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Black History Month 2016


<ul><li><p>7/17/2019 Black History Month 2016</p><p> 1/1</p><p>History Live!February 2016 Performances</p><p>Presents</p><p>Tue. Feb. 9th A Legacy for Americas Children</p><p>Emmy Award Winning International Vocalist, JoanCollasos, musical narrative centers on the education</p><p>and determination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.Young people will be unable to resist singing andclapping along as they discover lesser known factsabout this legendary leader.</p><p>Thu. Feb. 18th Lady Moses: Life andTimes of Harriet Tubman by CynthiaMaddox</p><p>Through dramatic monologue, poetry and song,Ms. Cynthia Maddox provides a powerfulglimpse into the charismatic life of Ms. Tubmanwhose undaunted dedication to a better societyhas emphatically impacted the course of history.</p><p>Tue. Feb. 23rd Five African AmericanWomen by Cynthia Maddox</p><p>Through story and song, attendees will learn aboutPhillis Wheatley, a well-known poet; Sojourner</p><p>Truth, an abolitionist and womens rightsactivist; Harriet Tubman, a slave who led othersto freedom along the Underground Railroad;Gwendolyn Brooks, a recipient of the PulitzerPrize for poetry; as well as Crispus Attuckswife, whose story recounts how her husband diedduring the Boston Massacre.</p><p>Fri. Feb. 5th Ayodele Drum and Dance</p><p>This high energy, dynamic performance exposesyouth to the music and cultures of various Africanregions. Audience participation will be encouraged.</p><p>Thu. Feb. 25th Married to the Movement:Coretta Scott King</p><p>In this musical and concert, Joan Collaso bringsto life the story of accomplished vocalist and First</p><p>Lady of the Civil Rights Movement, Coretta ScottKing.</p><p>Wed. Feb. 3rd Even Kids Get The Blues</p><p>Grammy nominated, Emmy Award winningmusician and educator, Billy Branch,uses live music to teach about the AfricanAmerican Blues pioneers who laid the</p><p>groundwork for the popular genres of today.Students will be delighted to play along withtheir very own harmonicas!</p><p>All shows begin at 10:30am</p><p>All shows - $6 per person</p><p>Fri. Feb. 19th Our Story Live! by</p><p>Niambis HouseOur Story Live!features stories fromthe African Diaspora and includes livepiano ragtime music, classical celloperformances, and the history of tap dance.This performance, presented by three schoolaged siblings, will leave audiences informedand inspired!</p><p>Thu. Feb. 11th Legacy of BlackMagicians by Walter King Jr.</p><p>Experience the legend of magical heroesfrom Africa, through the days of slavery,the Harlem Renaissance, the 60s &amp; 70s, tothe new millennium. The Legacy of BlackMagicians is an interactive vivid look atthe history and careers of African Americanperformers of magical entertainment.</p></li></ul>