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  • October 2015

    Highlights of this Edition#

    l CEO Journey ( 11 )

    l Explore our Workshop Join us ( 45 )

    l Helicopter Parenting ( 18 )

    l Languages of Flowers ( 27 )

    l Willpower Trick ( 08 )

    l The rise of the Phoenix - an inspiring story ( 19 )

    l Beauty & Style ( 36 )

    l Dont Rely on your friends for advice ( 34 )

    l Touch Base ( 49 )

    l Spiritual Ecstasy Versus Sensual Pleasure ( 39 )

    l Dressing for success ( 32 )

    l Corporate Wellness Training Programme ( 02 )

    l 12 step Chair Surya Namaskar ( 33 )

    l Time Prespective ( 50 )

    l Corporate Gifting ( 43 )

    l Fashion Designer ( 48 )

    I am not body

    I am not Emotions

    I am not Thoughts

    I am not Mind

    I am the soul

    I am that I amGrand Master Choa Kok Sui

  • October 2015 01

    Good Day my readers!

    Smitha Chaturvedi

    We welcome you to explore Bliss EQUITY with us.

    Our magazine Bliss EQUITY is dedicated to creating a happy, healthy and

    holistic world by imparting knowledge and guidance to attain higher consciousness

    and live with awareness. We wish to enable people to reach their full potential, to

    experience personal fulfilment, happiness and satisfaction, and help them to

    achieve wholeness.

    Today people have more problems than earlier previous generations. People are

    stressed, unhappy, lost confused and depressed.

    Most people spend almost 10 to 12 hrs of their day at the workplace. (Some even more) Add to that almost 3 to 4

    hrs travelling each day. They are so busy trying to make ends meet that they don't even have time to

    heal themselves.

    Most of the problems are so complex and complicated that we can't even pin point them and it is even more

    difficult to explain them to another person. So we are left with no one to share our problems. The pressure keeps

    mounting and it explodes in road rages, domestic violence, office bickering, and sometimes even suicides.

    It is always a profitable investment for Corporates to take care of their employees. We believe companies

    should actively invest time and resources to care for emotional and spiritual health of their employees.

    Happier and stress free employees would definitely lead to more productivity and lower attrition.

    In addition to a peaceful and

    happy atmosphere at work

    companies would also have

    more profits and greater

    employee loyalty.

    We will be focussing especially

    on the Corporate employees

    keeping in mind the time

    constraints and stress

    triggers of modern day

    corporate life.

    This edition covers important

    topics like Corporate problems,

    Positive thinking, Navel

    consciousness, Numerology,

    Crystal healing, etc.

    Do look out for our Angel card

    readings and special offers on


    Happy reading!

    From the Editors Desk

  • October 2015 02

    I express my Sincere Thanks to each and everyone who have supported me throughout this journey.Thank you UniverseThank you my Mum and my Family.Thank you to Our Editor in Chief Ms.Smithaa M ChaturvediThank you to our Virtual Image Consultant: Meenal JaiswalThank you to our Columnists for their immense ContributionThank you to all the Speakers for their WisdomThank you to all Exhibitors and Advertisers for their Contribution.Thank you to THE HIVE COMMUNITY for the Venue and all support in there.Thank you to sujata singhi for her sound bowl performanceThank you to Richard rodriques anr shikha for NARA+NARIThank you to Keshav for his MINDFULNESS

    Editor in Chief: Smithaa M. Chaturvedi

    Virtual Image Consultant: Meenal Jaiswal

    Marketing & Circulation: Anand

    Designing & Printing: Sudhir Dalal

    Legal Advsior: Roshni Lachwani

    Financial Planner: Vinay Thali

    Our Team

  • October 2015 03

    Sharmee Divan


    Angel Therapy is a non-denominational spiritual healing

    modality or method that involves working with a person's

    guardian angels and archangels, to heal and harmonize

    every aspect of life. Angel Therapy also helps you to more

    clearly receive Divine Guidance from the Universe/God/

    Creator and angels.

    Angel Blessings -Predictions /Guidance /Pathways

    Everyone has guardian angels, and these angels perform

    God's will of peace for us all. When we open ourselves to

    hear our angels' messages, every aspect of our lives

    become more peaceful.


