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  • 1. Madam C.J. Walker (1867-1919)Businesswoman Hair Care Entrepreneur Philanthropist

2. Billie Holiday Lady Day (1915-1959)American Jazz Singer Songwriter 3. Jackie Joyner-Kersee (1962- ) 6 Olympic MedalsVoted Greatest Womens Athlete of 20th Century (Sports Illustrated) Competed in Heptathlon and long jump 4. Mary McLeod Bethune (1875-1955) Educator Activist Founded National Association of Colored Women Helped in establishing BethuneCookman College 5. Harriet Tubman (1820-1913) American Abolitionist Humanitarian Best known for her role in rescuing slaves using the Underground Railroad 6. Anna Mac Clarke (1919-1944) She became the first African American woman to command an all White regiment of soldiers 7. Condoleezza Rice (1954 - ) American Politician & Author First African American female Secretary of State Served as National Security Advisor (G.W. Bush) 8. Maggie Lena Walker (1864-1934) African American teacher and businesswoman 1st African American female bank president 1st African American to charter a bank in the U.S. Walker later became an advocate for people with disabilities 9. Shirley Chisholm (1924 2005) American Politician, Educator, a nd Author 1st African American woman elected to the U.S. congress1st African American candidate to run for the Democratic presidential 10. Michelle Obama (1964 - ) The wife of President Barak Obama 1st African American first-lady of the United States Graduate of Princeton Univ. and Harvard Law School


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