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    How long has Lovely Leaves been in business? Lovely Leaves was launched in January 2014! We are excited to be opening a new shop on 3rd Street in Temple near downtown. To date, we have designed florals for around 150 weddings and events. Side note: We actually began offering floral design in 2013 to our event planning clients.

    If Lovely Leaves is located in Temple, can you provide service to brides in Austin or Waco? While our new shop is located in Temple, we deliver to Austin nearly every weekend during peak wedding season months, and have a few weddings in Waco every month as well. We are always happy to deliver up to 120 miles out of town, although delivery fees do apply. To save money, brides are also welcome to pick up their orders from our shop.

    Lovely Leaves offers fresh ideas and a very natural, organic style of florals to brides. What are some of your favorite color combinations or pieces? I love loose bouquets and overflowing centerpieces. My favorite flowers are peonies, David Austin Juliet and Keira roses, antique hydrangeas, succulents and agapanthus. Lush greenery is a signature thing for our company. Colors we are using most right now include blush and deep pinks, grey and dusty blues, as well as neutrals and greens. I also like to add in pops of dramatic color if the palette allows.

    What additional services does Lovely Leaves offer? Lovely Leaves is a division of VIVID Events. We have been designing, planning and coordinating weddings in Central Texas for the past five years, and brides can book those services through Lovely Leaves. Whether you purchase planning services, or opt to plan your own wedding, we are planners at heart and work with each client to be sure the design of her florals is woven stylishly into the design of her wedding for an overall perfect day.

    How can brides see samples of your work? We have thousands of photos available from previous events, and we participate in many styled shoots and bridal shows, so we have plenty of resources for clients to view examples of our work. If customers would like samples of their florals, we can create mock-ups of their actual arrangements for a fee, as long as their flowers are in season at the time they request samples.

    How can brides get a wedding floral quote? Our quote process is easy! We love to meet brides, and they are welcome to set up a consultation, but most brides go online to and fill out a quote request, along with photos of bouquets, boutonnieres, ceremony florals, centerpieces and cakes. Anything you see on Pinterest is a possibility (budget allowing) and colors can be substituted to get the look you want; we love to see your boards, so be sure to send links.

    How long do quotes take? Please be aware that quotes are organized on a time sensitive basis, not a first come first serve basis. For example, quote requests coming in for March 2016 weddings are more time sensitive than quotes in line for October 2016 weddings, regardless of which came in first. Due to high demand, there is always a wait, but we will have your date available because we are capable of handling multiple weddings every weekend. We specialize in weddings. I personally put together an individual design plan for every wedding, tying in with the overall design of the event. The process takes three to five hours, then the bid must be typed, so please allow a few weeks for a returned quote during engagement/peak seasons when we are getting 10-20 quote requests per week, and up to 50 in a single day from bridal shows. Our florals are gorgeous and our prices are good, so it is definitely worth the wait; think of it as waiting for a sale on exactly what you want.

    What do you think is going to be the newest trend in for floral design this summer? Garland is one of our top requested pieces. Whether solid greenery, or with florals mixed in, we expect to see tables draped in fabulous florals this summer. Large bouquets are also in, and we hope to see the trend migrate to Texas soon. Foraged is a big word were hearing in the floral industry right now, so picture a loose, natural feel to florals.

    Photo Credit: Dani Cowan Photography Photo Credit: Dani Cowan Photography

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    the finderyThe Findery became a reality from a vision that began in 2010 with Jute and the Fatheree family.

    The vision behind The Findery was to have a shop that was cohesive, with a well-rounded blend of timeless collections that make a house a home. The Fatherees travel all over the country to find unique items that bring you back to the time of your childhood. Their goal is to teach their children about the past while living in the present.

    The Fatherees believe the Percy Medicine building is the perfect place to join the past with the present. The building is more than 100 years old and is beautiful in its natural, raw state. The Fatherees wanted to do a lot of the work themselves to bring the personality of the building back to life. Hundreds of hours were spent pulling up nails, asphalt and chicken wire from the floor to reveal the original flooring underneath, and grinding down layers of paint from the old brick walls. The Percy Medicine has a feeling of stillness and peace the moment you walk through the front door.

    Jute was fully prepared to encompass the entire Percy Medicine Building, but as excitement grew while it was being brought back to life, so was the desire for others to be

    part of The Findery. The Fatherees had some concerns. Would others share their vision of combining the past and present? Would they wish to help others create peaceful homes? The Fatherees believe there is much more to being part of The Findery than simply having a shop. They invest in the lives of their customers by helping them choose what will be displayed in their homes. They hope the items they sell to their customers will be passed from generation to generation.

    The shops in The Findery were considered with great thought and prayer. The vision of each unique shop was intended to complement the others through their breathtaking talent and creativity. Bringing in a few other shops helped satisfy the Fatherees desire for other businesses to collaborate with. They cant wait to introduce all of these amazing shops to you!

    The Findery looks to the past to revive respectful customer service, and to the future where new and exciting options await. The Findery will continue to evolve as time goes by, and the Fatherees look forward to what is to come!

    History of the Percy Medicine Building

    A. W. Percy, a buggy whip salesman, was traveling by train with his family from New York to their new home in Waco, Texas in

    1898 when his young son Albert became sick with an upset stomach. The family stopped in Kentucky and found a local physician, Dr. McDonald, who prescribed a bismuth subsalicylate-based remedy. Albert recovered but became sick again upon arrival in Waco. A. W. Percy, who had received a copy of the prescription, asked the local pharmacist, W. S. Merrick, to compound the medicine for his son. Thus began their partnership and the launch of Baby Percy Medicine.

    In 1904, the Merrick Medicine Company was founded by Merrick and Percy. The Percy Medicine Building was built in 1908 at the corner of 8th and Webster where it still stands today. In 1938, Baby was dropped from the name of the sole product sold by the company. Percy Medicine still retains its original formula of bismuth subsalicylate, calcium hydroxide, potassium carbonate, rhubarb extract, sugar, cinnamon, and orange flavoring.

    Legend has it that Babe Ruth knocked a baseball out of long-gone Katy Park in downtown Waco during a New York Yankees barnstorming stop and it landed atop the Percy building. Until 2010, Percy Medicine was still produced at the original factory at 8th and Webster Streets in Waco, but manufacturing has been outsourced to a company in Texarkana.

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    G2 was originally part of Georgios for 12 years, but outgrew the space. The new G2 location is across the street from Georgios in Waco, Texas. G2 opened in August of 2014. We have a wonderful selection of prom dresses, however, our new location has allowed us to expand to cater to women of all ages and sizes. From middle school dances, to graduations and Mothers of

    by GeorgiosG2

    the Bride, G2 is the place for you!