    Oracle cards are an ancient, time-honored way to connect

    with angels. I usually pray to the Divine as I begin to

    shuffle my cards to help me receive accurate guidance

    from the Universe that would be in the highest and best

    interest of all those who are willing to receive the reading.

    These readings are guidance based along with being

    predictive so they are easy to follow by anyone who is

    open to receiving guidance from heaven and its Beings.


    For the purpose of this reading I have used Messages

    from Your Angels oracle card deck by Doreen Virtue.

    Let's see what this month has in store for us!

    GENERAL THEME: The theme of this month is about

    owning your power. You know how to be powerful in

    a gentle and loving way. Being powerful has nothing to

    do with being mean or harsh. In fact, the most powerful

    world leaders are compassionate and non-violent.

    For eg: Dalai Lama

    PROBABLE OBSTACLE: Your inner wisdom/intuition

    is the voice of your soul. When you don't follow the

    guidance of your intuition you often falter. So that is

    something you must be aware of this month.

    ANGEL GUIDANCE: Angels guide us towards a healthier (more satvik) lifestyle. Allow your body some gentle movement

    through yoga. Take some time out to meditate even if it is just 5 minutes of lying in silence when you wake up. Listen to your

    body, and your body and senses will automatically attune you to your intuition.

    PROBABLE OUTCOME: The final outcome of all the activities give you a creative edge. You will be bubbling with new

    ideas that are divinely supported. Start working towards your desires and in Divine time you shall see the fruits of your labor!

    Trust your instincts! For those of you who are planning a family, this is a fantastic time for conception.

    Let us also take an overview of the 3 most prominent themes that we usually seek guidance for.

    Angels are asking you to be honest about your emotions. Speak your truth but assertively, which means

    without any blame, shame or guilt. If this is a new love that is yet to be expressed, angels say that now is a good time to do so.


    WORK: Angels ask you to update yourself with your work. Take a new class or a workshop, buy some books and read up to

    update with what is new in your field and how can you better apply it in your work to make your projects more fruitful.

    FAMILY: This month your family members will consult you and rely more on your inner wisdom and intuition. It is

    important to guide them in that right direction so ask God and Angels to help you with guiding them for any concern that

    they may have. Don't go into the logic; instead, go with the flow.

  • October 2015 04


    At times, reaching out and holding a hand is the

    beginning of a journey.

    So peaceful like falling asleep yet awake

    and as ridiculous as it may sound, all that one needs

    in life is, love, compassion, togetherness, faith, humility

    and harmony.

    Every individual has an ,

    an .

    The solution to all your questions in LIFE lies within

    you. We at guide you

    through your journey with care and compassion.


    inner voice, an inner guidance

    inner intuition


    Life is not about the number of breaths you take, but

    the moments that make you breathless

    Compassion is going out of your way, with a strong

    desire from within to elevate an individual physically,

    emotionally and spiritually.

    Being compassionate does not mean the other person is

    in misery or sorrow, it's just the absence of joy, fun,

    floric, laughter and true guidance that he or she cannot

    foresee in the near future. Such individuals see the road

    as a dead end. Friends let me clarify,

    where there's an end, there lies a bend.

    Beliefs and belief systems are the cause of unhappiness

    We at connect with compassion, are the guiding light

    through the journey of life by removing your beliefs

    and unearthing happiness from within..

    Stay connected to unwrap the gift of life

    Expertise in: Alternative Healing Therapist for EFT

    (Emotional Freedom Technique), ACCESS

    CONSCIOUSNESS, and BACH flower therapies,

    Numerology, Angels and Tarot, Channeling through

    magical world of words SWITCH WORDS.

    Anjanaa Mehta

  • October 2015 05

    Terry Manchanda

    Healing with crystals date back to ancient times.

    Sumerians made magic potions from Quartz crystals,

    the Greeks wore amulets made of Amethyst , the

    Romans drank from Amethyst goblets to ensure any

    poison added to their drinks would not harm them , the

    Chinese added Jade to their medicines, the Hindus

    wore gems to counter the effect of ill placed planets in