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  • 1. Celebrating Black History Month A Web Quest Designed by Mrs. Blankenship
  • 2. Introduction.
    • February is Black History Month. Today, you are going to find out some very interesting information about when it was first celebrated, why we celebrate it, and learn about a few of the many blacks that have forever changed our history.
  • 3. On the next few pages, go to the sites provided to answer questions and learn facts about Black History Month. Good luck and Have fun!
  • 4.
    • http://
    Who is this man? What is he credited with doing? Click on the link under the picture to answer these questions.
  • 5. Black History Month has not always been known as Black History Month. Click on the link provided to find out what the celebration of Black History was previously knows as. http:// _.html
  • 6. The Dream..
    • Who is the man in the picture?
    • How old was he when he won the Nobel Peace Prize?
    • Is he alive today?
    • If not, how and when did he die?
    • What was his dream?
    • Answer these questions:
  • 7. Take Me Out to the Ballgame!
    • Who is this?
    • Why is he famous?
    • When was he made famous?
  • 8. Underground Railroad
    • What was the Underground Railroad?
    • Who started it?
    • What was her nickname?
  • 9. Emancipation of the Slaves.
    • Which president is credited with ending slavery?
    • When did this occur?
  • 10. What is special about these individuals? Write one fact about each person pictured.
  • 11. In Conclusion..
    • We have come to the end of our web quest about Black History Month. There is so much more to learn! Go to to learn more.