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Digital Blood Pressure Monitors, using oscillometric measurements and electronic calculation rather than auscultation. For more details visit:


  • 1. Blood Pressure MachineMeasuring blood pressure is agood way to take part inmanaging health andrecognizing changes.

2. Why Blood Pressure Machine Blood pressure monitoring is an importantrequirement for the patients who usuallysuffer from abnormal blood pressure issues. Blood pressure machine models that areconvenient to use and known for offeringmore accuracy. Designed to indicate conditions like irregularheart beats and hypertension. 3. Types of Blood Pressure Monitors1. Manual Blood Pressure Monitors (sphygmomanometers)2. Digital Blood Pressure Monitors 4. Manual Blood Pressure MonitorsRequire a stethoscopefor auscultation.They are used bytrained practitioners,and cannot be usedin environments toonoisy to permithearing thecharacteristicsounds. 5. Mercury Blood Pressure Monitors Considered to be the gold standard. They measure blood pressure directly by observing the height of a column of mercury; errors of calibration can not occur. 6. Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitors Aneroidsphygmomanometers(mechanicaltypes with a dial)are in commonuse; they requireregularcalibrationchecks, unlikemercurymanometers. 7. Digital Blood Pressure Monitors Using oscillometric measurements and electronic calculation rather than auscultation. They may use manual or automatic inflation. 8. Thank You!


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