. As well as the new shape applications we also offermats for a range of classic BMW models includingthe E30 3 Series, E34 5 Series and E24 6 Series. Weeven make mats for the rarer 8 Series, plus 2002 and3.0 CSL models. 4. A range of carpet and rubber to suit all preferences Our mats are available in 11 carpet materials and 3rubber options, combined with a large selection ofedging bindings. Whatever mats you need, we canmake them. The majority of our customers order their carpetmats in black. however it is worth mentioning thatour Ultimate Graphite carpet is an excellent matchfor most dark grey BMW interiors. Choose yourmodel above for the full range of options. 5. Fully tailored BMW car mats 6. Fully tailored BMW car mats 7. Fully tailored BMW car mats