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Biomass briquette that Provides viable alternative source of energy


  • 1. Provides viable alternative source of energyPresented ByPrajwal.A.J

2. Introduction The biomass briquette made through the densification of the agro-cropresidues and biomass waste. They are used as a flammable material in brick kilns, paper mills,chemical plants, pharmaceutical units, dyeing houses, foodprocessing units, oil mills etc. It is commonly in the shape of a square or rectangle. Biomass briquette plant is one of the renewable sources of energy,through which we can reduce pollution. Biomass Briquettes are made from the Agricultural waste, ForestWaste and Industrial Waste. 3. Manufacturing Process 4. Raw materials used 5. Biomass Briquette MachinesJumbo 90 briquetting machine.Super 70 briquetting machine.Supreme 70 briquetting machine.Briquetting crusher machine. 6. Jumbo 90 briquetting machine 7. Super 70 Briquetting machine 8. Supreme 70 Briquetting Machine 9. Briquetting crusher machines 10. Benefits of the plant Production is very cheaper as the availability of raw material ismore. Indian Government has declared tax benefits and subsidiestime to time for the plant installation. The pollution control board has granted permission to run theplant without NOC. NGOs or Nationalized banks are giving financial priority forthese type of project. There is a huge demand in both domestic and foreign industrieslike sugar mills, paper mills, chemical plants, Cement etc.. Biomass briquetting in India relieves poverty andenvironmental stresses. Farmers and rural people can get benefit from selling their ownfarm waste. 11. AdvantagesRenewable in Nature.Cost effective fuel for industries.Ecofriendly.Reduces usage of wood.Easy to transport.No flying of ashes.Constitute burning high efficiency and quality fuel.No sulfur and phosphor emission.Used in transportation.Produces constant heat for a longer time. 12. Start TodaySave Tomorrow


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