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CAR Middle East magazine special supplement on the BMW 7-Series




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    WE CAN LOOK BACK AT AS ANOTHER YEAR of great success for AGMC, with many achievements to be proud of. In addition to being the highest volume seller of BMW vehicles in the Middle East region in 2008, we achieved sales growth of 17 percent over 2007 and launched many successful new models, including the BMW M3, BMW 1 Series, remodelled BMW 3 Series, MINI Clubman and BMW X6. The end of last year also saw the launch of our agship model, the all new BMW 7 Series, with the latest in automotive innovation and technological developments delivering unrivalled performance, luxury and style.

    We know that 2009 will be a challenging year, but are con dent that we will be able to face these challenges and continue with the growth of our business. We can assure that we will do our best to provide you with rst-class service and will protect the BMW brand at all times.

    Stathis I. StathisGeneral Manager AGMC


    Inside02 INNOVATIONS The new BMW 7 Series is overfl owing with the latest technology, inside and out

    06 DESIGN FEATURES What marks the 7 Series out from other luxury executive saloons

    08 DRIVING THE 750Li With a twin-turbo V8, the fl agship model has plenty of performance to match the luxury inside

    16 HISTORY OF THE BMW 7 SERIES Five generations of a trend-setting car have been built since 1977

  • A LL TOO OFTEN A CARS specification is judged on the amount of equipment you can see. Leather seats, alloy wheels and a raft of entertainment systems may improve the aesthetic and aural qualities of the car, but its actually what you cant see that makes the difference. And theres a lot of equipment in the 7 Series thats working hard to make this car not just one of the most technologically advanced, but also one of the most refined.

    In this, the fifth generation of the car, BMWs engineers have worked tirelessly to endow it with the latest developments in regards to driver enjoyment, passenger comfort plus adressed the all-important issue of efficiency.

    You might be surprised to learn just how much technology lies where the eye cannot see.

    Hidden tech n

    Beneath the long bonnet of the BMW 750Li is a 4.4-litre V8 with 407bhp and 600NM of torque. Its the fi rst petrol engine of its kind to place the twin turbochargers within the V-section of the block. This helps to keep the size of the engine compact, while also optimising weight distribution. The engine features high precision injection to ensure the most effi cient usage fuel, helping fuel economy and improving the long distance range. The 750Li is capable of hitting 100kph in just 5.3secs with a 250kph top speed.


    Even though the 7 Series is a large executive saloon, that doesnt mean BMW hasnt worked hard to make it as effi cient as possible. The car has been engineered to be as lightweight as it can. For example, the aluminium roof saves 8.4kg compared to the old steel roof plus using the ligher material in the doors saves another 22kg. In addition, all electrical ancilleries have been optimised in their energy usage and energy is regenerated under braking to top up the battery on the move.



  • h nology Beneath the confident exterior of the BMW 7 Series lies a veritable assortment of kit

    LIMO-LIKEThe BMW 7 Series comes in long wheelbase form as standard in the Middle East. This offers greater interior space and a more planted drive.

    To help manoeuvrability at low speeds, the rear wheels of the 7 Series actually turn against the angle of the front wheels. This reduces the overall turning circle by around 70cm a signifi cant amount for a car that measures in at over 5.2metres in length. At higher speeds, the rear wheels turn with the front wheels to improve the agility of the car. This in turn also helps to improve the comfort for any passengers on board. Active steering also helps to reduce the effort required to turn the steering wheel.


    Another unique feature of the 7 Series is Dynamic Driving Control. Activated via a button on the centre console, the cars setup can be varied between comfort, normal, sport and sport+ settings. This tweaks the suspension, stability control, gearshift times, throttle response and steering to match the selected mode. Each of these changes gives the driver a perceptible change in behaviour.Dynamic Damping Control can adjust the suspension setup on the move depending on the road conditions in just 2.5 milliseconds.


    In order to provide supreme comfort to all passengers, plus to keep lateral body movement at a minimum the air suspension at the rear of the 7 Series maintains a constant ride height, regardless of load or driving conditions. In addition, the multi-arm rear aluminium suspension features anti-dive and anti-squat to keep the body as close to level as possible even under hard acceleration or braking. BMWs Integrated Chassis Management ensures the perfect harmony of comfort and agility of the 7 Series.



  • T HE BMW SERIES HAS ALWAYS been at the forefront of equipment and technology for the comfort and pleasure of those lucky enough to be travelling aboard, and the latest version is no exception. Theres not one, but two iDrive controllers to fully

    take control of the myriad entertainment and information systems with the rear-mounted controller able to take control of each, or all, the screens onboard at will.

    Its the rst time that unrestricted access to the internet has been made available in a car using EDGE technology to bring fast downloads direct to the screen in the back of the seat.

    In addition to the technologies available onboard the new 7 Series, you are also able to connect a variety of devices including the latest Apple iPhone.

    Inside innov

    There are a whole host of electronic systems in the 7 Series to help out behind the wheel. Firstly, theres a lane change warning system which uses a small light in the side mirrors to warn of any cars in your blind spot. In addition, BMWs night vision system can actually pick out individual pedestrians on the road and alert you to their presence. Plus, the active cruise control can bring the 7 Series to a complete halt in traffi c then start moving again once the jam begins to move.


    A 10.25-inch full-colour widescreen sits proudly in the middle of the dashboard, ideally positioned for easy viewing by driver and passenger. With a high-resolution 1280x480 pixel display, youll fi nd it easy-to-read on the move and it provides fi ngertip access to the built-in user manual plus control over t