do now what is blood pressure? how do we measure blood pressure? what is blood pressure? how do we...

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  • Do NowWhat is blood pressure?How do we measure blood pressure?

  • Blood PressureBlood Pressure is the pressure that blood exerts against the inner walls of the blood vesselsIt is the force that keeps blood circulating between heartbeatsBlood pressure is measured in the large systemic arteries near the heart

  • Effects of various factors on blood pressure

  • Factors that effect blood pressureThere are several factors that effect blood pressureThe two biggest are cardiac output and peripheral resistanceCardiac output is the amount of blood pumped out from the heart at any given timePeripheral resistance is the amount of friction encountered by the blood as it flows through the various vessels of the cardiovascular system

  • Factors of peripheral resistanceThere are many factors that can effect peripheral resistanceThe most common are vasodilation, vasoconstriction, and atherosclerosis.Increased blood volume or blood viscosity (thickness) will also change resistance

  • Neural Factors:The autonomic Nervous systemThe parasympathetic nervous system has little to no effect on blood pressureIt is the work of the sympathetic nervous system that causes vasoconstriction

  • Neural Factors:The autonomic Nervous systemEx: When you stand up and blood pools in the legs and feet the sympathetic nervous system sends signals to pressoreceptors in the large arteries of the neck and chest

  • Renal factors:KidneysKidneys are responsible for conserving water and saltThe source of water for the body is mostly in the bloodstream When pressure is high the body will produce more urine to lower the pressure and vice versa

  • Other factorsThere are a few other factors that also change blood pressureThese include temperature, diet, and chemicals (drugs)

  • TemperatureIn general cold weather will create a vasoconstriction effect. This is why cold compresses are recommended to prevent swelling of a bruised area.In general heat will have a vasodilation effect.

  • DietAlthough medical opinion has debated this at large over recent years it is recommended that a diet low in salt, saturated fats, and cholesterol helps to prevent hypertension.Hypertension is high blood pressure.

  • Chemicals (Drugs)There are many effects that chemicals or drugs can have on blood pressureEpinephrine will increase both heart rate and blood pressureNicotine will increase vasoconstriction.Both alcohol and histamine cause vasodilation


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