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Follow-up materials from a lunch and learn presentation I did during my internship at Kaleidoscope, a strategic design firm.In it a outline tips for generating blog post ideas and blog writing techniques.


  • 1. Blogging 101

2. Table of Contents Basics What is a Blog1Some Benefits of Blogging 2The Blogger Mindset 3-4 Thinking of a Blog Post Idea How to Never Run How of Things to Write About 5Case Study: Katrinas Online Marketing Blog 6 How to Make Any Topic Interesting 7 Case Study: Kaleidoscopes Blog 8Writing Tips & Templates Themes for Captivating Titles 9 Engaging Ways to Start a Post 10Formatting Checklist for Reader Friendliness 11 Blogging Platforms Recommendations 12 Questions? Heres My Contact Information 13 3. 1What is A Blog? -Short for web logLike an online diary that you can make public or private 4. 2Some Benefits of Blogging 1. Personal Update Family + Friends on Life Learn Deeper by Teaching Others2. Professional Networking: People Contact You Communication: Document Your Teams Work with a Private Blog3. Financial More Business Prospects through Search Engines Write a Book from Blog Posts 5. 3The Blogger MindsetPassion What I LikeExpertiseAudienceWhat I Know or Am LearningWhat They Need to KnowWhat I Write About! 6. The Blogger Mindset In Other Words I make what I like and what I know valuable for my audience.4 7. How to Never Run Out of Things To Write About5Connect Your Normal Experiences to Your Blog Theme Go To Next Slide for Example 8. Case Study: Katrinas Marketing BlogNormal Experience: Going into Its Just Crepes for the 1st TimeBlog Theme: Marketing Resulting Post Title: Uncovering Customer Bias Thats Losing You Sales Post Description: Describes why I didnt go into Its Just Crepes before: I thought crepes were only small desserts, not a lunch food. Gives marketers tips on how to uncover similar assumptions in their customers.6 9. 7How to Make Any Blog Topic InterestingMind Your Audience & Ask Interesting Questions Go To Next Slide for Example 10. Case Study: Kaleidoscopes BlogNormal Experience: Creating a video to get buy-in from Amana Sr. Managers Blog Audience: Prospective Customers Interesting Questions: Why were the Sr. Managers cautious of the idea proposed to them and why did they accept it later? Resulting Blog Post Title: Why Your Boss Isnt Accepting Your Great Idea Post Description: Explains bosses objections to new ideas. Shows how Kaleidoscopes video creating service can help overcome some of those objections. Encourages prospective buyers to try the video service.8 11. 9Themes for Captivating Titles How to Ex) How to Wake Up Feeling Totally AlertList Ex) 7 Simple Ways to Convert Your Visitors Into CustomersTrend Ex) The Future of Human Centered DesignDirect Statement Ex) Smart Phone Market to Double by 2017Offer to answer a compelling question Ex) How Much a Pool Costs 12. Engaging Ways to Start a Post10Short Story Evoke the Minds Eye Characterize related problem/opportunity Use a picture Pose a questionFor an example, click each blue item. 13. 11Formatting Checklist For Reader Friendliness Short Paragraphs (4 sentences max) Occasional 1 sentence paragraphBold text for important points Bulleted or numbered list where appropriate Free of long, stringy sentencesPictures, block quotes, or both 14. Blogging Platforms Recommendations12Private Work Blogs & Personal BlogsPublic, Professional BlogsPros: Free & Easiest to Set-Up, Linked to Gmail AccountPros: Advanced Customization Options, You Own Your BlogCons: Google Owns Your Blog, Limited CustomizationCons: Costs Money to Setup, Need Programmer for Advanced Customization