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<p>BLACK HISTORY MONTH</p> <p>BLACK HISTORY MONTH Lone Star College-University Park Student Learning Resource Center presents A Tribute to the Unsung Heroes of the StruggleBackground image: display depicting the Mexico Olympic protest at the National Museum of African American History and Culture on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Via Reuters.</p> <p>Destinis Brother[Mass Incarceration]13 year old Destini Riley's Sept 19, 2013, statement for Mayor Bell and The Durham's City Council, in defense of her brother Carlos: </p> <p>[Video]</p> <p>The Green Books[Jim Crow] The Libraries Stories Project, New York Public LibraryThe books are a travel guide series for African Americans living in the Jim Crow era with detailed listings about businesses that African Americans could feel safe using while traveling. </p> <p>[Video]</p> <p>Katherine Johnson[Hidden Figures]Rocket Science! (A Paper)Remember that time we sent the first American into space? You should thank black mathematician and NASA genius Katherine Johnson for that.</p> <p>[Video]</p> <p>Behold the Dreamers[Novel, African Immigrants]Imbolo Mbues debut novel, "Behold the Dreamers," is the story of one immigrant family from Cameroon whose fates collide with the collapse of financial markets in 2009. ... Here she discusses the illusion of the American Dream and her personal inspiration with veteran journalist Lola Ogunnaike.</p> <p>[Video]</p> <p>Mildred &amp; Richard Loving[Loving v. Virginia] Schomburg Center for Research In Black CultureAccording to the 1924 Virginia Act to Preserve Racial Integrity, only minorities can marry one another. But based on the United States Constitution, this policy violated the Equal Protection and Due Process Clauses of the 14th Amendment, which ultimately helped the Lovings win their case.</p> <p>[link click for site]</p> <p>Wyatt T. WalkerHe tried to check out abook He got jailed instead.The Washington Post</p> <p>[link click for site]</p> <p>Black Ballots MixTapeSpeeches on VotingMoving Image and Recorded Sound Division Schomburg Center</p> <p>[link click for site]</p> <p>BibliographyVideoDestinis Brother NY Times</p> <p>The Green Books NY Public Libraries Stories Project</p> <p>Hidden Figures Katherine Johnson</p> <p>Behold the Dreamers</p> <p>Articles, Papers, Audio</p> <p>How a museum reckons with black pain (The Atlantic)</p> <p>Articles, Papers, Audio (Cont)Woodson's 'The Beginning of Miscegenation of the Whites &amp; Blacks by Ralph Ellison </p> <p>Wyatt T. Walker : He tried to check out a Robert E. Lee book from the library. He got jailed instead. (Washington Post)</p> <p>NASA ArchiveTechnical Note D-233 by T. H. Skopinski and Katherine G. Johnson (pdf)</p> <p>Black Ballots MixTape - NYPL</p> <p>Created by Reference Librarian John Powell</p>