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<ol><li> 1. 10D Saturday, February 28, MBLACK HISTORY MONTHThe first 50 of America By DAVID THOMAS During Black History Month, we look at some of sports individual trail blazers with a timeline of 50 notable sports firsts for African-Americans:1875 Oliver Lewis: jockey to 1975 Lee Elder: to play in The1948 Alice Coachman: win the Kentucky Derby Masterswoman to win Olympicgold medal (high jump) 1878 Bud Fowler: professional1975 Frank Robinson: MLB baseball player (New Castle, manager (Cleveland Indians) Pa.)1981 Val James: to play in the 1884 Moses Fleetwood NHL (Buffalo Sabres) Fleet Walker: to play major-league baseball 1988 Doug Williams: start- (Toledo Blue Stockings) ing quarterback in a Super 1899 Marshall W. MajorBowl (Washington Redskins) Taylor: world cycling champion1988 Debi Thomas: to medal 1901 Harry Bucky Lew:at the Winter Olympics professional basketball player(bronze, figure skating) (New England Professional Basketball League) 1988 Johnny Grier: NFL referee 1904 George Poage: Olympic 1989 Art Shell: NFL head medalist (two bronzes, 200 coach in leagues modern era hurdles and 400 hurdles) (Los Angeles Raiders) 1948 Don Barksdale: on an 2002 Vonetta Flowers: Win- Olympic basketball team and 1904 Charles Follis: profes- 1991 Willy T. Ribbs: to qualifyter Olympic gold medal win- basketball gold medal winner ner (two woman-bobsleigh) sional football player (Shelby for the Indianapolis 500 1950 Chuck Cooper: to be Blues)1992 Cito Gaston: to manage drafted by an NBA team (Bos-2006 Shani Davis: individual 1908 John Taylor: Olympic ton Celtics); Nat Sweetwater a World Series team (Toronto Winter Olympic gold medal gold-medal winner (track andClifton: to sign an NBA contract Blue Jays) winner (1,000-meter speed- field, medley relay)(New York Knicks); Earl Lloyd:skating)1997 Tiger Woods: golfer to to play in an NBA game (Wash- 1908 Jack Johnson: heavy- 2007 Tony Dungy and Lovie ington Capitols).win a Grand Slam event (The1961 John McLendon: 1963 Wendell Scott: to win a weight boxing champion Masters) Smith: NFL head coaches toprofessional basketball coach race in what now is known as 1950 Arthur Dorrington: reach the Super Bowl (India-(Cleveland Pipers)NASCARs Sprint Cup Series 1917 Lucy Diggs Slowe: 2002 Ozzie Newsome: NFL professional hockey playernapolis Colts, Chicago Bears)(Speedway Park)1961 Ernie Davis: Heisman woman to win a major nation-(Atlantic City Sea Gulls)general manager (Baltimore1966 Emmett Ashford: MLB al sports title (AmericanTrophy winner (Syracuse)Ravens)DAVID THOMAS, 817-390-7760 1951 Duke Slater: College Tennis Association)umpire1962 Buck ONeil: coach in Football Hall of Fame inductee 1920 Fritz Pollard and 1966 Bill Russell: head coach (Iowa) MLB (Chicago Cubs) Bobby Marshall: NFL playersof a major professional sports (Akron Pros, Rock Island team (Boston Celtics)1953 Willie Thrower: NFL Independents)quarterback (Chicago Bears)1967 Charlie Sifford: to win 1921 Fritz Pollard: NFLa PGA Tour event (Greater 1955 Sam Toothpick Jones: coach (player-coach, Hartford Open) first MLB no-hitter (Chicago Akron Pros) Cubs)1967 Emlen Tunnell: Pro Foot- 1924 William DeHart Hub-1955 Elias Bowie: to drive inball Hall of Fame inductee (New bard: to win individual Olym- a NASCAR Grand NationalYork Giants, Green Bay Packers) pic gold medal (long jump)race (Bay Meadows1968 Jackie White: NBA referee Speedway) 1947 Jackie Robinson: MLB 1968 Arthur Ashe: man 1956 Althea Gibson: Tennis player of the modern erato win a Grand Slam event (Brooklyn Dodgers)Grand Slam event winner (U.S. Open) (French Open)1968 Marlin Briscoe: modern- 1947 Larry Doby: American 1960 Fuller Gordy: profession- era NFL starting quarterback League player (Cleveland(Denver Broncos) Indians)al bowlerPHOTOS: THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, GETTY IMAGES </li></ol>